Cherry Bombe Jubilee Cake Of Insanity!

cherry bombe jubilee cake

cherry bombe jubilee cake

Happy Cherry Bombe Jubilee day! I made this Cherry Bombe Jubilee cake of insanity to celebrate! Last year in 2017, I had such a life changing, hilarious and inspired time attending Jubilee in NYC, I met so many incredible women and got to speak on a panel with some top dog food bloggers that I adore. You can read my Cherry Bombe Jubilee diary here! This year, I am going as a straight up mega fan/attendee. I’ll definitely write another Jubilee diary in the coming weeks after I’ve chilled out back into Chinese Pumpkin Vancouver mellow zone!

cherry cake cococakeland drawing

I set out to draw this cake idea I had … stripes and colours inspired by the wonderful Cherry Bombe cookbook, plus cherries of course. Working with red buttercream can feel slightly illegal but I had to roll with the inspiration, hehe. Buttercream roses, drop stars, raspberries, brightly hued maraschino cherries, fresh raspberries and STRIPES.


If you don’t have this baby yet, you should snag a copy. I find the cookbook both useful and super inspiring, so many diverse recipes by a huge range of super talented chefs, cooks, writers and food lovin’ women, and the design alone is beautiful.

cherry cake slices

buttercream and cherries cake

Honestly, as I started decorating this I thought, yeesh, this cake maybe is a little too insane, the very opposite of subtle. Buttttt I am a bit of a wild nut and in the end, I think it turned out pretty sweet!

cherry bombe magazine cake

A slice for you…

cherry bombe jubilee cake slice

Annnnnnd a slice for you!

slices of pink cake

No, sadly I did not bring this cake on my lap on a stinky overnighter plane all the way to NYC on my red eye flight from Vancouver. But, I am hoping to be back in New York around Coco Cake Land book launch time – in which case, NYC buddies, can I borrow an oven and a stand mixer???

cherry bombe magazine cake

cherry cake slices

Here’s to sweet new friendships, inspiring women, delicious food and the power of community! xo Lyndsay 

3 Responses to “Cherry Bombe Jubilee Cake Of Insanity!”

  1. Anne S.

    Drop dead gorgeous cake, Lyndsay!

  2. Brandi / Real Life Crafter

    This looks soooo super cute and delicious!!! I love the cherries are the pink and red stripes are so fun.

  3. Monica

    This is so pretty! I love everything about it, the stripes really make the look!


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