A Real Cool Cat: Cat Cake!

white buttercream cat cake

striped cake flag happy birthday zoe

buttercream piped cat cake

Well heeeeyyyy cat buddy! Aren’t you just a fluffy and friendly looking cool little cat! I loved this sweet and cute vanilla buttercream frosted cat cake pal I made for 2 year old Zoe’s birthday. It also has pink vanilla cake layer insides. Zoe’s mom Cheryl had this to say, which I had to share:

“It was the CUTEST cake ever!!! Zoe was so happy. Her reaction was incredible! Thank you! We didn’t have the heart to cut into in. Thank you for making such pretty cakes!”

Making two year old kiddies happy is like, the REASON to make cakes. So cute! Happy 2nd birthday, Zoe!

xo Lyndsay

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