Allergic To Fish Fish Cake!

Super cute Adele from Dace (incidentally one of my favorite Vancouver clothing brands) ordered a hilarious cake for her boyfriend Ryan’s birthday bash: a fish cake on a platter complete with lettuce and tomatoes, as Ryan is very allergic to the real thing! This fish cake stressed me out beyond mental reason– I think I worried about it for two weeks straight, and could not sleep the night before the beginning of Fogerty the Fish’s production, this being my very first fish cake. I drew out my design and tried to think like a little cake engineer: how would I make this large sheet cake look like a ridiculously adorable fish about to be eaten for dinner??

Thanks to my husband and jack of all trades Richie for helping me carve my fish Fogerty into a nice fish shape! And of course for helping me “lay down the roof tiling” on my little fishy’s scales. You are the best RT!!!

Here is the “making of” of Fogerty the Fish. Enjoy!!

Pre-Fogerty: diagrams, diagrams help me lots.

First, a giant sheet cake! Eggless chocolate cake, with vanilla buttercream.

“The first trim is the deepest”

The second trim is much better: Rich Trawick to the rescue! Master Carver!

Delightful carved away cake, to be eaten at a later time by probably Rich Trawick

Freshly frosted once again, post-carve!

Two different colors of green fondant later, the cake is covered, with fins intact…

Much later: the finished product!! Tomatoes and lettuce, and Rich helped perfect the scales!

Le Poisson, le poisson… Hee hee hee haw haw haw!”

Close-up of my cute little tomatoes and veined lettuce.

“Qui, moi, Fogerty??” looking sad with his gift for Ryan, the tomato topped cupcake.

Adele, hope Ryan had a great birthday party!!! Til next time blog world,


20 Responses to “Allergic To Fish Fish Cake!”

  1. confetti

    Lyndsay- you are a Genius!!! looks amazing!

  2. jeanie


  3. jj

    Yes! Les poissons, les poissons, how I love ce poisson!

  4. kickpleat

    so rad lyndsay!! love the little sad fish guy.

  5. Jennywenny

    I love the whole story behind it too! As I said on flickr, thanks for making a cute looking and not gross fishy!

  6. gyoza*girl

    oh so many crazy good cakes and cupcakes you’ve done my lil sis! this is definitely one of the BEST ones ever. poor lil fogerty the fish. he looks so sad but he makes so many others smile! :) as Bro says “fishie fishie! fishie fishie!”

  7. lyndsay

    thanks everyone!!!

    yes, poor fogerty… !!! :)

  8. SweetThings

    Lindsay – it turned out wonderfully! So perfect!

  9. lyndsay

    thanks juanita!! :)

  10. apparentlyjessy

    What a masterpiece! I love the action shots, and yep, you sure do make very appetising fish cakes!

  11. The Parental Units

    oh man! what can you NOT do?! fogerty needs to become a storybook character, no?

  12. The Parental Units

    (oops, sorry, my deleted comment above was just a repeat.)

  13. Snooky doodle

    this looks great. you did a marvelous job.

  14. lyndsay

    thank you!! me and fogerty appreciate the comments muchly!! :)

  15. pauline

    whoa!! it’s so cute!!

  16. Mini Baker

    HAHAHA ADORABLE! it makes me laugh, but it also looks delicious! nothings better than eggless chocolate cake! :) BRAVO!

  17. lyndsay

    hah!! thanks pauline and mini B!

  18. Sheryl

    i love it!! i like how you did the contrast with a few deep green scales here and there. Oh and the tomatoes so cute. And how nice of your hubby to help you out.. I often have my boy helping me decorate cupcakes and he comes up with the most creative ideas too.

    love your work!

  19. lyndsay

    thanks for stopping by and thanks for the nice comment sheryl! :)

  20. Jennifer

    Lucky, lucky RT, who gets to eat those cut-away pieces!

    This is a beautiful piece of work. Congratulations!


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