Artful Cakeful Rosette Cupcakes

Some recent Coco Cake cupcakes flying out the door.

The photo with the bite taken out of it, chomped by Yours Truly? It was an Earl Grey cupcake with earl grey buttercream. The picture makes me drool immediately, like Pavlov’s dog. Tea flavoured cupcakes are my super favourite right now! I love my daily morning tea, steeped dark and milky… !

Many lovely cupcakes for many lovely people, including Caroline, Kim, Colleen and Justine…

Artful Cakeful!

8 Responses to “Artful Cakeful Rosette Cupcakes”

  1. Raddish + Rose

    so pretty!!

  2. Everyday Emotion


  3. Alanna S.

    So pretty! Love them all!

  4. Brandy L

    beautiful cupcakes!

  5. apparentlyjessy

    I really must try out a tea cupcake recipe, are there any that you would recommend?
    I love tea in the morning too, steeped dark, and very little milk for me!

  6. Vancouver photographer Tamea Burd

    Earl Grey cupcakes? Genius!!! Sweet, delicious genius!

  7. lyndsay

    thanks raddish and rose!

    thanks everday emotion!

    thanks alanna!

    thank you brandy! ^__^

    hi jessy!!! i will email you some tea tips!

    thanks tamea! ^__^

  8. sellwow accounts

    Great! so cute.=)


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