Little Pink Cakes for New Babies!

I never knew it was possible to love so many little people so dearly the way I love my little nephews and nieces. If I’m ever having a crapola day and feeling down in the dumps all I need to do is look at some hilarious photos of Tanner eating soup or watch a video of 2 year old Kensie pounding on the piano singing a made-up song and suddenly life seems much better…

Recently two more babies were added to the growing brood my sisters have created – baby Piper and baby Brooklyn. To celebrate, my parents threw a combined 100 Day Chinese Baby Banquet celebration at one of our top favourite Chinese food haunts, Golden Ocean here in Vancouver…

Baby Brooklyn and mama Shelley (my middle sis!)…

baby Piper and my eldest sis Leanne!

Adorable Tanner with his chopstick

Kensie and Brody going loco-dingo wild, post-cupcakes

I made pink rosette frosted vanilla cupcakes and little bunny flags (as both babies are Year Of The Rabbit)! It was a magnificent dinner and there were guests a-plenty, including tons of kids who darted out and around the legs of bustling servers carrying trays of hot food, running around like wildchilds and gazing with mystery and laughter into the live water tanks of crab, lobster and fish.

It was a great evening and Auntie Coco Cake is just thrilled to have two more sweet and adorable nieces to love and help care for (and, of course, to make cakes for…!) I love you Pipey and Brooky!

xo Lyndsay

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  1. Neha

    Love it! So many cute kiddies and cuppies : )

  2. Jan | Poppytalk

    So so cute!!!

  3. lyndsay

    @Thanks Neha!

    @Thanks Jan! ^__^

  4. Elizabeth

    I love those cupcakes!

  5. MizzJ

    Hehe you have such cute nieces and nephews!

  6. birthday parties in northern virginia

    Pink is my favorite color and it feels to see the pink cakes with different shapes for the celebration.

  7. Mili-chan!! OwO

    Omg! So cute and please check out my new blogg!! :D

  8. larieny

    tá tudo lindo!!! eu não teria coragem de comer, pq é muito lindo!

  9. PatiEnergy

    Oh me oh My, just tumbled upon this via Blogs of Note…I’ll Imagine Living in that “Ice Cream Sundae” Friday for the rest of my life:))!!!~Thank YOU!!! Who knew I could enjoy two week days in ONE:)))

    Wonderfullness to you, your family and all the deliciousness you create. f


  10. dalreen ramos

    awww…this is soo cute;)

  11. ccshoponline

    all look delicious yummyyy….

  12. Admin

    OMG I LOVE CUPCAKES! Now im hungry, thanks to you lol

  13. Yuniar Arista

    Like This ^_^

  14. Kemanist

    I have a blog, really nice. Your permission to share my blog I want to put some pictures.
    Thank you :)


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