Cute Grassy Bunny Cake & Lavender Mini Cupcakes

I love this funny little cake with the mini white fondant bunny hiding in the grass! I love it especially too because it making it reminded me of how lucky I am to have such cool, caring and nice customers! I’ve made a few little numbers for the cake-loving Mack family over the years, and it was so nice to hear from Julie again! Her request: a bunny themed cake for a good friend’s birthday, with lavender rosette mini cupcakes too. The cake was vanilla with raspberry jam filling and vanilla buttercream and I made a cute little colorful bunting to display on top of the cake, too. Love how a bunting can elevate a cake into a real party-time feel!

So Julie showed up to pick up the cake, and brought with her sweet presents for my almost 7-month-old baby Teddy! Soooo nice and thoughtful! We yacked it up for a good fifteen minutes, catching up and talking about baby stuff, and Julie held Teddy for a bit, too! He was pumped on his panda bear puffy book and cute owl blanket she brought… and I’m sure he drooled all over her!

Thank you so much Julie for the fun order, and again for the cute presents for Teddy!

xo Lyndsay

8 Responses to “Cute Grassy Bunny Cake & Lavender Mini Cupcakes”

  1. I Sugar Coat It!

    Adorable!! Love lavender anything! And that bunny is CUTE.

  2. lyndsay

    awww thank you! ^__^

  3. Jan Halvarson

    so sweet Lyndsay!

  4. April

    OMG that is too cute for words.

  5. lyndsay

    @jan, thank you!! ^__^

    @april – thank you!

  6. Lunaloo

    That is great! It looks sooo cute and tasty! You my friend are awesome! :D

  7. Anonymous

    I love the Hairy Pup Birthday cake it is so adorable

  8. Anonymous

    i love hairy pup bithday cake so adorable :)


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