Swirls Of Love: Wedding Cupcakes

chocolate and vanilla wedding cupcakes - coco cake land

I made 150 prettily swirled wedding cupcakes last weekend. It had been a long while since I did a larger order of cupcakes but it was satisfying cranking them out, and frosting each with a buttery-sweet perfect swirl.

vintage fork and cupcakes - coco cake land

Marriage – it’s a wild roller coaster ride. I don’t know anyone, my parents included, who have had it super easy. Which is why when someone asked me the other day “what is the key to a happy marriage?” I both laughed and cried inside. I responded that the key is that it’s not always happy. Yes, there are many moments of bliss, laughter, closeness, love. But then everyday life gets in the way. That’s why they say all that stuff about in sickness and health, for better for worse, in good times and bad – those vows are gettin’ y’all ready for LIFE TOGETHER.

chocolate and vanilla wedding cupcakes - coco cake land

So to that person who asked, I said: Listen to each other. Kiss, hug and hold hands – show physical affection. Laugh hysterically together, do things together that you enjoy as a couple. Do things they like simply because you love them, and ask for that in return. It’s give and take. Communicate feelings and take time to listen to your partner. You’re both going to screw up a few times, whether those screw-ups are small or large. Be forgiving, if you’re able. Marriages that look perfect on the outside (or on the internet and blogs) are guaranteed far from perfect. Oh, and when kiddos comes along – make sure you plan nights to yourselves! Pay a babysitter or get an in-law to come over.

a hand holding a chocolate rosette cupcake

Yeah. If only life was as simple, beautiful and perfect as a dark chocolate cupcake… ! Got any marriage or relationship tips you’d like to share? I’m all ears. xo Lyndsay 

It’s A Jungle Out There: Animal Cakes!

grey owl, white cat and pink dog cakes

I die a little of cuteness and pain when I send an animal cake out the door. My precious animal cakes, lovingly frosted and piped, ahhh they’re like my own little animal shelter of dogs, cats, owls, red pandasgorillas … hehe! What’s better than an animal cake? A table full of ‘em – colourful, adorable, the happiest setting ever.

white owl buttercream cake

The white feathery owl cake pictured here was made for the Powell Street Festival lotto winner – this year it went to a cute family who brought it to their KARATE CLASS. To this I say: FIND SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE AND THEN EAT SOME CAKE! Hooray! I love the idea of sweaty kids in their starched white karategi sitting around a mat enjoying a slice of well-earned owl cake. CUTE!

rainbow cake slice and cat cake - coco cake land

On another note… It’s my birthday coming up in November so I’m trying to decide what to make! Last year I made this rainbow cat cake… I’m looking for suggestions for this year, guys! Rated G only – hehe! (No peen cakes allowed)!  xo Lyndsay 

A Slice Of Cake


three layered rainbow cake slice

A slice of cake, a slice of life. I am obsessed with photos of cake slices. (jewel toned cake with meringue kisses)

pink cake slices on a table

Pink cake slice party time! (how to frost a cake - pink birthday cake)

two buttercream party cakes with crafty cake toppers

Ooooh! A duo of party cakes – two cakes make everything better. (monogram cake topper DIY and pink ombre cake tutorial)

cotton candy layered party cake

Cotton candy coloured cake layers. Swoon.

polka dot cake slice

This looks like the aftermath of a New Years Eve party … (polka dot cake tutorial!)

 a pink and blue birthday cake sliced

Cake slice eye candy! (1980s inspired sweet sixteen party cake tutorial)

And some more cake slice photos to make you want to punch through your screen with a giant fork…

Sweetapolita’s 6-layer Neapolitan Macaron Cake

I love every thing about this Funfetti Cake, from the marzipan triangular bunting to the spectacular photos.

If you want to die of beauty via cake slice photos, see Call Me Cupcake. No one does cake photography as painfully beautiful as my girl Linda.

What about you? Anyone else share my weird obsession?? Ha! xo Lyndsay

For The Love Of Pups: Yukon The Husky Dog Cake

husky dog cake - coco cake land

My sweet and talented photographer pal Jeanie celebrated her awesome husky pup’s 1st birthday in August and she asked me to make a cake in his likeness! Man I fiddled with his husky dog cake face for quite a while and finally settled on going for a cartoony look which I think turned out pretty darn woofin’ cute.

husky dog cake - coco cake land

Have you ever loved a pet like it was the furry child from your own womb? It’s a real emotion and it’s something that only other pet owners understand – those little pals become your constants, your best friends, your always-there comfort. Even with all the room-clearing gas and occasional barfs and poo-picking-up and furniture-ruining, the love for them persists. My heart still aches for my sweet old cat Coco, who I had to put down in 2007. Yep – I named my cake business after my old cat, a feisty little orange-haired jerk with fluffy fur pants who was possibly insane, but she loved me and I loved her. When I had to put her down after a long illness, I sobbed into her fur telling her it would be ok, and then suddenly her little life was gone – it was like hugging a stuffed animal and it was so surreal and sad. When we finally drove home from the vet, empty-handed, cat carrier without cat, the house felt so eerie and hollow without her scampering around, those little paws pattering about or her annoying gunk-gunk-gunk scratching under my bedroom door to try to get in, Jack Nicholson in The Shining style. A little while after she passed I had a tiny memorial party at my house with close friends. I made a slideshow with pictures of her set to Brenton Wood’s Oogum Boogum (I used to call her Boogie) and the Mamas and the Papas “Dedicated To The One I Love” and just sobbed. I think having a weird little funeral for her helped me grieve though. I still miss that little barfmaster and hearing those songs again makes my heart hurt a little…

husky dog cake - coco cake land

husky dog cake - coco cake land

So yes – I’ve suffered a few broken hearts over the years from pets loved and lost. Today, with this husky dog cake, I’m celebrating the love of pets – and also remembering another animal that just passed away – my brother-in-law’s giant fluffball malamute named Zeke. Here’s to all those nutty animals that help us get through life.

Rest in peace, Zeke! xo Lyndsay

Ruffle Pink Heart + Unicorn Cake Topper

ruffle heart cake unicorn cake topper - coco cake land

ruffle heart cake unicorn cake topper - coco cake land

You’re the last… you’re the lassssstttt! Anyone else remember The Last Unicorn? Also known as, traumatizing, freaky-terrifying animated movie I saw in elementary school? It’s amazing what has been seared into my brain from watching things as a kid. Seeing E.T. scared the living daylights out of me – I was certain every time I went to the bathroom I would find E.T.’s powdery white corpse.

ruffle heart cake unicorn cake topper - coco cake land

This ruffle heart cake with unicorn cake topper, though, is nothing to be afraid of! I love how girly girl it is – purple and pink, ruffles, UNICORN!!!

More horsey unicorny insanity on the interwebs: 

The Alison Show is the queen bee party animal of party animals – and THIS UNICORN PARTY will blow your mind to unicorn-land and back with a side of rainbow dust. The silver sparkly cakes, the uni-balloons, every sweet detail (candy unicorn kebabs!) I bow down to how cool Alison is! Love her energy and infinite creativity!

This HORSE cake is one part vintage 1970s cookbook and every other part completely CUTE and awesome! Love that tendril-y licorice mane and the vintage-y styling!

Katherine Sabbath – her name sounds so wickedly METAL and her cakes are BEYOND THE FARTHEST RAINBOW OF beauty. This is what she calls her unicorn cheesecake!!!

And THIS. This is unspeakable, it’s so freaking amazing. Imagine walking into an art gallery and eating away at the art in Baketopia. The unicorn in this is laser-light-show mind-melting.

Happy weekend, cake pals! xo Lyndsay 

Happy Chappy Pineapple Cake With Rainbow Cake Layers

pineapple face cake with mini chocolate cupcakes

My old friend happy chappy pineapple cake is back, this time adding some cuteness to an already super cute 1st birthday party!

5 layers of rainbow cake batter - coco cake land

There’s only one thing that next-levels a kawaii cute pineapple cake face. That’s RAINBOW cake layers. ROYGBIV! Do you ROYGBIV or VIBGYOR when you stack your cake layers!? Seems like a logical cakey question. Both looks cool and rainbow-y of course.

mini chocolate cupcakes

Sweet Emily turned one – and cool mama Jinny ordered both the giant rainbow cake layered pineapple cake plus cute little mini chocolate cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles.

cute pineapple cake - coco cake land

I snapped this pic to show the size comparison. Pineapple dude was HEAVY.

pineapple cake insides - rainbow cake layers!

And the insides of the cake! I die to see pictures of the insides of cakes (sent to me by Jinny)! There’s something about layers of cake with frosting and colour that makes me bonkers with giddy excitement. Certified cake nerd.

Pineapple cake with rainbow power makes me happy, and so do these links: 

I was recently reminded of this AMAZING video of Lin Yu Chun. It will make your day, it will make you cry, it will make you smile, it will make your soar high above the clouds like an emotional eagle. Why can’t I be a cool bowl-cutted Taiwanese teddy-bear cutie in a bow tie.

While I’m being a complete youtube idiot, there’s this, because I love singing Alicia Keys.

Possibly slightly redeeming: how RAD is everyone in this Future Islands performance. The lead singer needs to be cast in a Scorsese film. And that bass player is cool as the most casual blazer-wearing pickle EVER! I love him!

And far from cakes yet not far at all: White Lung Deep Fantasy! You have different paths you can take in life – White Lung takes the path I always wished I had the gonads to take, saying all that needs to be said.

Happy Thursday, cake pals! xo 

You Are So Beautiful To Me: For The Love Of Buttercream Cakes

rosette buttercream cake - coco cake land

cherry buttercream cake - coco cake land

rosette buttercream cake - coco cake land

cherry buttercream cake - coco cake land

rosette buttercream cake - coco cake land

rosette buttercream cake - coco cake land

For the love of buttercream cakes! Get in nice and close – lie down on one of these and snuggle into it like a big old frosting cake pillow. So many pretty cakes this summer! It’s kind of bonkers how omnipresent this rosette cake design is – the amazing Amanda of I Am Baker was the originator of the rose cake! I have a fun claim to cake interwebs fame, too – this very hungry caterpillar cake design I made way back in 2008! So cute as now my kiddo can practically recite the book. No wonder it’s a fave for birthday parties… I love how the caterpillar blows up like a big old pig after chowing down through all the snacks he can find. I feel like that caterpillar lately after going too wild on Conehead Club! But now I’m on a horrid health train where I’m exercising again (actually feels great!!) and eating better! I’m such a yo-yo exerciser. Bah! Oh well. For now, I can ogle these cakes…! xo Lyndsay

Naut Too Shabby: Octonauts Cakes!

white bear and green bunny cakes

These little duder Octonauts cakes were SO fun to make! I made them for a brother and sister team – a little guy named Weston who just turned 4 years old with a gluten intolerance, so yes these vanilla and chocolate cake cuties are also gluten-free! His mom L emailed me with this, hoping I’d be able to help make some birthday cakes: “my son is having a difficult time feeling “different” than everyone else these days with regards to special snacks.” HOW COULD I SAY NO TO THIS! It’s my JOB to make 4 year olds feel special!!

white bear and green bunny cakes

handmade cake flags

white bear and green bunny cakes

Can we talk about the KAWAII factor of the Octonauts characters? Tweak the Bunny and Captain Barnacles! They were created by Vicki and Michael, the geniuses behind Meomi and the Vancouver Olympics mascots. They are a casual cool awesome couple and they live and work here in Vancouver, BC!

white bear and green bunny cakes

I was so proud of my little blue hat I made! I cut out good old Captain Barnacles’ blue hat out of craft paper, drew a teensy Octonauts logo and cut that out, and glued it all together, attaching it to a wooden skewer to then place into the cake!

white bear and green bunny cakes

And THIS PHOTO is why I do what I do:

two children at birthday party happy

THE CUTENESS! My heart melted into a pile of goo when I saw this photo. W’s face, clasping his hands in sheer delight – too much!!! And this from their mom:

“A HUGE THANK YOU for making such beautiful and DELICIOUS (might I add) gluten free cakes. They were perfect, they were a hit, and I think made Weston’s day (and Gwendolyn’s) beyond special to FINALLY share a birthday cake with his friends this year!!! I’m gonna cry. :) Thanks for helping to make this such an awesome party for our kids!”

And all of this makes me a very happy cake-making chappy. See you all soon, cake pals! xo Lyndsay