Grey Cat!

I’ve heard of the eponymously monikered Grey Cat from several reliable cat-stoked sources, and I must say Grey Cat may well be the coolest cat I’ve seen in a while. Though I’ve never met him in person, I’ve seen online albums featuring Grey Cat and man he is a real cool cat. Chantelle contacted me a month or so ago with a special request: something super special for her husband Darcy’s 30th birthday party! She sent me a whole list of Darcy’s favourite things, and we emailed back and forth different ideas here and there… I always think of Darcy wearing a red plaid flannel shirt so I suggested plaid cupcakes… and then she mentioned his deep love for their cat, Grey Cat!

I loved doing this cake, in fact I got a little attached to its cute little cake face and it was sad for me to see it go… ! This Coco Cake specialty cake was dark chocolate, filled with chocolate ganache and frosted with vanilla buttercream, then covered in hand-tinted grey fondant, and decorated with fondant eyes, whiskers, etc.

Happy 30th Birthday Darcy, hope you liked the cake version of Grey Cat! Crank the Depeche Mode, and enjoy your 30th birthday year!

8 Responses to “Grey Cat!”

  1. Post Grad Hair Cut

    My cupcake was SO good as usual. I told everyone I talked to about how perfect they taste. Thanks!

  2. lyndsay

    Hey awesome Sam! Nice to see you today. :)

  3. apparentlyjessy

    How could they possibly cut into this cake? I know I wouldn’t be able bring myself to cut into that adorable kitties face!

  4. melly

    Ooh really blown away by how smooth the cake looks! Haha I feel like pressing my thumb on it.

  5. Mari arteira artesanatos

    Fico babando de vontade de dar uma mordida, deve estar uma delícia. Suas mãos são abençoadas, pra fazer cupcakes. Parabéns.

  6. SweetThingsTO

    Awwww – how sweet! Great cake!

  7. lyndsay

    jessy– i know!!! i felt so sad letting Grey Cat go, thinking about his poor little face… ! :)

    melly– yes, it’s tempting isn’t it– kind of like squishing fresh bagged bread in supermarkets.

    mari– thank you kindly! :)

    juanita– thanks so much! :)

  8. Britt

    Brilliant. Very perfect looking indeed.


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