Rainbow Caticorn Cake

Caticorn Cake by Coco Cake Land

rainbow caticorn cake

Sometimes in life you just want to look at a freaking cute picture of a rainbow caticorn cake, you know? Yes, that’s right. A majestic unicorn and a very cute chill cat got together one extra-sparkly afternoon and decided to make a baby. I’m not even going to say who was the male and who was the female. I’m hoping the cat was the male. Let’s go with that, based on animal size and general hopefulness. I guess what happened was, the union between cat and ‘corn was just SO MAGIC that the baby turned out to have rainbow buttercream fur. That is ok by me. I am also very into this idea of cross-breeding, it’s like the inter-racial dating of the animal kingdom. Thumbs up over here.

rainbow caticorn cake

JK, JK! Sorry I’m so weird. I made a rainbow caticorn cake for my good friend Miko‘s daughter’s birthday!! And it was a real hit, and she loved it, and there will be an adorable picture of her with the cake if you scroll down just a scooch more…

rainbow caticorn cake

rainbow cat cake by coco cake land

Saya with cake

Happy birthday sweet Saya! xo Lyndsay 

Ghost Cake

ghost cake by cococakeland

Happy ghost cake.

kawaii ghost cake

Sad ghost cake! Hallowiener is upon us so I thought I’d post this ghosty guy I made in the hot drippy heat of July, for no reason at all, except, whoops it’s October and I have an accidental ghost cake to post. I’ve been lite-googling “dinosaur mask paper mache” because I was thinking of being a silver-themed Ultraman-ish villain this year. Mostly because I feel like wearing silver, because I am jealous of Teddy’s silver gloves. Also, I love the kids’ space costumes in this post from Tell Love and Party – SILVER! GLOBE HEADS! Last year I attempted to be Grapes but I messed up my costume – after pinning on a whole bunch of purple balloons onto my purple silk vintage shirt, I couldn’t get the damn shirt on afterward, an engineering fail. The year prior, I went as CAKEHEAD which was pretty cool – “cake in a box!” This year Teddy is so pumped to decorate our house all Halloween-ish. So far we have a fake bloody hand given to us by our old neighbours, hehe. Side note: this ghost cake made me think of none other than Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in the racey penile wet pottery scene in Ghost. This movie came out in 1990 and I totally saw it in the theatres (mom?? I think I was too young). I was such a little innocent that I don’t remember much about the “scenes of a sexual nature” but the final scene where the BAD GUY IS GUTTED BY A VERY LARGE AND INSANELY SHARP SHARD OF BROKEN GLASS and his soul is dragged to hell by rather terrifying black shadows is emblazoned upon my memory. I also remember thinking, when the credits rolled: when Demi sees Patrick again she is going to be an old lady (although she has proven she does not really age!) and he will still be a handsome young man.Time to watch GHOST again, 27 years later!! xo Lyndsay

Rilakkuma Cake For I Am A Food Blog!

brown bear cake - rilakkuma!

rilakkuma cake by cococakeland.com

Look at that dreamy fluffy adorable face! It’s so hard not to just snuggle the daylights out of this Rilakkuma cake face. I made this lil guy as a secret surprise for my blog bestie Steph! Three years ago now, I received an email from her saying “hi” and seeing if I wanted to meet up for coffee, since we both live in Vancouver. I love that – blogger blind date! I am a legitimate huge fan of I Am A Food Blog - her and Mike make the most delicious recipes and I love their crisp, stylized photography and overall sense of design. Plus, their Friday Finds are also always some of my favourite reads of the week!

rilakkuma cake by cococakeland.com

Dark chocolate cake, coffee buttercream and almond toffee crunch – I got the toffee recipe from Erin of Erin Bakes! She has a sweet new book out, and it’s like a choose-your-own-adventure style cake recipe book jammed with cakes, frostings and textural fillings, plus easy decorating ideas and Erin’s comedic writing style. The toffee recipe is dangerously legitimate. Buttery, sweet and salty, and I added toasted salted almonds, making it crazily addictive. The toffee set up like a charm, and I snacked HARD on the leftovers while watching Broad City on Saturday night… oops. Looking forward to making more from Erin’s book!

brown bear cake - rilakkuma!

kawaii rilakkuma cake - coco cake land

take a slice outta rilakkuma

Oh buddy!!! So sorry for the lobotomy! Steph and I had a fun afternoon power walking in the sun, eating Japanese rice bowls at a cute little cafe and then, cutting into little brownie bear Rilakkuma cake.

rilakkuma cake by cococakeland.com

I’ve really been enjoying just slowly working on cakes these days. It feels simple and pure, with good intentions. I’ve needed that lately, as I’ve been feeling so crotchety and lite-cynical about the blogging machine. Getting flour-dusted and meditatively piping cakes feels like the right move at the moment. Happy birthday Steph! So glad I finally got to make you a cake, hehe! xo Lyndsay 

Square Buttercream Flower Cake + Teddy’s “Graduation”

square buttercream flower cake - cococakeland.com

square buttercream flower cake - cococakeland.com

My lil man T “graduated” from preschool in June. My heart was both filled with joy and pride but also brutalized by sadness – hearing his scratchy little singing voice belting out “He’s got the whole world in his hands!!” amongst his class of cuties, well, I was basically a puddle on the gym floor afterward. It was a potluck, so I made this square buttercream flower cake – originally my idea was to pipe “I BELIEVE THE CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE” on it… but opted for crazy colourful piping instead.

boy with balloons

I had a bunch of balloons leftover from my cake book photoshoot so we brought those to the party. Here he is, captured in a quiet little moment of singing to himself while playing on the living room floor before the graduation party.

teddy with balloons

T wore his “fancy guy” shirt, a candy-striped number from the adorable brand Ultraviolet Kids. I would so wear this shirt in an adult size.

easy kid friendly craft pasta necklace

Teddy painted good old pasta necklaces as presents for his teachers – I took photos of him painting them and printed the photo to use as a thank you card. Ok I just looked up Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love Of All” on YouTube and those opening notes just made me teary-eyed! Hoo boy. Watching my baby grow up has been the most bittersweet thing I’ve ever known. xo Lyndsay 

Cake Walk Cuties

pink ruffle cake coco cake land

cake walk cuties by Coco Cake Land

It is so very hard for me to believe my lil boy is going to be starting elementary school next year. It was only yesterday that he looked like this, and I was a crying heap of a mess with milk-engorged leaky boobs and a floppy postpartum tummy wondering what the f*ck I was doing. Newborn-baby-time was the craziest time. Now, he is almost FIVE, which pains me so deeply, watching bittersweetly as his legs elongate further every day, feeling so proud of the sweet, thoughtful and wild boy he’s become, yet so heartsick with yearning. His new school is just a few blocks away in our own neighborhood, which makes me happy. They hosted their annual school carnival so I volunteered to make two cakes for the cake walk!! I figured I knew I would be donating cakes in the future so may as well start now! Plus, we would attend the carnival too just to get Teddy excited about his school, and get him used to the walk! So I made these two cake walk cuties: ruffly edges, sprinkles, bright colours, and vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream.

cake walk cuties by Coco Cake Land

The carnival was a blur of games, bouncy castles, cotton candy buckets, hot dogs and tables full of cakes donated by parents – they had over 100 cakes for the cake walk! We had two little red tickets left to blow at the carnival before we had to get home for bedtime – wild man Teddy had already been burning the candle at both ends running around, bouncing, playing games and having a blast. I kind of sensed that entering the cake walk at this final hour was probably creeping into meltdown territory, and before I could explain to Teddy about the cake walk – i.e., that only one person wins a cake… he had already presented his tickets and ran off to stand on a number while Bruno Mars kicked in. The walk was on. The adult boogying began. The kids danced like no one was watching. The music stopped. The number was drawn… and it was not ours!! When T realized he didn’t win I immediately saw his little face and body crumble into a million disappointments and the tears began to pour out with a big, overtired wail of sadness…

pink ruffle cake coco cake land

cotton candy kid

Thank God for the bucket of cotton candy, his eyelashes blinking with tears and a look of sheer sadness on his face as he emotional-ate blue sugared fluff until a stained blue moustache appeared. And, now apparently for his upcoming 5th birthday we are having a “cake walk theme” whereby “you can make all the cakes, mommy!” Hmmm…. PS I can’t believe it’s already Summer with a capital S. We’ll be celebrating Christmas again before you know it. xo Lyndsay

International Women’s Day Cake

international women's day cake - coco cake land

“Mom!! Try to poo a lot so then you’ll have a baby!” Teddy said this to me yesterday out of the blue. Just imagining what his furiously-working-overtime little 4-year-old brain is parsing together about how babies are made makes me laugh/smile/cry… He’s been asking for a baby sister for a year or so now. “Time to get pregnant in your tummy, ok mom??” is another tidbit he’s thrown at me, as if I can snap fingers (or labia) together and out of my vagina flies a fully formed baby girl. Other things Teddy has said lately: I’ll tell you what you are! You’re just the bun of a hot dog! or Go away, ya bum clown!!! (referring to, what I can only guess is human butt cheeks dolled up in clown makeup.) Things Teddy doesn’t know/remember/understand: his mama had breast cancer, and may or may not have any viable eggies, and is also 40 years old, an age by which reproductivity takes a deep nosedive. His mama has already tried implanting one frozen embryo into her uterus, but it swam away and didn’t want to stick. She has two more frozen embryos on ice, and will try implanting those sometime soon, but the longer she is off of her Tamoxifen, the more terrified she is of cancer coming back.

international women's day cake - coco cake land

Today is International Women’s Day, and it feels more pertinent than ever. How did women’s vaginas ever become reduced to being called a pussy? Do vaginas look like hairy little cats somehow? The vag is one powerful organ. Oh, a pussy? Yeah, babies come out of those – vaginas are basically superhuman. So I made a cake for the vagina today. xo Lyndsay 

Rosie The Riveter Buttercream Rose Cake + Teen Vogue

pink rose face cake - cococakeland

I named this cake Rosie after Rosie The Riveter, feminist icon, We Can Do It, yes we can. Protest cakes continue – because resistance can be aesthetically pleasing, it can be kawaii, it can be a buttercream rose cake. Check out thelittle video I made for this on Instagram!

buttercream rose cake - cococakeland

In related news: Teen Vogue featured me on their Instagram as part of their Shine Theory series! (I had to google what Shine Theory was… oops.) They had come across my Pussy Grabs Back cake series. Have you been following what Teen Vogue has been up to these days? Some pretty feminist and political stuff. Check out their article “Donald Trump Is Gaslighting America”for starters. Kinda rad that they would feature this here 40 year old Chinese weirdo cake/art lady mom from Canada! When they first contacted me for an interview, the first question was your age. Oh shit, I’m actually 40?? But Teen Vogue still feels relevant to even ME! Weeks went by and the post never went up, so I figured they must’ve forgotten about it. But then it went up … and just so strange and pretty cool to be featured, there are literally millions of women doing amazing things everywhere – little old ME??

buttercream rose cake - cococakeland.com

Michaela asked me a bunch of questions so I thought I’d include the full interview here in case anyone was interested, a lot of it’s about my Instagram account –  because I do often get questions about how to build your Instagram/blog, and what apps I use etc… So here it is. What inspires me… mom style … my favourite Instagram accounts and why, etc!

Teen Vogue: Where do you get your inspiration for Instagram?

Me: Colour, comedy, consciousness and cuteness inspire my Instagram.

What would you describe your aesthetic as?

Artfully messy colourful minimalism!

What is the purpose of your Instagram account? 

Initially to share my cakes – but it’s become a place of community, support and connection – I’ve met lots of my Instagram buddies in real life now which is so great. Instagram is like the pen-pal-ing of this decade. I feel like I could go get coffee and pastries with so many people all around the world now.

Has being on Instagram presented you with any great opportunities?

I’ve worked with some nice brands – so monetarily, yes – but connection may very well be the coolest part that I’ve experienced.

Do you spend a lot of time editing your photos and what apps do you use? 

Not really. I sometimes use VSCO Cam but more often I lazily edit right in the Instagram app. Most of my photos are also taken with my good old iPhone 6s!

Your tips for creating a great feed and building a following?

The feeds I like are ones that seem genuine, somewhat jokey, sometimes serious, with beautiful content and funny or compelling writing. My tips for creating a great feed – go with your gut, don’t try to fit into anyone else’s mould – be yourself and enjoy it. I think if you enjoy it, it comes across. Follow people you actually like, and interact with them because you want to. That’s the way to build a loyal following, is to be loyal and interested yourself.

What or who inspires you?

Strong, creative women inspire me, and those who are in positions of influence who use their voice for a greater good, who don’t shy away from being controversial or losing followers. I recently did a cake series based on “Pussy Grabs Back” and lost hundreds of followers. But over the same few days I gained hundreds more, and those are the ones you treasure, the ones who follow you because of who you are, not simply because your feed is “pretty.” My family inspires me with their compassion, empathy, love and support. Women who have inherent and specifically interesting fashion sense inspire me (especially cool moms!)

What is your favorite subject to talk about on your feed?

It truly ranges. When I was going through breast cancer, I would share some of my brutal days. I’d talk about my fear of impending infertility, or the loss of my hair and sex drive. Other days, I’ll talk about how shitty and difficult and hellish it is to make macarons! Yep, it’s a real mixed bag.

What are your biggest passions?

My family and friends; baking and photography. I also love fashion but I rarely indulge anymore, my style has toned down. I tend to wear the same few outfits over and over in different iterations.

What would someone be surprised to find out about you?

Perhaps that I’m a breast cancer survivor, diagnosed in 2015 while in my 30s. Do not ignore any changes, big or small, in your breasts (or anywhere in your body). Be vigilant. I found my cancer early and because of that I saved my life.

Who are your favorite accounts to follow?

I like people who not only post beautiful or interesting content but who share something of themselves too, people that feel genuine, and who don’t shy away from expressing their views. And of course there are the just-damn-cool women I like to follow, whether they are brilliant creators or hilarious people – @cherrybombemag, @katherinesabbath, @designsponge, @mollyorangette, @manrepeller, @linda_lomelino are some of my favourites.

What’s your proudest accomplishment?

My son. Hands down. He is the coolest little 4-year-old shreddin’ hilarious sweetheart dude and I love him to bits.

What do you hope to achieve with your Instagram?

I don’t know exactly – to meet more cool friends around the world, and to continue to grow it into something I’m proud of aesthetically and that comes from my heart.

buttercream rose cake animation

rose cake - cococakeland

Thanks Teen Vogue for the feature… and thank you cake pals as always for following along… “stay woke, bitches!!” (as the teens would say, hehe) xo Lyndsay 

Nasty Woman Pussy Grabs Back – Protest Cakes

pussy grabs back cake

pussy grabs back cake

the future is female cake

nasty woman cake

I was 20 when I found the official word feminism. I realized I had been a feminist all my life. I was in my second year of university, and I enrolled in a Women’s Studies class, along with two of my close friends. My eyes were opened. At first, my feminism was one of anger – I was determined to be right and considered it my job to “change the outlooks” of my sisters, my mother. I remember getting my mom a Christmas present –  Feminism In Our Time, an overview book. My hair became pixie-cut short. I came home from college no longer wearing a bra. I remember my mom joining me in a Take Back The Night march. She has always supported me, quietly, though perhaps then she knew this was a part of growing up – to question our surroundings, to fight what we feel is unjust. Now, two decades later, I’ve settled into my own kind of feminism, which is – just being me. Now I know a little better – feminism comes in so many forms. Now, I am a mother and a wife, a daughter, a sister and a friend. A baker of cakes! Raising my son to be respectful, thoughtful, open and independent – I hope he turns out like my husband – a strong, kind, compassionate and loving man, a feminist himself. My activism is a different kind than it used to be, yet I see its value and power – it’s informed by my past, present and hope for the future. My voice is attached to this blog and to my work, to my cakes. Stand together. Do not stay silent or be complacent. My form of protest may be audibly more quiet but no less strong. Pussy grabs back. xo Lyndsay