Lovepup + Dog Cake – Nuts About Pups

Haha… Some dog themes going down at Coco Cake HQ lately. First, an invitation from to create a “Valentine’s themed” cupcake for their 14 Days of Valentines Cupcakes feature. Forgoing the usual hearts and flowers route, I made a funny little dog-faced lovepup cupcake. Say that five times! Pretty darn fun feature idea, over 14 days they reveal a new “cupcake” as created by one of 14 bakers across Canada. Fun to see all the other creations! Coco Cake’s lovepup was revealed on Day 2!

Along with the lovepup, I also recently made a dark chocolate mocha woofer cake for the lovely Nishidha, wife of Sandeep, to celebrate her birthday! Sandeep told me she wants a dog so this was his way of appeasing her wishes… ! Rich dark chocolate ganache filling and chocolate mocha buttercream piped hairy-style all over!

And on a final doggish/ridiculous note, as my family and some friends will remember, Coco Cake sole proprietor and boss hog LKS has a real thing for Pound Puppies. Thisvideo makes me laugh so hard… I’m ridiculous. I think it’s the extra funky bassline and the dog panting sounds. But I do remember watching this cartoon on Saturday mornings surrounded by my Pound Puppies!!!

11 Responses to “Lovepup + Dog Cake – Nuts About Pups”

  1. Katie Yoon

    They are so adorable! Great work!

  2. { Nina Designs }

    This is so cute!

  3. SweetThingsTO

    oh Lyndsay – how utterly cute!

  4. lyndsay

    hi katie! thanks so much! your cookies are sooo great BTW!

    thanks nina!! ^__^

    hi juanita, haha… thanks!! ^__^

  5. Bethany Hayes

    this blog is beyooooond adorable. seriously.

  6. Alanna S.

    Bravo, congratulations!

  7. lyndsay

    hey thanks bethany!

    thanks alanna!

  8. MizzJ

    hahaha I love the little pink tongue on the birthday cake!

  9. Rosie @ Sweetapolita

    Could they be any more adorable? You’re the best, Lyndsay. I love everything you do! Always clean & perfect! xo

  10. lyndsay

    thanks mizzJ!

    oh thank you so much rosie! ^__^

  11. jess

    They are so cute! You have an amazing talent, i’m so impressed with every creation.


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