An Apple A Day: Apple Wedding Cupcakes

Olivia and I began our Coco Cake cupcake conversation over her wedding day way back in November… and I found her to be so sweet, kind and full of cute ideas. She really wanted to do something cute and different for wedding cupcakes… but wasn’t quite sure where to go with it. We talked about robots, dolphins (her fiancee loves dolphins but she was veto-ing that idea!), their love of the outdoors… I wanted to get to know who they were so some potential ideas could develop. Eventually Olivia mentioned they were getting married at the horse stables and she is a teacher… and their wedding colours were red and robin’s egg blue. So I thought of apples! Apples for teachers, and a crunchy snack for horses… and it turned out Olivia is allergic to real apples and was thrilled to have “apples” on her wedding day…

For Olivia and Jeremy’s wedding, I made ten dozen cupcakes, half in chocolate cupcakes and half in raspberry cupcakes, frosted in vanilla buttercream, and decorated in red sanding sugar with green fondant leaves and dark chocolate bark “stems”!

And a sunny wedding day to boot, even though it called for rain… such is luck in love! I hope to post a pic of the lovely couple soon too.

Happy Matrimony Olivia and Jeremy!

xo Lyndsay

20 Responses to “An Apple A Day: Apple Wedding Cupcakes”

  1. Lydia

    Wow, these are amazing. They’re really unique and so evenly decorated! Good work. Their wedding sounds lovely and unique too!

  2. SweetThingsTO

    What a great idea! They love lovely.

  3. Odin

    They are so awesome! And the Sugar really gives it that extra special occasion look!

  4. lyndsay

    thanks lydia! i know, it makes me happy when people do something so unique for weddings!

    thanks juanita! :)

    thanks odin! :)

  5. Jennywenny

    Love those! I must give them a try. Flawlessly executed too! Love when couples have fun ideas for their wedding…

  6. Alanna S.

    So perfect and sweet! Great job as usual.

  7. lyndsay

    thanks so much jennywenny!! :)

    thanks alanna! :)

  8. My Owl Barn

    These are lovely and sweet cupcakes!

  9. Yuki

    Kawaii ^^!

  10. lyndsay

    thanks Owl Barn!

    thanks Yuki!

  11. The Scootabaker

    holy cuteness in cupcake form!

  12. lyndsay

    thanks scootabaker!! :)

  13. Vanessa

    Where do you get your cupcake cases from? Am in the UK and been looking for striped ones like those you used on the apple cupcakes! Love your blog by the way – your cakes are very inspiring :)

  14. lyndsay

    hi vanessa! there are some great online resources, i like for liners and so much more!

    lyndsay :)

  15. Theresa und Eva-Maria

    I just saw these beauties on another blog and they are stunning! Your blog is amazing alltogether and I am sure to plan a visit regularly from now on ;-) Thank you for these lovely inspirations!
    Yours, Theresa (

  16. Janneke

    wow, i love the idea! so gorgeous :D

  17. lyndsay

    thank you theresa for visiting my blog!

    thanks janneke!! :)

  18. I run for cake!

    Just found your blog from WhipperBerry’s site featuring your apple cupcakes, they are beautiful! I will be following you from now on considering I LOVE CUPCAKES! You’ve got some beautiful ideas on your site and I can’t wait to look around some more!

  19. lyndsay

    thank you i run for cake! ^_^

  20. marla

    Your blog is stunning! Just found you via Whipperberry. Such sweet little cakes these are :)
    Please join me to bake to remember lives lost in 9/11. I am hosting a link up called *Remembrance Cakes* Would love to have you. We are baking cakes, muffins, cupcakes. Anything is great! You can also share posts you have all ready published, just add the badge to show your support.


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