Disneyland and some personal news

fantasy land souvenir plate disneyland

autopia ride at disneyland

Hello my dear friends. I wanted to tell you something – come out of the closet with some personal news. In January of this year I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my right breast – something called invasive ductal carcinoma. I’ll be having surgery this coming Monday February 23rd to remove a large part of my right breast followed by chemotherapy and radiation – all things I’m feeling pretty nervous and emotional about. Despite the shiteballs news, we still went to Disneyland – the trip had been planned for a year, and it was to celebrate my amazing mom’s 70th birthday. Turns out Diz was the joy and magic I needed to forget my boob-oriented problems for a while. Hot sun, the giggling hyper-happiness in my son’s face, feeling the love of my family and basking in the happy-making insanity that is Disneyland gave me a much needed blast of energy and fun.

disneyland balloons

A cast member selling balloons – balloon blaster!

churro ice cream sandwich disneyland

This churro ice cream sandwich.

happy family at disneyland

Feeling happy and love-y with my little man and my big man!!

pineapple dole whip at disneyland

Pineapple Dole Whip. Crucial stop at Disneyland.

dumbo ride at disneyland

Riding high on the Dumbo flying elephant ride!

soft serve ice cream cone disneyland

The perfect soft serve ice cream cone. Diz does not mess around when it comes to soft serve. Shit’s gotta be perfect.

mickey mouse waffle disneyland

Minnie!!! Do not eat the face of your partner Mickey!! Allow me to eat it! Mickey Mouse waffle.

pluto the pup at disneyland

“What in tarnation??” Teddy met so many characters and saw so much stuff and he loved it all. No tears or meltdowns … kid loves rides too just like his dad.

family photo at downtown disney

My amazing mom (cool enough for ya in white Ray-bans??) and her brood of grandkiddies…

alice in wonderland teacups ride

My sis and her two boys swirling and twirling. The Teacups are SO FUN and colorful! Diz has incredible sets, art direction and design in all of their rides.

Ok … back to this news: 

boob cake

Boobs have been on my mind ever since I was diagnosed on January 9th. I made this hilarious cake a few years ago for my friend Phanie’s 30th birthday … out of my usual range of cute and rated G cakes but I found this photo again and it felt relevant. Being told I had breast cancer was the most terrifying news, and deeply shocking especially as I’m still in my 30s. I don’t feel sick at all – but I’ve been told I have a disease that needs to be cured out of my body. I will be made to feel sick by chemicals and drugs and my physical appearance will change. It’s a weird countdown of days with my breasts the way they are – so I look at them and try to emblazon the way they look now into my memory, and face a mind spiral of fear of the unknown as I undergo chemo and radiation, and how that might affect my energy, the way I care for my son, or my marriage and other relationships. I’ve been an emotional, fragile little bird since getting back from Disneyland as my current reality has started to set in. My life has ground to a halt – I feel kind of useless, with no motivation to bake or create. I feel sad because I’ve worked extremely hard to get my cake and writing career to where it is – lots of sweet readers and fans, a great blogging community, some wonderful freelance jobs – and I can feel that all slipping away as I disappear to tackle something completely different – breast cancer. But at the same time it’s also been ok to let go, to say goodbye to the bloggy rat race. I’ll continue to update my blog and create new work as I’m able to. I’m spending my time partying with my little boo and snuggling him and air-guitar-ing with him as much as I can while I still have energy. For now my friends, please say a little prayer for me and send me some positive thoughts – I’m going to need it! xo Lyndsay 


How To Make A Paper Cake Topper DIY

cute paper cake topper tutorial by coco cake land

Feeling the need to spruce up a cake? Sometimes an adorable and SIMPLE little addition like this paper cake topper can add some serious JAZZ HANDS to your sweets.

paper cake topper tutorial

cute paper cake topper tutorial by coco cake land

cute paper cake topper tutorial by coco cake land

Find the whole sweet ‘n easy breezy tutorial over on my Add Extra Craft To Your Cakes With A Paper Cake Topper DIY post for Craftsy! 

Plus, more of my favourite cake toppers:

I love how Spoon and Fork Sydney ROCKS COOKIES as the cutest ever cake toppers!

This ruffled heart cake topper by my sweet palTessa of Style Sweet Ca

This mini cookie garland!

Little Cat Design Studios blasted onto the cake topper scene with these cuties a few years back and I still think they’re the best!!

Chiara, contributor at Oh Happy Day, makes the BEST crafts, including so many awesome and adorably clever cake topper ideas.

Tips I Learned By Deep Googling And Crying For Help: How To Make Macarons

how to make macarons - tips from coco cake land

pretty stack of vibrant macarons and tips on how to make them - coco cake land

I know I’m brutally late to the macaron party. I’ve been aware of their adorable little meringue hamburger-like presence, and have eaten many over the years, and made a few ugly batches right around 2008 when I was nose-deep into my Martha Stewart Baking Handbook. But out of the blue, I got obsessed with these little wispy sweet crispy chewy bastards – french macarons – and I wanted to make them for my mom’s upcoming 70th birthday party. So the deep-googling and the reading began: how to make macarons! I wanted mine to look like the ones I saw in so many beautiful Instagrams. I was feeling determined, and I needed a good distraction – macaron mania was perfectly timed.

pretty stack of vibrant macarons and tips on how to make them - coco cake land

The first thing I sought out was a good recipe. I read through my baking books and then went to the internet for some more goods. I ended up finding the EXTREMEO informative Brave Tart blog and her recipe. I made it once, and they looked terrible. Some with cracked tops and only some with cute little “feet” – that’s what they call the ruffly part of the macaron shell. So I made it again, asked for help online on Instagram and received so many nice tips, sought out video and read some more. I ended up making them four times until I finally got the hang of it.

french macaron tips and tricks - coco cake land

To break it down, here is what worked for me:

1. Make sure to whip the daylights out of the meringue. If it seems like it’s getting so stiff it’s taking on a life of its own, that’s ok: just roll with it – I remember being surprised at the final odd texture. Set the timer for each stage and let ‘er rip. For a Kitchen Aix Mixer, try: speed 4 for 3 mins, speed 7 for 3 mins, speed 8 for 3 mins and speed 10 for 1 min.

2. After measuring my ingredients using a digital scale, I tried both sifting the almond flour and icing sugar, and I also tried throwing it all in the food processor – the food processor worked great!

3. I dumped the almond flour/icing sugar mixture right on top of the beaten meringue. Then I fluffed and folded. It’s best to watch a few videos on how to fold in the flour – or, Dorie Greenspan describes it as “mix and mash” which I found myself saying in my head while I folded. Her description of the process is great, and you can find it here on Food52.

3. I used a circular cookie cutter and quickly made circle stencils on parchment paper so I could easily pipe to the right size. NOTE: make sure to make the stencils on the BACKSIDE of the parchment paper so you don’t bake pencil marks into your macarons. I don’t have a silpat but I would like to get one now – however, I found parchment paper to work fine!

4. I piped holding the bag upright and just blobbing out the batter. I tried piping the “from the side” method and I ended up with some oblong uglies. Top-dogging it seemed to work just fine for me.

5. Smack dat pan: After you pipe the macaron batter onto your parchment paper circles, hold the pan with two hands on either side and drop it down onto a countertop. It is thunderously loud but it helps to minimize air bubbles.

6. I let my macarons sit out after piping in different increments, from 15 to 30 minutes to 2 hours. For me, it made no difference to the final product. What made a difference is FINDING THE HOT SPOTS in my oven and outsmarting them by simply baking ONE SHEET at a time in the middle rack. One sheet to the wind. It takes a little more time to bake them all , sure – but it may save you from crying over cracked macs. (thanks to some of my Instagram followers for that tip!)

7. Find what temperature and time works for your oven and macarons – mine was 325 degrees and baking them for 8-10 minutes, turning the pan halfway through the baking time.

8. I used swiss meringue buttercream for the filling!

blue and pink french macaron by coco cake land

You can get caught up in being supremely anal about whether something is the “right” or “proper” technique or not – but really, we’re just trying to make a lovely little special pal dessert so I think it’s better not to sweat the “that’s not legit or proper” way to make something. Try making them a bunch of times until you get the feel/hang of it, as every oven is different, everyone lives in different climates and the more you practice … YOU GET BETTER!

how to make french macarons - tips from coco cake land

Wonderful and free smack that mac resources: 

Brave Tart’s Macaron Mythbusters post and RECIPE. I followed her recipe, using a scale. I also scraped the contents of a vanilla bean into the batter, and added gel colour for the last minute of beating my meringue.

Eat Live Travel Write’s photographic step by steps, and even VIDEOS. I love her macaron making journey because she shows you from the beginning her very first macarons … blast foward to the present, and hers are beautiful and perfect – and she even teaches classes now.

This nice gal of Macaron and Mint‘s Youtube video! I found watching videos helped to see the texture and “flow” of the batter. She also told me this and I followed it to a T: Kitchen Aix Mixer: speed 4 for 3 mins, speed 7 for 3 mins, speed 8 for 3 mins and speed 10 for 1 min. Totally worked for me.

Dorie Greenspan has a wonderful way with words and describing actions: check out her Parisian macarons post here.

Practice, practice and practice some more! I’m excited to keep on making macarons and continuing to improve. I hope this post gives some hope to those who have thrown in the macaron towel! If you have some more great resources, let me know in the comments, and show me your macarons – leave me links! Happy baking, everyone! xo Lyndsay 

Stressballs 2015 + Peppermint Chocolate Cake

chocolate cake with peppermint buttercream

Yep. Everyone wants to be looking at a super rich, dark drippy thick chocolate peppermint buttercream cake right now. December holiday weight gain, I laugh in your face – because yes, you won, you magnificent butter, chocolate and cheese stuffed bastard! I did indeed make this peppermint chocolate cake for my husband’s birthday in December. Dark chocolate cake layers, cool mint frosting and the drip. I used the same chocolate cake recipe from my birthday cake back in November. I know everyone’s nibbling steamed kale and power-juicing dragon fruit these days. I get it. January is some painful, muffin top times and it’s hard to look at cake.

chocolate cake with peppermint buttercream

So why Stressballs 2015!?? Not only stressballs but also SUPER DUPER CAKE EXCITEMENT … because … djembe and bongo drumroll with a dreadlock on top…

I’m writing a cake book!







OH MY GAD I have a manuscript due.


This is my brain on cake book!

Honest to goodness, heavens to Betsey Johnson this is seriously my dream come true. My cake book will be coming out of the closet in 2016, published by the very excellent Roost Books.

peppermint chocolate cake with ganache

So … all I’m sayin’ is… there could be a teensy bit less of Coco Cake Land in the next little while. It might be because I am rolled into a tiny ball crying in the corner of my house covered in buttercream. It might be because I am jettisoned with cakecitement, hyper on green tea and power-editing photos. But it’s definitely not because I don’t love you guys, and my sweet precious blog. No, if my blog were a pet, it would have feather stuffed satin pillows to sleep on and rib eye steak for breakfast. It’s simply because I will be sweating (and swearing) daily in the exciting and stressful production of my cake book! I’m a roller coaster of emotions! Seriously, dream come true – when I was a kid, I would write fake “about the authors” about myself, scrawled on the back of a stack of loose leaf paper stapled hastily together and written in ball point pen. I am truly thrilled to have embarked on this endeavour!

peppermint chocolate cake with drippy ganache - coco cake land

To de-stress and de-frizzle my brain, I’ve been deeply enjoying reading M.F.K. Fisher. I picked up a copy of The Art Of Eating at a used bookstore close to my place and it’s a collection of 5 of her books, including How To Cook A Wolf, Consider The Oyster and The Gastronomical Me. Written in 1937 onward, it’s fascinating to read, and calming, because I am calmed somehow by reading about Aunt Gwen’s Cold Shape (ingredients include 1 calf head, quartered). I’ve always loved reading recipes in books, whether I end up making them or not. And reading about how to economically shop for and cook a particular sludge-like dish simply so your family will not starve to death during war-sanctioned food rations puts into perspective the excess and mind-blowing food wastage that happens today. Plus M.F.K. is m-f-ing brilliant. Her writing transports, and makes me chuckle, and nod and be like: Yes.

Another de-stressor is reading this: Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar. I forgot how gut-bustingly funny this is. It’s a spoof of poor Guy Fieri’s restaurant menu. I find Guy Fieri disturbingly endearing, bleached spiked hair and 90s Smashmouth and all. He both delights and disgusts (in the way he wolfs down food so horrendously gluttonously) yet he’s got his own plastic sunglasses charm.

Ok I promise my book won’t be so all over the place as this blog post. I’ve got a really nice and smart editor who’s gonna whip my butt into Cold Shape. (he!) Happy January, my sweet blog friends! xo Lyndsay

My Faves This Year: Coco Cake Land Best Cakes Of 2014!

pineapple cake face - coco cake land

pingu, pinga and robbie the seal cupcakes by coco cake land

cat cake by coco cake land

What a year. It flew by in a flash. I’m worried life’s going to continue on this mega fast path. Pretty soon I’ll be Old Lady Lyndsay with an angular blunt short hair cut, wild glasses and a flannel jumpsuit dictating cake instructions to able bodied assistants. 2014 ruled pretty hard – I met so many great bloggers and new buddies! So here’s to you, blog pals! Thanks for being along for the cake-filled ride – presenting Coco Cake Land Best Cakes Of 2014! GO!

courtesan au chocolat recipe

Loved doing this courtesan au chocolat OMG choux party with the lovely Molly and Renee!

bunny cake with bunny cupcakes

Orange bunny cake, as requested by a little girl and her sis! CUTE!

raspberry buttercream wedding cake

I played a large part in SETTING UP A PAIR OF FRIENDS all the way to the ALTAR! BOO-YAHHHH!

pink ruffle birthday cake - coco cake land

The Japanese Canadian Kim Gordon. ‘Nuff said.

octonauts cake

When a photo of a little boy named Weston made me cry and giggle with glee – delighted with his gluten free Octonauts cake!

how to make a ruffle cake - coco cake land

Take me down to Ruffle Town with this ruffle cake tutorial!

how to make a fox cake - coco cake land

Cutest orange fox cake! 

how to make a naked cake - coco cake land

Butt naked cake. How to make a naked cake tutorial!


This Sixteen Candles themed cake was a fun shoot!

blue bear cake and birthday garland

My Teddy’s blue bear bear cake for his second birthday!!! Love love love.

pink birthday cake tutorial - coco cake land

Pink and avant garde shard-y cake for my sis Shelley and a tutorial!

panda bear cake - coco cake land

Who can resist a saucer eyed dazed and confused blazin’ on life PANDA BEAR CAKE. 

Totoro Cake with paper confetti - Coco Cake Land tutorial

One of my favourite faves of the year: TOTORO CAKE tutorial for TOTORO WEEK with I Am A Food Blog!

pineapple cake face - coco cake land

Party’s not over til the pineapple cake sings!

chocolate peanut butter cake recipe by coco cake land

Another year older, a few pounds chubbier after this PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE CAKE RECIPE!

Little gorilla cake

I loved how this Little Gorilla cake turned out!

disney frozen cake with meringues - coco cake land

My take on a Disney Frozen Princess Cake!

noot noot - pingu cake by coco cake land

Possibly my very favourite of the year - PINGU CAKE!

pink rosette cake slices - coco cake land

Party like it’s 1994 cake – I loved this post!

grey owl, white cat and pink dog cakes

A collection of crazies.

pink party cake with meringues and raspberries - coco cake land

I’m so pumped for what 2015 will bring! Wishing everyone the happiest of new years – what’s one of your new year’s resolutions?? xo Lyndsay 

Lillie’s Pinkest Partiest Pink Party Cake!

pink party cake with meringues and raspberries - coco cake land

We’re blessed with some pretty great friends here in Vancouver, many of whom now have little ones – which means adorable playdates galore! Yani and Paul have the cutest little Lillie. Lillie’s request for her birthday cake: the pinkest, partiest cake … with raspberries!

mini rosette vanilla cupcakes - coco cake land

pink party cake - coco cake land

Lillie had a tumblebus birthday – a bright yellow school bus rolls up to your residence, outfitted inside with a full mini gymnastics gym! Kiddies board the bus, the door groans shut behind them and two instructors guide the kids through games, lessons and fun. Yani and Paul hosted brunch with mimosas and quiche for the parents upstairs in their apartment while the kids were safely gymnastics-partying on the bus. Pretty sweet set up!

raspberry and meringue topped pink party cake

pink party cake with raspberries and meringues - coco cake land

This pink party cake had surprise pink insides, too! Pink vanilla cake layers studded with fresh raspberries, vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam filling, topped with more berries and homemade pink meringue kisses. Loved making this special cake for a sweet little monkey. Happy 3rd birthday Lillie – Teddy and I are sending you and your mama loads of love! xo Lyndsay 

Barking Up The Right Tree: Easy Chocolate Bark Recipe

easy chocolate bark recipe - coco cake land

Woof woof – this easy chocolate bark recipe is so simple to make for the holidaze, or top a party cake, or to crunch and munch while slumped out like a potato sack for an evening of couch-sitting. Make it as a hostess gift, or break into shards and set in a candy dish for your own holiday fete.

chocolate bark - coco cake land

How’s your holidaze going?? I was reminded recently of this super cute DIY silver fringe letter garland I made last year – made with supplies you have kicking around your house. I should break out those JOY letters … where on earth did I put them again (ie which random box did I stuff them into last January…)

Easy Chocolate Bark Recipe

16 shards of varying sizes

For The Chocolate Bark

Make It!

  1. Over low heat (or in the top of a bain-marie) – carefully melt your chocolate, watching it to ensure it does not burn.
  2. Once melted, pour onto a parchment-paper-lined baking sheet, spreading with an offset spatula to the edges.
  3. Sprinkle your favourite toppings on.
  4. Let set in fridge for an hour until firm.
  5. Break into pieces and enjoy!

chocolate bark mix-ins - coco cake land

how to make chocolate bark recipe - coco cake land

You can use it to adorn a cake like this peanut butter chocolate cake I made last month:

chocolate peanut butter cake recipe by coco cake land

Or add crushed candy canes and wrap it up for quick and easy holiday presents!

MAKE AND SNACK your way to holiday weight gain around the interweb: 

Gingerbread terrariums cuteness by Molly Yeh!

These happy chappy vintage looking gingerbread men cookies by Sweetapolita

Edible gifts in jars, the most beautiful ones ever!

This pecan salty tart from Design Sponge is calling me naaaaaame!

Steph knows a thing or two about a thing or two! Treats to make and gift – EAT IT!

Fuggedabout going easy times – go WILD TIMES with Alison’s Cookie Party! I just bought this and can’t wait to watch it!

Instant Lyndsay Sung CLICKBAIT are the words PEANUT BUTTER FUDGE.

I love edible presents so much … I’m doing cookies (as always – my happy place!!) and meringue kisses this year! What’s your go-to laser fast power-gift for the holidays?? 

Cool Times! Peppermint Grasshopper Pie Recipe For Food52

grasshopper pie recipe for food52.com

This grasshopper pie recipe. This pie causes insane dreams so maybe don’t eat it before bed while watching countless episodes of The Good Wife. Like your elementary school crush will meld with a side character on The Good Wife mixed with a pencil you saw in a commercial six years ago and suddenly you turn into Snoop Dog who can’t remember his lyrics onstage.

grasshopper pie recipe for food52.com

It’s so painfully delicious though that I think about the pie all day. In fact, I’ve eaten a slice for breakfast and lunch, and yes, late at night. Cool creamy peppermint chocolate ice cream on an easy cookie crumble crust topped with a salty sweet richly chocolate fudge topping glistening like a skating rink.

peppermint ice cream - coco cake land

chocolate fudge ice cream pie topping - coco cake land

grasshopper pie recipe for food52.com

grasshopper pie for food52.com

Peppermint flavour = total Christmas vibes, like stepping out into a crisp wintery day and inhaling a gust of cool air, your cheeks cold and your head warmed by a wooly toque. Really, minty not-too-sweet ice cream and frigging delicious fudge sauce and a buttery easy cookie crust -it’s a sundae gone right in an ice cream pie form. You can take an interweb hob over to the whole grasshopper pie recipe on my post for Food52! Yay! xo Lyndsay