Gudetama Cake For Genius Kitchen

gudetama cake

lazy egg gudetama cake

lazy egg gudetama cake

It’s Gudetama, the lazy egg yolk guy! Dripping over the sides of the cake! How do you like your eggs? I am a 6-7 minute soft boiled egg lady, sliced onto avocado toast, topped with whatever greens I have in my fridge and a sprinkling of chili flakes or Pollock-spurts of sriracha. Gudetama reminds me of the future-humans in that movie Wall-E where their legs are basically jelly because they are so sedentary. Admittedly Teddy has been watching a lot of one to two minute clips of Gudetama each night while he brushes his teeth. Poor Gudetama gets his butt poked by egg shells til he cries, he gets boiled up in hot bowls of soup, black pepper is ground onto him … wait, maybe this is the most masochistic little egg yolk in the world. I made this surprise-inside Gudetama cake for my wacky cake column over on Genius Kitchen – you can find the full recipe for the cakes here, and the tutorial and Gudetama cake story here! xo Lyndsay

Bunny Cake! Bunny Cake!

bunny cake

how to make a bunny cake

Every time I make a bunny cake it goes a little bit differently. Riffing off my own bunny from a few months ago, I went furry face this time, and added a buttercream rosette/drop star crown with piped leaves and a light touch of sprinkles! This bunny was not planned, in fact it was an emergency bunny cake which I started baking at 12pm and finished at 3pm, to drop off to one of my favourite little gals, my best friend Tara’s daughter Nola, in time for her bunny themed 8th birthday party! I will never get over the cuteness of a child seeing their birthday cake for the first time. It’s safe to say it is like the PRIMO NUMBER ONE REASON I make cakes. Cake is frigging joy. Joy is a reason for living. Cake is life.

bunny cake by coco cake land

Also… I shot a “how to make a bunny cake” video! Enjoy watching the magic of iPhone time lapse making it look like this cake only took 42 seconds to make! :P

Happiest birthday to my dear friend Tara’s (not really so little anymore) one! xo Lyndsay 

Earl Grey Cream Pavlova

earl grey cream pavlova recipe

earl grey cream pavlova recipe

Another Mother’s Day is upon us and with each year, my attitude towards motherhood shifts, changes, settles happily and uproots again. I am loving this current year of being Teddy’s mom – the excitement of starting school, the beginning of after-school activities like art class with one of my favourite Vancouver ceramic artists and freaking adorable micro footie soccer (I can’t stop smiling watching the games. Hordes of four and five year olds moving like schools of fish chasing a ball). Teddy’s Kindergarten year has flown by so quickly. My heart hurts as his limbs get longer but my heart is so full at the same time. As I am aging and dealing with residual health issues, I am getting farther away from the idea of having a second child and I’ve gone through so many emotions over this. Some days I am so gloriously happy that I only have one child, and our little family of three is my greatest joy. Other days I Instagram-vortex gender reveal videos (such happiness! The cheers, the tears!) and find myself longing for another baby. There is a lot of grieving in infertility, and in aging itself. The years passing, and life experience gained, love and loss, all of this make you stronger and wiser! I really am grateful for so many things.

earl grey cream pavlova

earl grey cream pavlova

Milky earl grey tea is my comfort and I wanted to translate that into a simple dessert. Hence, this earl grey cream pavlova dotted with macerated raspberries and strawberry slices, crispy meringue kisses and beautiful dried edible flowers. While there are a few components to make, each step is easy and hopefully won’t cause you any stress. Whip the egg whites with sugar, spread on parchment paper covered baking sheet, pipe the remaining meringue into kisses. Mix fruit with some sugar and lemon to get the berry juices flowing. Steep heavy cream overnight with earl grey tea bags, then whip into thick lightly sweet clouds. Assemble and serve! Isn’t it pretty??

edible flowers pavlova recipe

edible flowers pavlova recipe

I made this twice, and the first time I used egg whites from a carton out of sheer laziness – don’t do this! Crack fresh eggs and you will find your billowy fluffy stiff meringue will come together so much easier. I also tried making a reduced raspberry sauce for some pretty drippiness and vibrancy – what I ended up making was raspberry flavoured fake blood/ketchup! I opted instead for the very easy macerated berries effect which gave me the juicy drippiness I was after! Note: make the meringue the evening before and steep the earl grey tea overnight as well.

pavlova slice

Earl Grey Cream Pavlova

10 slices

For The Pavlova

  • 6 large egg whites, freshly cracked and separated. Reserve yolks for another use (I made vanilla pudding)
  • 1 cup superfine sugar (Blend regular white sugar in a food processor until fine)
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice

For The Macerated Berries

  • 1 cup of mixed berries - I used raspberries and thinly sliced strawberries
  • 1/3 cup granulated white sugar
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • pinch of salt

For The Earl Grey Cream

  • 2 cups of heavy cream
  • 3 Earl Grey teabag satchels (or 6 teaspoons loose leaf tea)
  • 1/3 cup granulated white sugar

Make The Pavlova

  1. Preheat the oven to 200 °F degrees. Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.
  2. In the bowl of a completely clean stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment, whip the egg whites on medium speed for one minute to froth it up and build some body. Then, whip on medium-high speed for 8 to 10 minutes total – once soft peaks begin to form, start adding the lemon juice, and the sugar one teaspoon at a time. You should have stiff, glossy peaks. A stiff meringue = a happy pavlova.
  3. Using a rubber spatula, pile the majority of the meringue onto the center of the parchment paper covered baking sheet. Using an offset metal spatula, spread the meringue into a large dinner plate sized round.
  4. Fill a piping bag fitted with an open star or round tip with the remaining meringue. Pipe meringue kisses surrounding (but not touching) the central meringue, or pipe another parchment-covered baking sheet with kisses.
  5. Place in bottom rack of oven. Do not open the door to check on the meringue at any point! Bake for ninety minutes; when the baking time is up, turn the oven off and let the pavlova and meringues cool completely inside the oven without opening the door. You can even bake this in the evening and turn off oven before going to bed, leaving overnight.

Macerate The Berries

  1. Combine the berries, sugar, lemon juice and pinch of salt in a small bowl and let the mixture sit until things get juicy and shiny, about 30 minutes.

Make The Earl Grey Cream

  1. In a large glass jar with a lid, steep the earl grey tea in the heavy cream overnight in the fridge. You can also use a large glass covered with plastic wrap.
  2. Once steeped, remove the teabags and give them a good gentle squeeze to get all that earl grey milky flavour out. Your cream should now be very slightly light brown from the milky tea.
  3. In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment, beat the earl grey cream and sugar until firm peaks appear. Do not overmix.

Assemble The Pavlova

  1. Gently place the completely cooled meringue on a large round plate.
  2. Dollop a generous amount of earl grey cream on top, using an offset spatula to gently spread the whipped cream to the edges of the pavlova.
  3. Using clean hands, place slices of macerated berries all over the whipped cream, or for a more rustic look simply spoon berries on top of the cream. Use a small spoon to drizzle some of the berry juice on top.
  4. Add organic edible flowers or dried tea flowers (I used pink carnation petals, dried blue cornflowers and dried purple globe amaranth flowers).
  5. Add crispy meringue kisses.
  6. To serve, use a sharp knife and cut into slices and add an extra spoonful of macerated berries and their juices to each slice.
  7. Leftover pavlova can be stored in the fridge loosely covered in plastic wrap but note that the pavlova and the meringues will lose their crispness factor!

pavlova edible flowers closeup

earl grey cream pavlova recipe

le creuset pink kettle

Happy Mother’s Day to all those mamas, grandmas, aunties, caregivers and amazing mother figures out there. To any of you struggling in any facet of motherhood or hopeful motherhood, you are not alone. Thank you to Le Creuset for generously sending me this super cute BonBon pink Classic Whistling Kettle! It’s pink colour brings me joy in the mornings as I’m making up my milky earl grey. xo Lyndsay

All The Piping Tips: Buttercream Flower Piped Cake

it's alive buttercream cake

buttercream flower piped cake

It’s ALIIIIIVVEEEEEE!!! That’s all I could think of as I was piping this hilariously overdone buttercream-covered cake. Like the cake was going to be all like “SMELL YA LATER, LYNDS!” and shuffle off the table and open the door into the great unknown, leaving a snail trail of frosting in it’s wake. I made this wild and wonderful buttercream flower piped cake for a local art gallery’s dance-a-thon as part of a prize pack. To be totally honest, I had all of these buttercream colours already made up in fresh buttercream from the day before so it was a perfect excuse to put the extra buttercream to good cakey use. I had volunteered at my good friend Amber’s work, a seniors care facility, to present a cupcake decorating workshop for some awesome senior ladies! The women had a blast as I showed them how to pipe rosettes, buttercream grass and even a buttercream rose cupcake. Spending time with the seniors really made me miss my own grandma. Sigh. She was such a cool lady. She was a librarian, an avid reader and a great cook and baker – I just know she would’ve freaking LOVED seeing my cake book finally come to fruition!

spring flowers cake

This cake also BLEW UP on Instagram which I did not expect. IG is so weird. One moment they’re shittin’ on ya and cockblocking all of your content, then the next they’re blasting your cake pic all over everyone’s algorithm, haha. Anyway… I hope the winner of this zany cake partied as hard as this cake parties! xo Lyndsay 

Cherry Bombe Jubilee Cake Of Insanity!

cherry bombe jubilee cake

cherry bombe jubilee cake

Happy Cherry Bombe Jubilee day! I made this Cherry Bombe Jubilee cake of insanity to celebrate! Last year in 2017, I had such a life changing, hilarious and inspired time attending Jubilee in NYC, I met so many incredible women and got to speak on a panel with some top dog food bloggers that I adore. You can read my Cherry Bombe Jubilee diary here! This year, I am going as a straight up mega fan/attendee. I’ll definitely write another Jubilee diary in the coming weeks after I’ve chilled out back into Chinese Pumpkin Vancouver mellow zone!

cherry cake cococakeland drawing

I set out to draw this cake idea I had … stripes and colours inspired by the wonderful Cherry Bombe cookbook, plus cherries of course. Working with red buttercream can feel slightly illegal but I had to roll with the inspiration, hehe. Buttercream roses, drop stars, raspberries, brightly hued maraschino cherries, fresh raspberries and STRIPES.


If you don’t have this baby yet, you should snag a copy. I find the cookbook both useful and super inspiring, so many diverse recipes by a huge range of super talented chefs, cooks, writers and food lovin’ women, and the design alone is beautiful.

cherry cake slices

buttercream and cherries cake

Honestly, as I started decorating this I thought, yeesh, this cake maybe is a little too insane, the very opposite of subtle. Buttttt I am a bit of a wild nut and in the end, I think it turned out pretty sweet!

cherry bombe magazine cake

A slice for you…

cherry bombe jubilee cake slice

Annnnnnd a slice for you!

slices of pink cake

No, sadly I did not bring this cake on my lap on a stinky overnighter plane all the way to NYC on my red eye flight from Vancouver. But, I am hoping to be back in New York around Coco Cake Land book launch time – in which case, NYC buddies, can I borrow an oven and a stand mixer???

cherry bombe magazine cake

cherry cake slices

Here’s to sweet new friendships, inspiring women, delicious food and the power of community! xo Lyndsay 

Winking Flower Crown Cake For Genius Kitchen

buttercream flower crown cake cococakeland

Wink wink! “It’s Coachella Season” buttercream flower crown cake, my latest cake for Genius Kitchen! I missed the party boat for Coachella, and now I’m too old and too comfortable to want to get blazed in the desert with huge crowds, lots of dust, too many good looking people and too many overflowing port-a-potties. I prefer to watch my holograms in the comfort of my own home, but hey twenty years ago I woulda been all over that. My first huge outdoor concert was of course a very OG 1994 Lollapalooza. I remember being so stoked to see Shonen Knife on the side stage. I got a t-shirt, of course. Back in the early 1990s, it was terribly rare to see an Asian person in a band (Smashing Pumpkins James Iha!) so to see a whole trio of Japanese twee garage-pop WOMEN rockers playing, that was extra-rare.

buttercream flower crown cake cococakeland

I went to Lollapalooza the following year with HOLE!!! and Sonic Youth headlining. Hehe. Ooooh right I went to the first Lilith Fair too because feminist 4 Lyfe. The laaaasssst outdoor festival I went to and probably will ever go to was Pemberton Festival in 2008, with Jay-Z and Tom Petty performing… I got free tickets though because my friends were also playing on a different stage. Admittedly, that was a hilariously fun but once again, where is my couch, soft fleece blanket and snacks?

flower crown cake cut

I wouldn’t recommend taking a buttercream cake to the desert unless you truly love being covered in sticky sugary insanity, but if you want to celebrate the wild child flower crown (sexual?) freedom of Coachella, here’s the cake to make! Winky blinky eyes inspired by my sweet friend Katherine Sabbath! PS, I just watched the Snoop Dogg duet with the Tupac hologram from 2012. I don’t think I’ve ever watched it fully before, just saw photos of it back when it made the news. It made me instantly sad and I went on a lite Tupac google. Can’t believe he was only 25 years old when he was killed. They really getcha with the hologram when it disintegrates into a million stars at the end too, dust to dust, ashes to ashes – SADNESS. But dry your tears… you can check out the Flower Crown Cake Tutorial here! xo Lyndsay 

Purple Cat Cake For Olympia!

cococakeland purple cat cake

purple cat cake cococakeland

I feel so lucky to have such good people in my life. Erika and Robyn are two of those fine folks, and my friendship with Erika has blossomed like a Georgia O’Keefe flower over the years, fuelled by our mutual love for snacks, celebrity lesbian power couples (K-Stew, Beth Ditto, Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Paulson/Holland Taylor etc etc) and obsessing over names for potential future babies. Erika and Robyn NAILED IT with the name Olympia! Powerful, strong, original PLUS you get OLY out of that for major nickname cuteness/coolness! And Oly is indeed so so cute and cool. Softly ginger haired, with the face of a thousand expressions lit by huge bright long-lashed eyes, she is the joy of her two excellent moms. For her 1st birthday, I made this purple cat cake! Gluten-free, even!

purple cat cake

I decided to mix it up with my piping tips, and went for good old classic 1M open star tip, a personal fave, the original swirl tip, the tip that launched a thousand home cupcake businesses. I think this little purple cat cake friend turned out as CUTE AS CAN BE, perfect for an adorable sweet little Oly.

happy buttercream cat cake

Happy birthday, Oly!! And big congratulations and love to Erika and Robyn for ruling motherhood! xo Lyndsay 

Kawaii Sun Cake!

kawaii sun cake by cococakeland

kawaii sun cake by cococakeland

I know, I know. The cuteness is ALMOST TOO PAINFUL. This cake has arrived just in time for SPRING SUNSHINE. Keep it up, sky!! A few years ago I made this kawaii sun cake design for Handmade Charlotte and I thought I was SO CLEVER with the Pocky stick sun rays. Then I was like, Pocky…? CALL ME. Can I get dat Pocky money?? Can I get some Pocky sticks in a big old shipped box to just, like, have a 6 month supply of those crispy chocolatey sticks ‘o’ fun!? But no, Pocky chose to ignore my ass (I think I sent them one message years ago, haha). But I still think Pocky sticks are such a cute and simple idea for making a sun cake! (Pocky, you can still call me, lol.)

sun drawing for cake

The wonderful Wilton Cakes brand invited me to be a part of their brand re-launch – pretty darn cool. The only requirement was YELLOW – to go with their cute yellow re-branding – and my good old pal kawaii sun cake came back to my mind. I used a classic 1M piping tip to pipe the entire cake, and fondant for the facial features, though you could totally pipe the face on, or use candies! My cookie stick sun rays idea hit me like a bolt of cake-covered lightning. I wrote it down really fast and then drew a little pic so I’d remember. Chemo brain layered on top of mom brain is not cool, guys. My memory is medium-terrible now, but thank goodness for a sketchbook with an X crossed out on every single page!!! (emoji laugh til cry face)!

CUTE SUN CAKE by cococakeland

cookie stick by Wilton

The cookie sticks obviously take more time than plunking a chubby Pocky into the side of a cake but I LOOOOOOVE how these sun rays turned out!! Totally not too Sonic Youth 90s sunflower at all, like I was worried about! I used a large teardrop-shaped cookie cutter and made classic sugar cookie dough. I added a teensy bit of gel colouring to make them yellow. You could also totally pipe the cookies with buttercream too – I liked the clean look of the cookie shape itself, and HELL NO I wasn’t going to do royal icing just this time, haha, although that would give it a beautifully clean finish too (and add an hour or so to your cake-making!)

kawaii sun cake by cococakeland

CUTE SUN CAKE by cococakeland

Wilton also wrote up a fun blog post interviewing some of their favourite cake and cookie creators – you can read all about my inspiration and words of cake advice here, along with some other amazing cakers and bakers!! Here’s to more happy and sunny days ahead… xo Lyndsay