My Favourite Cake Lately: Laura’s Forest Themed Birthday Cake!

kawaii!! my favourite cake that i've made lately! ^_^

This Coco Cake specialty cake has a real party-time Canadiana sunny Fall day vibe. I think that’s what I was feeling when I made this cake… the sun was streaming in the windows and I was wishing I could be outside to enjoy the lovely crisp Fall sun… ! Ian and Jeanie requested a forest-themed cake for Ian’s forest-working sis Laura. They also hoped for the addition of a bear and a moose… forest-y type animals… so I made them wearing toques and scarves and human clothing.

I had just made a salted caramel vanilla cake the week prior and I suggested it to Ian as a flavour, which he responded enthusiastically to! So inside this crazy colorful forest cake: layers of vanilla cake with a salted caramel filling and caramel buttercream!

I seriously think this cake is so cute and I was sad to think about it getting cut up and eaten! Haha. Oh well. Someone just needs to order another cake of this style… with animals wearing human clothing, that is!

Thanks J & I for the great order! Happy Birthday to Laura!

9 Responses to “My Favourite Cake Lately: Laura’s Forest Themed Birthday Cake!”

  1. Maaike

    this cake is so beautiful! I think I wouldn’t dare to eat it… :-)
    love, Maaike

  2. Marj

    Cute design! I agree with you that it’s just too sad to watch our favorites go under the knife (so to speak) but at least this one sounded as yummy on the inside as it was adorable on the outside!

  3. Alanna S.

    Oh my. So colorful and fun! Looks like a cartoon come to life!

  4. lyndsay

    thank you maaike!! :)

    thanks so much marj! (haha.. under the knife… ^_^ )

    thanks alanna! it would be a pretty cute animation!!!

    xo lyndsay

  5. lauren carney

    hay dolly,
    your fancy display of pretty pictures
    makes my little tummy flutter.
    love your blog to pieces.
    I’ll enjoy admiring it form afar! x

  6. kim @ stellacake

    yum yum yum. looks supurb!

  7. lyndsay

    lauren! so sweet. thanks!!

    thanks kim!! :)

  8. E R I N

    oh my god!!!

    this is amazing!!


  9. lyndsay

    thanks ERIN! ^_^


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