Brody’s Angry Birds 5th Birthday Party!

My cute and sweet little nephew Brody turned 5! This seems crazy to me… I remember his 1st birthday party, Totoro themed, where we spent hours making a backdrop of trees and leaves and mini felt Totoros and I sweated it out making oodles of cupcakes and a Totoro cake. I believe it was my very first fondant covered cake! I remember I was so nervous rolling the fondant and placing it over the cake, not wanting to screw up… now I can do it with such ease and confidence… (most of the time… I still screw up!)… to those who email me with questions on how I got into cake making and whether or not I went to school for it, etc… nope… just time, practice, doing it over and over and always learning! Sucking at first but just getting better and better!

Brody really still is just like he was in his first year. Sweet and curious, big eyes and super adorable…. though now he knows so much, and loves his cars, Hot wheels track and Angry Birds! Kids can be encyclopaedic with their knowledge of things… like knowing every name of every Angry Birds character. Who knew they had names!?? Makes me wonder what my little Teddy (pictured above in the red bandana with his grandparents!) will get into? I’m kind of guessing cars too as it runs in both sides of his family. Although I’m excited to get him his own little play kitchen and maybe an easy bake oven in the future… heehee! Top Chef Baby! Or maybe I just want to play in the play kitchen. I am loving all the cute fake wooden food that’s out there!

Auntie Coco Cake (me!) made Brody dark chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream, and a special Angry Birds “Terrence” cake just for him. Brody had a great time at his party – romping around with his cousins and little friends in the play gym, then sitting around a big table snacking away and colouring his Angry Birds colouring sheet. His friend Callum leaned over to him, holding up a veggie chip and said “Brody, I like your fries!” And Brody picked up one of his slim vegetable chips, looked at it and crunched into it, smiling, as happy as can be. CUTE!

Happy 5th Birthday BroBro!

Love you lots! xo Auntie Lynshee

7 Responses to “Brody’s Angry Birds 5th Birthday Party!”

  1. Nici

    Just awsome!
    You did a great job!

  2. lyndsay

    Thank you, Nici! ^__^

  3. Melissa

    Oh that’s hilarious about c & b with the ‘fries’ :) The cake looked amazing and the cupcakes were super delicious, as always!

  4. lyndsay

    @melissa, heehee! i know.. i was so stoked to overhear it.. so sweet and sincere. :)

  5. hoshjan

    Auntie Lynds! Oh man, those were MELT IN YOUR MOUTH cupcakes!!! Your cupcakes always have been, but I have to say it AGAIN! Of course, we can all see how COOL the cake and stunningly PRETTY the cupcakes… Thank you!!!

  6. lyndsay

    @hoshjan aww thank you janice!! ^__^

  7. Autumn

    That’s a fantastic cake! You do incredible work!


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