Kensie’s 1st Birthday Bash!

The giant Miga I made out of felt! I made two of these…
Miga and Kensie are twins!

Mini Miga a.k.a. the birthday girl, Kensie!

miga cupcake tower!

Cupcake tower by Coco Cake a.k.a Auntie Lyndsay!

Yay Baby Kensie!

Loot bags!

Miga by me, adorable birthday banner by my sis Leanne!

Fondant Miga sprouting out of the cake!

Raspberry jam filled vanilla buttermilk cupcakes! Pink vanilla buttercream!

“Miga and Me”


Gym time! My niece Kensie and her cousin, my nephew Brody!


Kensie in the puffy castle!

Kensie with her buddy Benjamin!

Kensie with Mommy and Daddy!

Henry, my new favourite kid! Holding a Coco Cake cupcake!

Lookit the trend Henry started — candy on top of Coco Cake cupcakes!!

Such cuties! Partying it up with cupcakes…

Blue-whale topped cupcake…

More cupcake-fueled kid craziness!

Kensie with proud grandparents Poh Poh and Go Go! (a.k.a my parents!)

Henry… and his dad Mike! Both hammin’ it up…

Marley and cupcakes!

My beloved little niece Kensie turned 1! No longer a baby!! My sis Shelley threw a fun Miga-themed party for her little cutie’s birthday at Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant Community Centre… and old Coco Cake sole proprietor L.K.Sung had just flown in from Germany about 12 hours before party prep began!

I was in charge of making 2 giant Migas- my sis dropped of a bag containing rolls of different colored felt, so I freestyle drew what I thought was Miga’s body shape, complete with her little swirlie-do pompadour hairstyle! My other sis Leanne made a really cute Happy Birthday banner and made little lootbag tags for Kensie.

I also made raspberry jam filled vanilla buttermilk cupcakes with pink vanilla buttercream topped with rosette swirls, and mini versions for the babies! And, for my little cutie Kensie, a 7 inch cutting cake with a mini fondant Miga on top.

The party was a total blast – a frenetic and energy filled 2 hours of open-gym time complete with bouncy castle, gymnastics, basketball… then upstairs to the party room for snacks, a cute Kensie video by Cinemama, and of course cake and cupcakes by Coco Cake, also known as Auntie Lyndsay!

Happy Happy Birthday my cute little Kensie! Love you lots!

11 Responses to “Kensie’s 1st Birthday Bash!”

  1. Lydia

    AHH, too adorbs! Miga and the cupcake tower and especially the baby. Eek!

  2. kim @ stellacake

    How cute is Kensie? Yummo cupcake tower and cake too!

  3. faithy, the baker

    thanks for sharing all these lovely photos! Kensie must be so happy with her cake and cupcakes! :D

  4. apparentlyjessy

    I haven’t heard of Miga before, but boy that felt Miga is totally cute, so are the cakes and cupcakes too of course ;)
    Happy Birthday to Kensie!

  5. Tricia Joseph

    that buttercream icing was one of the best I’ve ever had!! Lucky Kensie, she’ll always get to have amazing, yummy cakes because of her talented Auntie!!

  6. lyndsay

    Thanks Lydia!! Heehee. Yep, Kensie’s a cutie!

    Kim! Thanks a bunch!

    Thanks Faithy! :)

    Jessy, Miga is one of the three crazy mascots for Vancouver’s past 2010 Olympic games… ! Thanks for the comment, hope you are well! :)

    Aw thanks Tricia! :) Your kids are adorable!

  7. Lauren

    Oh how I’ve missed Miga around these parts! Any word on what Quatchi’s been up to? Gorgeous photos Lyndsay! How do you manage to snap kids running around at warp speed?!

  8. shelleysung

    Auntie lyndsay! I LOVED my cake and cupcakes! and had a total BLAST at my party! Thanks for making them for me. Love you! Kensie xo ;)

  9. SweetThingsTO

    wow – great photos of the party. Kensie is cute and you, of course, look fab!

  10. The Daily Poster

    WOAH! I love your tattoos!!!! hehe

  11. lyndsay

    thanks lauren!!! you may notice some of the pics are rather blurry… sugar-induced craziness!

    thanks shwillie sung!!!

    thanks juanita!! ^__^

    thanks daily poster… i have even more now… haha!


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