Can I Get A Noot Noot: Pingu Cake + Cupcakes

noot noot - pingu cake by coco cake land

This past summer I wanted so badly to make Teddy a Pingu cake for his birthday. Every time I’d ask him what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday, he would tell me he wanted a BLUE BEAR BEAR CAKE. FINE, toddler child o’ mine. I know it’s your birthday and not mine!!! A blue bear cake you asked for, a blue bear cake you received!

noot noot - pingu cake by coco cake land

Happily, just a few months later, a VERY COOL SET OF GRANDPARENTS emailed me to see if I could make a Pingu cake and cupcakes for their grandson Neo’s 2nd birthday. Yes, Neo. Very rad name. So I got to fulfill my dream of making Pingu cakes!! This order was so fun – it reminded me of my olden days of cupcake making, when my whole jam was making cute animal cupcakes and matching cakes.

noot noot - pingu cake by coco cake land

I don’t really take on orders like this anymore because: 1.I’m old and tired. 2. They are a LOT of work! But dang it, when characters are this cute … I literally squealed like an excitable Vietnamese potbellied pig when I put together Pinga‘s little face.

pingu cupcakes by coco cake land

Watching Teddy watch Pingu makes me smile (maybe cry?) with joy. When my little son busts out into a hysterical giggle fit because Pingu physical-comedy-splatted on the ice or when a flying fish lands on Pingu’s head – oh boy oh boy. Plus, there’s always lessons to be learned in non-verbal gobbledygook stop motion animation – for example, don’t let a seagull shit on you constantly, burp with glorious abandon, love your family and little sis, explore the world around you, be a sweet and empathetic penguin … LESSONS, guys. I’ve seen a LOT of Pingu, let me tell ya.

pingu cake topper - pingu cupcakes by coco cake land

pingu cupcakes by coco cake land

On another note… man alive, was I surprised and happy to be featured on Buzzfeed a few weeks ago! I dunno if my cakes are truly the cutest cakes on earth but thank you so much for saying so! I sort of had to build up my blog and “cake rep” again on the internets, after I quit blogging for a year and disappeared into a hole of depression – So it’s been a real nice feather in my cap to be recognized around internet town lately. Thanks also to Yahoo Food for loving on my rainbow cat cake, and for asking me to do a holiday food-lovin’ gift guide, too! If you want to read “watermelon coming out of my ladyzone” and delight your eyes with cheeseburger wrapping paper all in one blog post, it’s a must-read!

pingu, pinga and robbie the seal cupcakes by coco cake land

Hope you’re all enjoying/surviving/snacking your way through December…and thank you to the Scherzers for the great Pingu order! Noot noot, y’all!!! xo Lyndsay

As Frozen As I Get: Frozen Princess Cake For Chloe!

disney frozen cake with meringues - coco cake land

Wide eyed children the world over have been swallowed by a sparkling glittery blue and white snow covered amoeba called Frozen. This amoeba warbles and wobbles into the minds of the kiddies, etches a catchy and intense song into their brains and causes widespread capitalist pandemonium at shopping malls. This CAKE! This is my Frozen princess cake, made for my sweet friend Phanie‘s daughter Chloe’s birthday!

disney frozen cake with meringues - coco cake land

Cool things about Frozen: 

1. It’s about the love and super powerful bond between two sisters.

2. It’s not the kiss of some doofus prince that saves the life of one of the sisters, but in fact the true pure love of sisterhood that saves the day.

3. Olaf the snowman is pretty funny. Poor dude fantasizes about hot weather. Reminds me of my melted snowman cake.

4. I like that shade of blue. Pantone should name next year’s colour of the year Frozen Blue.

Uncool things about Frozen:

1. Those princesses are still thinner than icicles. Waistline check, please, Disney. Plus, those little Asian baby girls who looove this movie – their eyes will NEVER be as saucer-big as those princesses. That is some cry-inducing eye envy right there.

2. Prince Hans is a dinkus but you don’t really see that coming, sadly – he seems cute and charming and like he’s a good singer. But NO. He’s a MAJOR WIENER.

3. The trolls are so unpopular. I have never seen one troll toy or doll nor have I seen a “troll from Frozen” cake. Guys, trolls are COOL.

modern frozen princess cake by coco cake land

I finally saw Frozen last Spring, on my sister’s Ipad, while I had a bout of coughing induced insomnia. Did I cry a little? Yes, I did. Yes, Frozen is an animated movie. Gimme a cool break – I have two sisters, guys! That love is REAL!

disney frozen party ideas - coco cake land

What makes me cry with cuteness even more… is really how much the kids do LOVE this movie, capitalist machine and all – because I remember being a child and glomping on SO hard to:

1. My Little Pony

2. Transfomers (Deep tomboy tendencies)

3. Barbie and the Rockers (WHY does only Ken play guitar!? Sheesh!!)

4.He-man: Masters Of The Universe (He-man’s pageboy haircut! I aspire to it.)

You’re only a kid once. And seeing the joy and excitement on Chloe’s face is too too much cuteness overload. So why deny the Frozen. Check out Chloe’s Frozen Party here - by one of my favourite mama bloggers, Phanie.

meringue kisses - coco cake land

Phanie is all the things: hilarious, gorgeous, creative, sweet, funny, dead honest, and she lays it all out there – the incredible days and the dark days of motherhood, creative life, everything. I wish I could be more like that in my writing and I admire that so much in Phanie – check out her blog Gang Of Four. She’s about to blast out a THIRD BABE into the world too – amazing!

frozen princess cake - coco cake land

So there you have it. My Frozen princess cake – cute little meringue kisses and all! All my love to your sweet family, Phanie! And happy happy birthday Chloe! “Let it gooooooo….!” xo Lyndsay

Party Like It’s 1994 – Pink Rosette Cake + A High School Reunion

pink rosette cake slices - coco cake land

Cakes with roses remind me of high school. Sheet cakes with electric blue borders and custard filling, Safeway cakes with hastily piped roses, cheesy flowers like the carnations and baby’s breath I had delivered to the ex-boyfriend who crushed my heart after I heard he broke his leg during a football game.

pink rosette cake - coco cake land

Memory one: using my sister’s expired passport to get into Starship Nighclub on Kingsway in Vancouver. I wore sheer black Betsey Johnson pants with a large pink floral print, giant hoop earrings and a half top. We bought orange juice at Safeway for mix and chugged it in the car while my girlfriends smoked cigarettes. Why are teens in such a terrible urge to grow up? If I could tell my teenage self to cool it, I would’ve. It was always such a push and pull between childhood and adulthood for me.

pink rosette cake slices - coco cake land

Memory two: the taste of my after school snack. Every day we’d get off the bus and stop at 7-11 and I’d get a bag of salty Sun Chips, a pink lemonade (some weird Canadian brand) and either a sleeve of white powdered mini donuts or a package of Hostess cupcakes, the chocolate one with “creme” filling and the white swirl on top. My metabolism was on fire in those days.

a wedge of pink rosette cake - coco cake land

Memory three: Being voraciously hungry/thirsty after basketball practice and coming home from school and pouring the largest glass of milk possible. Chugging it and ruining my appetite for my mom’s ground beef spaghetti and iceberg lettuce with watery-sweet Catalina dressing.

pink rosette cake decorated buttercream cake

So yeah … I survived my 20 year high school reunion over the weekend. It was the most surreal experience. I was nervous going – clammy hands, even. Would the bitches still be bitches? Would my old crushes look like shit? Would people hate ME for some reason?? I was throttled with high school-y like thoughts and obsessions. I had skipped the 10 year reunion because at the time it hadn’t been long enough since high school ended. I was a “different person”, I’d discovered feminism and critical theory – basically I thought I had moved on and was too cool. But 20 years later, as I approach my 38th birthday, with a husband of 8 years and a 2 year old son and 20 years of life-living between me and high school, this time I was drawn to it and I wasn’t sure why.

pink rosette cake slices - coco cake land

It turned out to be soooo hilariously fun, deeply surreal, like stepping into a time warp. Seeing some of my old friends, it felt like yesterday. I sweated through my chambray shirt ripping it up HARD on the dancefloor to some brutal 90s tunes. I hugged and took pictures with everyone. I drove home happy and finished the banh mi that was waiting for me in the fridge. I was fraught with feelings afterward – like, why did that affect me so much? Why did seeing all my old boyfriends bring back giddy emotions, from disgust to giggly fondness?

pink rosette cake slices - coco cake land

For the days after the reunion my brain was fritzing with memory after memory, washing back up onto shore like long lost message bottles. So I processed the shit out of my feelings and came up with this: As a teen, you’re a disgusting cocktail of hormones, explosive emotions, anxiety and insecurity. Every feeling and emotion dug me out with a spoon so deeply, whether they were happy or sad -as a teenager (basically a child), you have no perspective. Everything is SO IMPORTANT. So my memories have scarred me. But now I can finally wear those scars happily and I can look back fondly. My high school experience is like a Safeway sheet cake – oily, sweet, with prettiness and surprises inside, bad for you, nostalgic and addictive. Pass me a plastic fork and I’ll dig right in.

Look Who’s Talking Four: Pineapple Cake

pineapple cake face - coco cake land

Look who’s back… back again! Look who’s back … tell a friend! Pineapple cake, pineapple cake, pineapple cake.

pineapple cake face - coco cake land

These pineapple eyes are smillin’… Sunglasses or not, dude’s a total fruity party animal.

pineapple cake face - coco cake land

Where the pineapple goes, the party goes. CONFETTTTTTTI!!! Flowers, paper bits, whatever ya got!

pineapple cake face - coco cake land

Happy 2nd birthday sweet little Flora! You are an adorable doll! Thanks to mama Elizabeth for the order. Elizabeth is co-creator of a sweet event planning biz here in Vancouver – Double Fantasy. It’s run by artists so you know “u can’t touch this.” Check out their blog to feel the brutally cool vibe. 

Things I’m lovin’ on:

This is a painting. My brain and stomach are so confused!

I just discovered Love, Cake and I’m in …. love!?

These little dudes made me laugh – probably because my 2 year old is weirdly obsessed with touching cacti.

Captivated with this chilling podcast. Are you listening to Serial yet? (PS can I say how much I hate the word podcast? It reminds me of alien body snatchers.)

I love how some people can look at a giant cardboard box and turn it into this cuteness.

Happy pineapple cake face almost-weekend, everyone! xo Lyndsay 

Pretty Palette: Rainbow Petal Cake

rainbow petal cake - coco cake land

rainbow petal cake - coco cake land

I made this cutie-pie tri-coloured petal cake and cute little matching mini cupcakes for Alice to celebrate the upcoming birth of her second babe. I have some thoughts about the petal cake which I will relay here: Man alive, it takes a while to pipe and pull, switch colours, pipe and pull, switch colours and keep on keepin’ on ’til the whole cake is done. I kept singing Patience by Guns N Roses, with memories of my friend Ann’s grade 7 graduation party, slow-dancing in the basement with a boy crush, my hair all crunchy from my hairsprayed poodle perm and just FEELING those lyrics. And I was feeling those lyrics big time once again while piping this cake:

“All we need is just a little patience


Mm, yeah…”

Yes, it takes a while to make this petal cake. But I thought it was totally worth it – and imagine all of the colours you can make it! Colour palette ideas galore! In fact, you can even use the petal technique and make it into a fish cake, like I did, hehe!

mini raspberry cupcakes - coco cake land

Alice’s baby shower colours were mint green, lavender, gold and white so I rolled with that colour theme. Loved the colour theme. Totally sweet.

rainbow petal cake - coco cake land

I love finishing any cake with a single berry, or candy, or flag – the cake itself was earl grey and the cupcakes vanilla raspberry – but I just had to get all matchy-matchy on the cake so I added the raspberry. Pretty, simple and now the cake and cupcakes were a family with their raspberry badges.

mini raspberry cupcakes - coco cake land

Have you tried the petal cake technique? All you need is a piping bag fitted with an open circle tip (or three piping bags fitted with three open circle tips, in my case!) and a small offset spatula. Visit this tutorial from The Cake Blog, or there’s also this great video of an ombré cake version from the Boy Who Bakes which really lays it down pat! Thanks again Alice for the fun order – and all the best with baby #2! xo Lyndsay 

Swirls Of Love: Wedding Cupcakes

chocolate and vanilla wedding cupcakes - coco cake land

I made 150 prettily swirled wedding cupcakes last weekend. It had been a long while since I did a larger order of cupcakes but it was satisfying cranking them out, and frosting each with a buttery-sweet perfect swirl.

vintage fork and cupcakes - coco cake land

Marriage – it’s a wild roller coaster ride. I don’t know anyone, my parents included, who have had it super easy. Which is why when someone asked me the other day “what is the key to a happy marriage?” I both laughed and cried inside. I responded that the key is that it’s not always happy. Yes, there are many moments of bliss, laughter, closeness, love. But then everyday life gets in the way. That’s why they say all that stuff about in sickness and health, for better for worse, in good times and bad – those vows are gettin’ y’all ready for LIFE TOGETHER.

chocolate and vanilla wedding cupcakes - coco cake land

So to that person who asked, I said: Listen to each other. Kiss, hug and hold hands – show physical affection. Laugh hysterically together, do things together that you enjoy as a couple. Do things they like simply because you love them, and ask for that in return. It’s give and take. Communicate feelings and take time to listen to your partner. You’re both going to screw up a few times, whether those screw-ups are small or large. Be forgiving, if you’re able. Marriages that look perfect on the outside (or on the internet and blogs) are guaranteed far from perfect. Oh, and when kiddos comes along – make sure you plan nights to yourselves! Pay a babysitter or get an in-law to come over.

a hand holding a chocolate rosette cupcake

Yeah. If only life was as simple, beautiful and perfect as a dark chocolate cupcake… ! Got any marriage or relationship tips you’d like to share? I’m all ears. xo Lyndsay 

It’s A Jungle Out There: Animal Cakes!

grey owl, white cat and pink dog cakes

I die a little of cuteness and pain when I send an animal cake out the door. My precious animal cakes, lovingly frosted and piped, ahhh they’re like my own little animal shelter of dogs, cats, owls, red pandasgorillas … hehe! What’s better than an animal cake? A table full of ‘em – colourful, adorable, the happiest setting ever.

white owl buttercream cake

The white feathery owl cake pictured here was made for the Powell Street Festival lotto winner – this year it went to a cute family who brought it to their KARATE CLASS. To this I say: FIND SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE AND THEN EAT SOME CAKE! Hooray! I love the idea of sweaty kids in their starched white karategi sitting around a mat enjoying a slice of well-earned owl cake. CUTE!

rainbow cake slice and cat cake - coco cake land

On another note… It’s my birthday coming up in November so I’m trying to decide what to make! Last year I made this rainbow cat cake… I’m looking for suggestions for this year, guys! Rated G only – hehe! (No peen cakes allowed)!  xo Lyndsay 

A Slice Of Cake


three layered rainbow cake slice

A slice of cake, a slice of life. I am obsessed with photos of cake slices. (jewel toned cake with meringue kisses)

pink cake slices on a table

Pink cake slice party time! (how to frost a cake - pink birthday cake)

two buttercream party cakes with crafty cake toppers

Ooooh! A duo of party cakes – two cakes make everything better. (monogram cake topper DIY and pink ombre cake tutorial)

cotton candy layered party cake

Cotton candy coloured cake layers. Swoon.

polka dot cake slice

This looks like the aftermath of a New Years Eve party … (polka dot cake tutorial!)

 a pink and blue birthday cake sliced

Cake slice eye candy! (1980s inspired sweet sixteen party cake tutorial)

And some more cake slice photos to make you want to punch through your screen with a giant fork…

Sweetapolita’s 6-layer Neapolitan Macaron Cake

I love every thing about this Funfetti Cake, from the marzipan triangular bunting to the spectacular photos.

If you want to die of beauty via cake slice photos, see Call Me Cupcake. No one does cake photography as painfully beautiful as my girl Linda.

What about you? Anyone else share my weird obsession?? Ha! xo Lyndsay