Chocolate Raspberry Purple Ruffly Cake Cuteness!

Honestly. Sometimes I just want to put it on my head and wear it around like a pillbox hat. But then it would tip and unbalance and flop on the floor and I would have a big old cakey buttercream insanity mess to clean up! No to wearing cakes as hats, says me.

This cake! I loved it. And it was for a really lovely baby shower for the amazing Miranda of Blue Olive Photography, and all of her dear and crazy-creative friends threw her this really amazing looking party. Jeanie and Andrea were behind the shower awesomeness set-up and gorgeous decorations, in such a cute colour palette – yellow, grey, blue, orange and purple! No one asked me to make the cake purple but when I think of Miranda’s photography and style I think vibrant, fun and bright. Violet purple ruffle-puff buttercream cake just seemed like the right thing to do!

Thanks ladies for having Coco Cake as a part of the beautiful celebration.

And CONGRATULATIONS Miranda and Riley! Super exciting baby boy times ahead!

xo Lyndsay

Last photo of cupcake set up with adorable bunting by Jeanie Ow!

22 Responses to “Chocolate Raspberry Purple Ruffly Cake Cuteness!”

  1. Nic

    Wow, the colors are amazing! :)

  2. Alanna S

    That. Is. Awesome.

  3. lyndsay

    @Nic, thank you so much!

    @Alanna, thank you! ^__^

  4. Angela @ the fairy bread chronicles

    oh i love the colour! textured icing is such a snazzy way to jazz up a cake!

  5. Fashionectic

    WOW, how can I make these cakes&muffins? any recipe?

  6. Nici

    The color ist just amazing! Love it so much!

  7. lyndsay

    @angela, thanks so much!

    @fashionectic, thank you! sorry i don’t give out recipes but try my friend Sweetapolita, she has amazing recipes to share! for the frosting technique, try a star tip of any shape or size and pipe the entire cake with a frosting of your choice! ^__^

    @nici, thank you! ^__^

  8. I Sugar Coat It!

    Stunning colours, photos and desserts! Just found you through FBC. So pleased I did!

  9. lyndsay

    @i sugar coat it, thank you so much!! what is FBC? or is that Face – Book – something or other!? anyhow, thank you for visiting the blog!! ^__^

  10. I Sugar Coat It!

    Sorry, acronyms seem to pervade my vocabulary in my professional and personal life. I saw your most recent comment on Food Bloggers of Canada. Everything here is gorgeous!

  11. Lena Charlotte

    just awesome!! :)

  12. Maja Landsberg

    OMG! Beautiful colors. I want that cake for birthday… I <3 BEAUTIFUL CAKES!

  13. lyndsay

    @I sugar coat it, oh thank you! ^__^

    @Lena, thank you!!

    @Maja – thank you! ^__^

  14. Michela

    Wooooooooow! Wonderful color!
    I will follow you!

  15. My Scandinavian Home

    They look amazing, I love the violet colour!

  16. premium beautiful

    Sooo beautiful decoration and very detail. Really LIKE it. And the photos also clear and vivid.

  17. lyndsay

    @Michela, thank you so much!

    @My Scandinvian Home, thank you!!

    @premium beautiful, thanks!

  18. Jing Chiam

    Hi Lyndsay, your blog really inspires me to learn how to ice as beautifully as you do! Which kind of icing tips do you use or recommend? Thanks! :)

  19. lyndsay

    @jing chiam, thank you so much – that is very sweet! ^__^

    classic star tips are great for all sorts of things, like creating rosettes on cupcakes or on cakes, or for a classic swirl. i use the wilton 1M tip a lot! i also use an open circle tip (forget the number) a fair amount, too and it can make “pearls” all over a cake or nice dollops of frosting on cupcakes.

    good luck and have fun!

  20. lyndsay

    @miki, thank you! ^__^

  21. Kuchnia po studencku

    so beautiful!


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