Coco Cake in Elle Girl Korea magazine!

I didn’t believe it until I got a knock at the front door with a UPS guy holding a package for me. Confused, I thought, “man did I buy something off Ebay and I totally forgot? I have a problem.” and then I looked down and saw it was from KOREA! Cool!

So Elle Girl Korea indeed asked me to make a cake for them, and they put a nice little article in their magazine about me and Coco Cake! Shocking!! I was sure it was a prank of some kind, another spam/scam of someone wanting me to make them a $2000 strawberry wedding cake!

And since I have a Korean connection via my cousin from another Asian mother Christa, she had her friend translate the text for me!

“Birthday cake makes your birthday, the most special day in your life, more meaningful and memorable. It’s a gift you like to make for your family, love and best friends one day. Vancouver’s Boutique Custom Cake Company ‘Coco Cake’ sent a beautiful birthday cake for Elle Girl’s 8th Birthday. Lyndsay Sung, the owner and cake designer, self taught Baking and cake decoration art after completing a degree in Media Arts and opened “Coco Cake”. Talented Lyndsay is not only interested in food but also in Photography and Visual Art; between the busy days at Coco Cake, she also teaches Fine Arts to kids. You can order special cakes on special days such as Wedding, Birthday. Orders can be done online and offline so adults and kids really like it. If you are curious about pretty cakes that make your eyes and mouth happy, please check

Pretty cool!!! Thank you so much Elle Girl magazine!

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