Teddy’s Buried Treasure Cake With Kiddoz Cookbook!

buried treasure cake

kiddoz cookbook cake

kiddoz cookbook chefclub

Have you ever baked with your child? AKA, have you ever BLOWN YOUR TOP in the kitchen because of the flour and sugar sandstorm, the cracked eggs all over the counter, the spilled milk… hehe. Ahhh but thank goodness for this awesome Kickstarter project: the cutest new cookbook for kids – KIDDOZ! It’s an interactive cookbook and colourful measuring cup set, featuring hilarious cartoon characters and illustrated step-by-step instructions, just for kids! Teddy and I had a blast making a buried treasure cake from the book.

baking with kids

kiddoz cookbook measuring cups

The book’s instructions are all adorable step-by-step illustrations, using the faces of the characters as the measurements – so for example, Carlton the cat = 1/3 cup of sugar – but Teddy would read it as “one Carlton of sugar, mom!!” There’s also QR codes (I had to google what those were called, it’s that black and white square thingie that you point your phone at “for more information”, haha) on each page so you can watch VIDEOS of each project being made! Interactive, indeed!

buried treasure cake

I winced in a little bit of mental pain as Teddy cracked the eggs for this (DELICIOUS!!) cake – lots of eggshell bits, but we fished them all out –  the buried treasure cake itself is a very simple recipe, and it bakes up like an angel food cake. Our cake rose up beautifully in the oven but then slumped as it cooled – I think we should’ve baked it for longer, which we will do next time – but it gave us some creative problem solving to do!!

kiddoz cookbook chefclub

chocolate gold coins treasure

I helped Teddy cut away the centre of the cake to make room for the $38 worth of chocolate gold coins I bought for this project, ha… (more on this later…!) He had a blast dumping the coins in and packing the top pieces of cake back onto it.

kiddoz cookbook chefclub

The chocolate mascarpone frosting was SCRUMPDIDDLYUMPTIOUS – I helped Teddy smooth out the frosting a bit, as the cake was somewhat fragile and we worried it would tear a little. (It didn’t!)

Teddy decorating his cake

Teddy had a blast dumping (literally) the Oreo crumbs onto the cake for dirt! He chose two Playmobil characters as “diggers” and then added a big old pile of sprinkles, and sticks of Pocky. I had to restrain myself from doing any of the cake decorating – but I also loved seeing Teddy’s very liberated “freedom of decoration” mindset!! I am jealous of his ease in the casual dumping of Oreo crumbs and random placement of sprinkle piles and Pocky sticks…

happy baker

Proud of his cake!!!

playmobil topped cake

buried treasure cake

And the final product! It was so much fun cutting into this cake and seeing the sparkly gold coins inside!

buried treasure cake

playmobil cake

We brought the cake to my sister’s for her birthday, and Teddy’s cousins went wild over the cake, and the Kiddoz cookbook! The amount of coins we used ended up being a little bit of overkill, I think bought seventy or so in the bulk bins at a grocery store – BUTTTTT, I brought the leftover cake and any untouched coins home, carefully wiped each gold coin free of cake debris, and have set them aside for use for another cake! SMART MOVE, ME!!


The KIDDOZ cookbook not only has a whole sweets section, but also a savoury section too! We’ve got PIZZA CAT, the ladybug quiche, magic butterfly cake, and the waffle castle on our to-do list! I was kind of cutely amazed how excited Teddy was about his new set, and he was chuckling his way through the cookbook at all of the little cartoon antics on each page, and marvelling at all the recipes he wanted to make.

kiddoz measuring cups cookbook

Thank you so much KIDDOZ for sending Teddy and I this awesome set! He loved it, and we can’t wait to make more of the recipes! You can learn all about the KIDDOZ interactive cookbook and measuring cups set Kickstarter campaign here! Purchase it now for the Kickstarter price of 32 euros (about $25 USD). Happy baking with kids, my friends! xo Lyndsay This post was sponsored by Kiddoz, but all enthusiastic opinions are all my own! 

Abstract Buttercream Painted Cake

abstract painted buttercream cake

painted cake cococakeland

Some days I feel so STUCK in my own aesthetic. While I love creating animal cakes and piping buttercream and coming up with super duper kawaii faced creature cakes, I also long to bust outta my cake box. This is what I love about Instagram – coming across new cake decorating techniques and being awe-inspired by fellow cake designers! When I first came across Amanda’s cakes, I fell in loooove with her clean, vibrant and artful style, and immediately hit the Follow button. Then when I saw her recent online Abstract Buttercream Painting Course I bought it IMMEDIATELY. (I also happened to catch it at 50% off – she often has discount sales so follow her for announcements!) This was perfect timing, as I was doing a sponsored Insta post with iDeal of Sweden (a cool phone accessories company!) and wanted to try and make one of their phone case designs into an abstract buttercream painted cake.

cake canvas

cake drawing inspiration

The abstract-y painterly phone case I chose, and the quick drawing I made!

SMBC colours

Mixing swiss meringue buttercream colours!

SMBC colours

This really felt like painting – I used a plastic easy-to-clean placemat for my palette. For tools, I used my offset spatula, palette knives in a few sizes and paintbrushes designated only for cakes.

hand painted cake by coco cake land

abstract buttercream painted cake

The phone case, and the finished product! Fluffy vanilla cake layers and vanilla swiss meringue buttercream. I don’t want to give away all of Amanda’s lovely secrets from her class, so I recommend taking it and supporting her with your dollars if you can – but I will say, as I tell my son Teddy, making art or drawing things or creating is always a work in progress. It’s never too late to learn new things! So, initially when you add the first stroke of colour you might think you’re making a big old mess. But hang in there, keep painting and being thoughtful with your buttercream painting placement – and I think it’s helpful to start with a drawing, too!

abstract buttercream painted cake

abstract buttercream painted cake

I added tiny sprinkles to the cake too, to emulate the splatter marks of the phone case.

abstract buttercream painted cake

slice of cake

painted cake cococakeland

I cannot wait to try more buttercream painted cakes! Other techniques I’d love to try but haven’t – chocolate spheres, gold leaf, GALAXY CAKE, watercolour cake, Katherine Sabbath classic ice cream dripping cake, Katherine’s rainbow marshmallow blob covered cake… ! I’d also love to learn about chocolate making, French pastries, bread making… I better get started. Life is flying by! xo Lyndsay 

Happy 10th Birthday Collage Collage!

rainbow striped buttercream piped birthday cake

Happy tenth birthday Collage Collage!!!!! A.K.A. one of the greatest shops in all of Vancouver, where you can find the most adorably and thoughtfully curated children’s books, art supplies, ceramics, children’s and adult art classes, MY BOOK, and so much more. This whole brilliant idea belongs to my dear friend Erin Boniferro, one of Vancouver’s sparkling lights.

rainbow buttercream piping cococakeland

rainbow buttercream piping cococakeland

collage collage cake toppers

I frigging love a handmade cake topper. You know I do. So, it seemed to make absolute sense to craft one up to celebrate the cutest and craftiest store around. You need sharp-ass scissors for something like this – no clunky, dull scissors. I free-handed the letters (and used my mini circle punch to punch out a perfect “O”).

handmade craft paper birthday cake toppers

I frigging love a stripe. And I frigging love a vibrant colour. Oh, and cake. And I frigging love piping bags piping their cute little drop stars and blobettes all over everything. (On your own blog, you can DO BAD GRAMMARY things like start sentences with And!) Jimmy-jam that all together and you get this colour blast of a celebration cake x 2 – two bright and beautiful cakes to celebrate the bright and beautiful Collage Collage! 

striped and piped cakes

Little horses! An ode to the shop, which sells tiny cute fancy animals. I *almost* plopped the horses into the cake but then thought “overkill.”

handmade 10 craft paper cake topper


happy birthday collage collage!

10 AGAIN!!! If it’s your own blog, you get to post two almost identical pictures in a row!! NEAT!

happy birthday collage collage!

I mean, wouldn’t this duo (or a trio of something similar) be so cute for a wedding?? And now, here are some beautiful party pics by my other super talented friend Lori Kiessling! 

happy birthday collage collage!

collage collage birthday cake

Erin wears amazing rainbow stripes! The cake is rainbow stripes! MIND SYNERGY!!!

saya lyndsay crafting

Birthday party day! Collage Collage is notorious for their very fun crafts inspired by artists and illustrators. It was so much fun hanging out with Saya and adding to this Bruno Munari-inspired mobile collaboration.

saya crafting

teddy crafting

Me trying to get Teddy all stoked on THIS FUN PROJECT! But to be perfectly honest, he was on the train to Grump Town and spent most of the party playing video games on Rich’s phone… aiyahh.

collage collage exterior

And here, for your viewing pleasure, is Collage Collage x Coco Cake Land YEAR ONE back on my ancient blog. Love ya forever, Collage Collage – the hugest congrats to Erin and her amazing staff for powering through to ten amazing years. CC everything for life! xo Lyndsay 

Cake Walk Cakes for Teddy’s Carnival!

pink candy cake cococakeland

cake walk cakes unicorn cake

Time is flying as usual and it’s already the END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR. Teddy’s school community ROCKS and this year I got a little more involved in the school carnival, taking on the role of Jolly Jar co-coordinator (LOL) because the jolly jar booth didn’t have anyone to coordinate it this year, and the kids fricking LOVE this booth (it is jammed with a huge lineup as soon as the bell rings at 3pm). What the heck is a jolly jar, you ask? It’s a jar ‘o’ fun that is decorated in a (hopefully) creative way, filled with fun things (candy usually, little toys or crafting materials or a gift card etc) that are sold for $3 each as a fundraiser for the school, and there are prizes for most creative jars! For three weeks prior to the carnival, the kids bring in their decorated jars and they all stand around and oooh and ahhh over their favourites and dream about which ones they want… and it’s just so CUTE. The jolly jar booth can never die!!! Anyhoo, I made two cake walk cakes once again! I went for a “blast of candy” design once again, and then decided to unicorn-it-up for the second cake.

cake walk cakes cococakeland

cake walk cakes


Does a unicorn say “neigh?” I was going to write “I AM MAGICAL” but then I didn’t want that somehow to be misconstrued as someone thinking I was saying that about my own cakes – braggarts be damned. If the cake was for adults, “HORNY” would’ve been mildly funny for one millisecond, but maybe not. Sometimes I still think my unicorn looks like a pig with a shower cap on, but perhaps I am just overly critical, hehe. I will forever love school carnivals (I still remember our singular precious school carnival at my elementary school – now I know why there were never very many, THEY ARE A LOT OF WORK! KIDS, YOUR PARENTS ARE WORKIN’ OVERTIME LITERALLY FOR YA!) and cake walks are what dreams and nightmares are made of (the nightmare of not winning a cake… SAD! But hopefully your friend will share cake with you.) xo Lyndsay

Willy Wonka Candy Cake

willy wonka candy cake

willy wonka candy cake

I made this Willy Wonka candy cake a few months ago to help promote a video gaming app – and darn it, I thought it turned out so candy-cute! I’d never made a candy cake (made popular by my pal Katherine Sabbath – did you know I have an interview with her on my long-gone but maybe resurrected in the future cake column Sugar Crush?) – I’m always somewhat anal/minimal when it comes to topping my cakes with accoutrements so I played it very cool with this one. I didn’t want to overwhelm it and just slam a whole bunch of candy, willy-nilly, all over it. Every candy was placed in an anal-retentive way (cake design is the ONLY place I am type A. I am very casual and a highly tolerant person in general…)! How bout those golden Canadian chocolate loonies, eh?

willy wonka candy cake

Ahhh, candy. I love gummy candies more than I should, but I generally don’t even keep them around the house because I’ll just destroy them. However, GUMMY VITAMINS provide the same chew factor! Yes, I know I can only have a few at a time… dang it. What’s your candy kryptonite??  xo Lyndsay  

Icing On The Cake Book!

striped sprinkles cake

icing on the cake book

Do you love insanely gorgeous photos of cakes? Do you love no-fail recipes, and delicious desserts? Do you love Tessa Huff?? Do you love step by step INSTRUCTIONS that give you the PIPING POWER CONFIDENCE to turn your cake into a frosted masterpiece???? Okay. Then you may just love my dear friend Tessa’s newest cake book Icing On The Cake! (I would insert an affiliate link there if I knew how to do that. Internets???)

icing on the cake book

Tessa already knocked it out of the cake park with her first bestseller, Layered. I truly feel it is today’s Cake Bible.

icing on the cake book

icing on the cake book

The photos and recipes were so dang beautiful that Icing On The Cake book even managed to bring me out of my baking hibernation!!! I based the cake on one of her decoration ideas in her book, and used her perfectly delightful vanilla cake and swiss meringue buttercream recipe!

icing on the cake book

Congrats T on this wicked cake book!!! A real treasure to add to my collection! xo Lyndsay 

Blue Arctic Fox Cake + CBC Arts Exhibitionists

blue arctic fox cake cococakeland

Hello there, long lost blog reader friends! It is I, Lyndsay of Coco Cake Land, slowly and cautiously returning to internet life, and trying to capture the joy in which internet life once gave to me. So I will begin with a blog post featuring this buttercream blue arctic fox cake, which I made for a short CBC Arts Exhibitionists documentary featuring little old me and my cakes, made by the lovely Josephine Anderson!

blue arctic fox cake cococakeland

buttercream flower cake coco cake land

What causes the deep internet break of a 42 year old Chinese cake lady, asks the blue arctic fox cake and the flower buttercream party cake?

blue arctic fox cake cococakeland

I think I was burnt out from the internet after my book came out. That, mixed with some general existential mid life crisis-ness, plus feeling CREATIVELY DEAD INSIDE from re-starting my gosh darn Tamoxifen medication, annnnd feeling disillusioned with social media with having to constantly produce top dog content, and likely some seasonal affective disorder thrown in – a perfect flour storm of Lyndsanity! What do you do to get yourself out of a creative/mental funk? I’ve been trying to keep up my daily sweat-so-hard-it-looks-like-I-had-a-shower exercising, as well as making a point to spend time with the great people in my life (my family of course, but friends too.) I bought some jelly roll pens in ice cream colours to inspire some drawing. I’ve lightly gone back to posting on Instagram but I’m finding myself getting tripped up in my old habits – ie, mindless scrolling and spending way too much time on there. Trying to find the balance of enjoying using it and interacting with my friends and colleagues on there, but not letting it take over my whole day.

blue fox cake

kawaii fox cake cococakeland

Whenever I look at this guy I smile! So that’s something.

arctic fox cake

I hope you have had a great start to 2019, my friends! Look forward to some more sporadic posting in the days to come! xo Lyndsay 

Unikitty Cake For Brooklyn!

Lego Unikitty cake Coco Cake Land

LOOK AT THAT CAKE FACE! What a nut. I’m just catching up on many many cake posts from this Fall, and this one was a real cute lil bud I made for my dearest niece, Brooklyn, for her seventh birthday. She requested a UNIKITTY CAKE – and my LEGO infused brain thought she meant this crazy character from the Lego movie, but after I made it, I realized DUH – she just meant one of my caticorn cakes, oops! Still, I love how this cake turned out – extra kawaii eyes – another great use out of my square cake pan, yay!!

Lego Unikitty cake Coco Cake Land


Lego Unikitty cake Coco Cake Land

Brooklyn and cake

Love my bubbly, hilarious and kind hearted niece. She brings so much joy to our family.

birthday card

Teddy’s birthday card to his beloved cousin Brookie! They are just over a year apart, and Teddy loves her so much. Non stop giggle fest when they’re hanging out…

Brooklyn and cake

Me and my sweet niece Brookie!! Can’t believe she’s seven years old now… xo Lyndsay