Da Bear, Da Flower Crown Bear Cake

flower crown bear cake

I can hardly bear the cuteness of this flower crown bear cake. I can hardly bear my own horrific bear puns. But that is ok. Because: CUTE BEAR! Vanilla swiss meringue buttercream, dark chocolate cake with little fuchsia pink rosettes, green leaves and a dash of crunchy rainbow sprinkles. I’ve been adding little pink cheeks to EVERYTHING lately and it has kicked the kawaii factor through the kawaii cake roof. Plus there’s something so cute about a Hello Kitty face, ie NO MOUTH?? Not that I’m trying to silence my bear friend or anything…

flower crown bear cake

I have a LOT of cakes to post in the next while! For 2018 I wrote a “loose goal” of posting twice a week (HA) and gee whiz, looks like I posted once in January. I’ve been doing a little bit more Coco Cake Land Instagram-ing than usual with some Instagram Stories videos – Instagram continues to be my favourite medium but there is SO much frustration and irritation happening on IG for many of my blogger and small business pals. My approach to Instagram continues to be the same – I just don’t want to crap out any old pic to throw up there so I tend to wait until I have something cute or new, or I feel I have something to say. But, I have begun to understand and utilize Stories a bit more and the potential for on-the-casual cake decorating videos on there seems like fun – I gotta thank Miranda from Whistle and Flute for being my Stories Life Coach! She shot a video of me making a Totoro cake which you can view on my Stories Highlights. Anyhoo, Stories feels much less stressful than setting up a big old rig for a YouTube channel, which I’ve thought about but kinda feel too lazy and OLD for, to be honest!  I like the casual-ness of Stories and it seems great for showing some simple techniques. As far as cake making goes, I’m supposed to be “Zen Cupcake” these days and not take on too many cake orders… but now and then, I’ll get an email from an amazing old customer or good friend inquiring about making a cake… it’s hard to say no, especially when the ideas are fun. But, I gotta keep my cool and keep it enjoyable. I don’t want to burn out like the Great Coco Cake Depression of 2010…

flower crown bear cake

What are your thoughts on social media? Hatin’ it hard or addicted as hell? I love it for so many reasons but the addiction is powerful. I have taken to leaving my phone downstairs to charge at night. I call it “leaving the devil spawn downstairs.” I’m currently reading my way through the Harry Potter series and I just started Book 3. I thought Book 1 was… ok. Book 2 I was slogging through and lite-complaining about it and then ALL OF A SUDDEN I WAS SO RIVETED in the last 40 pages!! Haha. The advice I was given is that the series shifts and changes in Book 3 and it becomes your everything. I am excited for this feeling… Ok, I’m going to edit some more cake photos to put up on the blog now… sometimes I think about only posting my content on the blog and forgetting SM (social media, ahem)… but it’s kind of like hoarding a CD on a clunky old stereo when you can listen to Apple Music…? Wow, the good old days of Blogspot and 80k page views! xo Lyndsay

Rainbow Sprinkles For My Dad’s Birthday + Happy New Year

rainbow sprinkles funfetti cake

2018, eh? This year marks the ten year anniversary of this here blog. Ten freaking years – a whole decade of sugar, flour, butter, all gussied up into cakes cakes cakes galore. I wonder how many cakes I’ve made in ten years? I am both disturbed and delighted by this. I really had no idea this was going to become my career, and now, ten years later, the same year my BOOK comes out, I’m still chugging along.  A published book, something I’ve dreamt of my whole life, from when I was a nine-year-old writing goth pegasus-murder stories, to high school where I was writing… probably murder stories, to my 20s, where I would garble out non-fiction Gonzo-style writing and interviews (thank God the internet didn’t really exist back then) to my 30s, where I found a place to write (about cakes, not murder) on my blog. Will I be a 60 year old woman with a white haired bowl cut and oversized Marni blazer, still making cakes? Perhaps I will then turn back to writing about murder and become Canada’s first Chinese Agatha Christie.

rainbow sprinkles funfetti cake

I made this whimsy-packed rainbow sprinkles birthday cake wonder for my dearest Dad, Gerry Sung is the man, the man with the plan and the love of vintage cars, saddle shoes and more fashionable jackets than my sisters and I combined. I’ve written rather extensively about my Dad before, and anyone who has been a longtime-ish reader of my blog knows that I am very close to my family. I am so lucky to have my parents in my life, and to have them live close by. Sometimes I have this urge to go back to my old childhood home, open the heavy front door, call out “Hi Mom!!” as I walk in. Take my shoes off, enter the kitchen. Open the fridge to find some milk, rummage through the pantry for cereal or old-ass cookies or even seaweed gummy bears or some other healthy “treat” my mom would have at home. Go up to my room, lie in my childhood bed, look at the posters on my wall, play one of my cassette singles and admire the eggplant purple paint which I chose myself because being a brooding moody teen is cool. Different eras roll by, and now I’m in the basement pushing around Peaches ‘n Cream Barbie next to He-man in a plastic Corvette, pulling up to Castle Greyskull, fighting with my sisters. Then, it’s grade 9 and I’m wearing huge hoop earrings and backwards overalls and doing dance routines on the black and white checkered floor. Dinner will be spaghetti and meatballs with iceberg lettuce salad. Homework will be completed, and bedtime will ensue, and I will feel safe in my home with my parents and sisters close by and life isn’t even a concept in my mind because when you’re young you can’t see past the following day. Oh how I miss our old house.

rainbow sprinkles funfetti cake

Now, January 2018 is here. As a child, I could never imagine being 41, with a family of my own. As I was putting the Christmas decorations away today, Teddy said “I don’t want to put the tree away!!” and I remarked to him, “Didn’t it seem like yesterday that we put the tree up? Didn’t it all go by so fast??” xo Lyndsay 

Cookie Monogram Sprinkle Beard Cake

sugar cookie monogram cake

sugar cookie monogram cake

sugar cookie monogram cake

My dear friends Helen and Hannah are wonderful partners in both life and art. They recently won an esteemed Mayor’s Art Award here in Vancouver, and they launched Multiple Elementary, their book which “explores the elementary school classroom as a site of invention and reception of contemporary art practices.” Helen and I have had a long history of friendship – from farting around together at art school, to producing music/video art shows and to writing and performing in our old fantasy new wave synth-metal band Le Petit Mort. I wanted to celebrate her and Hannah’s most awesome achievements, and while my funfetti-layered cake didn’t quite start out as the SPRINKLEBEARD cake, it turned out to be kind of the cutest cookie monogram sprinkle beard cake possibly ever, hehe. Advice: just keep piling on the sprinkles and pray that your recipient likes them.

pals and cake

It was a rainy, dark and cold night in Vancouver and I thought I would have to draggggg Teddy out to Helen and Hannah’s book launch, but oddly, he was excited to go. Usually after school on a weekday he is the grumpiest of super-fatigued sloths, and understandably so, as I’ve seen him run laps around the playground at Kindergarten just for shits and giggles. But no, he turned out to be the ruling-est, most agreeable 5-year-old to ever grace an art book launch on a stormy wet and dark Wednesday evening…

sugar cookie monogram cake

Coco Cake Land cake slice

Multiple Elementary art book launch

Teddy helped hand out cake slices, he happily ate his slice sitting on the art gallery floor, and apparently during Helen and Hannah’s talk he was misting himself with his special and beloved “spritzing” Spiderman water bottle. When I asked him about this the next day, he simply told me “I wanted it look like I was sweating.”

sugar cookie monogram cake

Congrats Helen and Hannah on all of your success! Here’s to many more face-misting art openings and book launches!! xo Lyndsay 

A Wolf Cake For Wolfgang

cute wolf cake by coco cake land

I made this cutie pie wolf cake for the dang cutest little guy named Wolfgang for his laser-tag birthday party back in October. I was in a pretty bad creative slump, post-book-completion. I thought I might give up cakes all together, I was kind of hating on the internet, and felt ready to try something totally different. I wasn’t sure what … you know all those books about careers and following your dreams and doing what you love doing?? I tried to think about what it was that I loved. Was it too late for med school? LOL. Should I try and get a job at some digital ad agency? Should I get a job in a kitchen chopping vegetables? Should I go back to teaching art to kids?? But then, through the making of this cake, I realized… well shit. I actually am doing what I love. I love drawing. I love baking and being super-anal about my cake designs. I love making kids happy. I love photography and food styling, and I love writing… So… thank you Nancy, for asking me to make this and coaxing me out of my cake hibernation!

cute cake flag

cute wolf cake by coco cake land

drawings of cute wolves

cute wolf cake by coco cake land

wolfgang with wolf cake

HOW CUTE IS THIS GUY!? Happy birthday Wolfie! xo Lyndsay 

Flower Crown Cat Cake

flower crown kitty cake - coco cake land

flower crown kitty cake - coco cake land

MEOW MIX! I’ve got lots of cakes to share in the coming weeks, including this furry yellow buttercream cutie cat made for sweet little Rosie, two-year-old Vice President of Collage Collage! Rosie loves cats, she loves yellow. Together, with her namesake flower crown? Flower Crown Cat Cake, headed to the feline version of Burning Man or Coachella or wherever love conquers all flower crowns appear most these days. The last time I wore a flower crown was for my Auntie’s wedding in the 1980s. I wore a powder pink dress, my face was a Chinese chipmunk and I fell asleep at the banquet reception, face on the table, a live band playing Could I Have This Dance. I remember that flower crown being very pokey. I am guessing today’s flower crowns are less pokey, but I will never know, because at 41, my flower crown wearing days are very over, unless I join the local theatre troupe.

flower crown kitty cake - coco cake land

flower crown cat cake - coco cake land

Equipment used to make this rosey baby: a large multi-opening grass tip to pipe the fur, fondant for the face, a petal tip for the roses, and a leaf tip for the green leaves.

flower crown cat cake - coco cake land

flower crown cat cake - coco cake land

AND PLEASE LOOK AT THIS SWEET PHOTO! Happy Birthday sweet Rosie! Thanks dear Erin! xo Lyndsay

Pretty In Pink Cake Faceplant

pretty in pink stripey cake

I made this GORGE pretty in pink cake for my food blogger pal Samantha of My Kitchen Love. Before I tell you more, may I bore you with some life inner monologue?

cake details

My “cake career” has had so many ups and downs, and has morphed and changed with the tides over the course of a decade plus. In 2008 it started out as a document of the trials and tribulations of learning how to bake, a newness and excitement to the medium. Then, I started making a few cakes for friends, then clients… documenting it all on my blog. Some of those cakes were pretty cute, which brought more and more traffic to my blog, and then… knock knock on the blog door… outside interest – the lure of paid posts, money?? For making and creating what I loved doing anyway? NOICE… So turning the cake baking and photography and styling into jobs via sponsored work and creating recipes for different brands… chugging away at that for a while (well, you know, amongst prenatal depression and breast cancer treatment)… and then it hit me: INTERNET EXHAUSTION. Seeing sponsored work creep into every crevice, and watching it encroach every orifice of Instagram. Feeling angry and complicit in the capitalist-machine of making work for brands and feeling like a sell-out, loathing the ugly side of the internet… INTERNET DEPRESSION … and trying to find my place of happiness again amongst the madness. Would I quit the internet, finally? What would I do next?? What would my next “career” be, having invested so much time and energy into CAKES for over ten years?

pretty in pink cake

So… after being SO SURE I would never make cakes for people again… I’m finding a soft and gentle comfort in… making cakes for people again. I’ve come full circle back to the tiny cake biz but this time – “JUST CHILLIN’” is my motto. “ZEN CUPCAKE” is my meditation. Making cakes for birthdays … there’s an innocence to it, or a purity somehow – I imagine the sweet little face of the birthday girl or boy as their cake is set before them, glittering candles and Happy Birthday… and that JOY – ahhhhh. And, through finding the gentle joy in baking for the art and enjoyment of it again, I’m feeling re-inspired…

pink raspberry stripey cake

Back to this pretty in pink cake. I made it for Amanda, Sam’s sister-in-law, to celebrate her 40th birthday! I loved every moment of making it, from drawing it out first, to borrowing Teddy’s felts to colour it in, to mixing the batter. The cakes baking in the oven, and that encompassing warmth and comforting smell fills the kitchen. Then, whipping a sticky cloud of meringue for a creamy pink vanilla buttercream, slowly adding pieces of unsalted butter as it whirls around into a creamy thickening soup – and that MAGIC MOMENT when the thick soup beats up into the most dreamy of frostings, the taste of melty vanilla ice cream on a summer day, all ready to be spread and piped onto soft layers of vanilla cake.

prettiest pink cake

I loved building this beauty! Pink and white stripes, ruffles and drop stars and fresh raspberries, filled with Bonne Maman raspberry jam (my fave)! and sprinkled with Sweetapolita sprinkles! White chocolate ganache drips, too.

pink drippy cake

pink striped swiss meringue buttercream

Although making this lovely cake helped me personally to come back to the world of the living (THE INTERNET)… and to rediscover creating something that I was proud of and excited about – this cake met a very very very sad end. The next day, Sam messaged me saying the waitperson at the restaurant they were eating at DROPPED THE CAKE. Dropped it on the very face of it’s anal-retentively-piped, fretted-over surface!!!!! Not one person got to eat even an iota of cake. The pain, the agony, the INNER TURMOIL!!!!! My immediate reaction was to offer to make another one for the poor birthday girl… but Sam messaged me saying her two lil twin girls were going to bake the make-up cake. Which, is so sweet and special.

pink striped swiss meringue buttercream

So, here lies Pretty In Pink cake – a special cake that helped along one person’s mental health (MINE), made another person’s night hell (WAITRESS) and propelled two sweet little twin girls to make probably the BESTEST cake ever for their awesome Auntie. Rest In Peace, cakey… and Happy Birthday Amanda!  xo Lyndsay

Rainbow Caticorn Cake

Caticorn Cake by Coco Cake Land

rainbow caticorn cake

Sometimes in life you just want to look at a freaking cute picture of a rainbow caticorn cake, you know? Yes, that’s right. A majestic unicorn and a very cute chill cat got together one extra-sparkly afternoon and decided to make a baby. I’m not even going to say who was the male and who was the female. I’m hoping the cat was the male. Let’s go with that, based on animal size and general hopefulness. I guess what happened was, the union between cat and ‘corn was just SO MAGIC that the baby turned out to have rainbow buttercream fur. That is ok by me. I am also very into this idea of cross-breeding, it’s like the inter-racial dating of the animal kingdom. Thumbs up over here.

rainbow caticorn cake

JK, JK! Sorry I’m so weird. I made a rainbow caticorn cake for my good friend Miko‘s daughter’s birthday!! I’ve had so much love for this rainbow caticorn cake that I am going to add some tips on how to make this for you lovelies out there who have asked. So here ya go!

Wilton piping tip 234

To pipe this rainbow kitty-corn with its glorious fur, you will need my favourite fur piping tip – Wilton 234 multi-opening tip, mostly used to “pipe grass” – but a magic piping tip when it comes to emulating furry fun. It normally isn’t as large as one’s head, just in this pic. :P

vertically filled piping bag

You will need about 5 cups of your favourite vanilla buttercream. Fill and crumb-coat your cake with the buttercream, then divide the remaining buttercream into three medium bowls, tinting each bowl a different complementary colour. A complementary colour is one that melds nicely with the colour beside it – for instance, pink, blue and yellow. We’re not trying to make poo-brown here. Fill your piping bag vertically as shown above – or, you can try the “plastic wrap log” method for rainbow buttercream if you wish! Go logs go!

rainbow piping bag

Squeeze the piping bag so the colours flow together, then get pipin’, sister (or mister)!! For shorter fur, squeeze the piping bag in short spurts. For longer fur, squeeze the buttercream out a touch more to form longer strands. The facial features and ears are all made from fondant. I always buy my fondant already pre-coloured because colouring black fondant can be HELL ON EARTH. Satin Ice makes these cute little 4 ounce party packs of black fondant, perfect for a project like this. Use a small round cookie cutter or the round opening edge of piping tips to cut out eyes and cheeks. The horn is very simple to make – form two small logs of pink fondant and white fondant, twist together, form a point and attach to a wooden skewer!! I AM SO HELPFUL RIGHT NOW!! Oh, the ears are made with fondant too and held up with wooden BBQ skewers! Dinkly little toothpicks won’t do the job here. You need the power of wooden BBQ skewer aka MADE TO HOLD BIG OLD PIECES OF BEEF.

rainbow caticorn cake

SOOOOO… back to the birthday girl … this cake was a real hit, and Saya loved it, and there will be an adorable picture of her with the cake if you scroll down just a scooch more…

rainbow cat cake by coco cake land

Saya with cake

Happy birthday sweet Saya! PS if you make this cake, please credit me properly for the design with a link back to this post. Please don’t make a YouTube video out of this and claim it as your own without giving proper credit, k? I am a mostly posi-core person but nothing irks me more than the rampant stealing of other creative people’s ideas and hard work! Stay cool, internet!! Stay chill, me!! PEACE! xo Lyndsay 

Ghost Cake

ghost cake by cococakeland

Happy ghost cake.

kawaii ghost cake

Sad ghost cake! Hallowiener is upon us so I thought I’d post this ghosty guy I made in the hot drippy heat of July, for no reason at all, except, whoops it’s October and I have an accidental ghost cake to post. I’ve been lite-googling “dinosaur mask paper mache” because I was thinking of being a silver-themed Ultraman-ish villain this year. Mostly because I feel like wearing silver, because I am jealous of Teddy’s silver gloves. Also, I love the kids’ space costumes in this post from Tell Love and Party – SILVER! GLOBE HEADS! Last year I attempted to be Grapes but I messed up my costume – after pinning on a whole bunch of purple balloons onto my purple silk vintage shirt, I couldn’t get the damn shirt on afterward, an engineering fail. The year prior, I went as CAKEHEAD which was pretty cool – “cake in a box!” This year Teddy is so pumped to decorate our house all Halloween-ish. So far we have a fake bloody hand given to us by our old neighbours, hehe. Side note: this ghost cake made me think of none other than Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in the racey penile wet pottery scene in Ghost. This movie came out in 1990 and I totally saw it in the theatres (mom?? I think I was too young). I was such a little innocent that I don’t remember much about the “scenes of a sexual nature” but the final scene where the BAD GUY IS GUTTED BY A VERY LARGE AND INSANELY SHARP SHARD OF BROKEN GLASS and his soul is dragged to hell by rather terrifying black shadows is emblazoned upon my memory. I also remember thinking, when the credits rolled: when Demi sees Patrick again she is going to be an old lady (although she has proven she does not really age!) and he will still be a handsome young man.Time to watch GHOST again, 27 years later!! xo Lyndsay