Insane Totoro Cupcakes!

Totoro cupcakes!

Insane because I went a little insane making these crazy guys. They were a bit on the labour-intensive side but I just love love loved how they turned out!!! And the sweetest thing in the world happened… Tina, the awesome woman who ordered them for her sister’s birthday, gave me a PRESENT… a vintage porcelain lamb and baby carriage… because she knows how much I love vintage stuff! Isn’t that the NICEST? I thought that was so thoughtful and super cool.

Anyway back to Totoro– hee hee! Two dozen fondant designed regular Totoro, blue Totoro, black dustball and pretty leaves. Lemon Love cupcakes with creamcheese frosting… a real favorite amongst Coco Cake customers! I worked hard on these little guys and I was happy with how they turned out. I kept thinking of my little nephew Brody going “Toto??” whenever he sees something that looks remotely like Totoro… KAWAII!

Heehee. I just love Totoro, and Miyazaki films!! They are always slightly tragic, with sad things happening to children but then wonderful things happening–these are the kinds of movies that always stayed with me when I was a kid. Like the original Little Mermaid which we used to watch at my Auntie Lorraine’s house on VHS. It is the Japanese version, and it was so sad… and I remember it to this day, 23 odd years later! Marina, the little mermaid, gives up her entire life for the Prince… only to have him fall in love with the girl he thinks saved him (but no, it was Marina who saved him!!!). I need to get my hands on a copy of this film and watch it again… with lots of Kleenex…!

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  1. apparentlyjessy

    Those Totoro cupcakes are insane. INSANELY GOOD! I can really appreciate it when you say decorating them was labour-intensive, but isn’t it oh so worth it when you can stand back and admire all the hard work!? I adore the black dustball the most.
    Yeah, the original little mermaid book I had as a kid was very tragic, and me being a kid, enjoyed the Disney happy version much better!

  2. gyoza*girl

    KAWAIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!! omg. i want those for MY birthday!!!! Brody was lucky enough to get a sweet yummy TOTORO cake for his first birthday and some lucky girl get these cupcakes for her bday! I LOVE them. you did an amazing job Sistah! i love the MAKKURO-KUROSUKE (“pitch-black blackies” dustbunnies/traveling soot) cupcakes too and the TOTOROs of course. next, the NEKOBASU! (catbus!). heh heh. TOTORO-TO-TO-RO…TOTORO-TO-TO-RO…

  3. gyoza*girl

    i just showed these pics to Brody and a BIG smile came on his face and he blurts out “TOTO!” :)

  4. Bunny

    These are adorable!! I wish could decorate like that!!

  5. lyndsay

    –jessy: thanks so much!! :)

    –sis: EEEHEEE! brogy!! i love that little nut!! :)

  6. lyndsay

    –thanks bunny!!!

  7. Clena´s Tårtor

    Very nice cupcakes.

  8. Al

    Wow. Amazing. I can only imagine how much work you did over the weekend!

    You are definitely excused for missing Boot Camp!

  9. How To Eat A Cupcake

    Ahhh those are soooo cute! :D

  10. Henry

    holy dooly coco you just keep getting better and better!

  11. lyndsay

    thanks everyone! go TOTO go!

  12. Justin Schwartz

    so cute

  13. kay-tee craw-ree

    You are so amazingly talented.. I an thinking I will have to get married in Vancouver so that you can cater my wedding.. Fantastic work.


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