Party! Panda Party!

My friend Helen sent me this hilarious link to the game “Pizza Party”. Doesn’t that look like the worst game ever? So boring!!! What a catchy song can do for marketing, I tell ya… but admittedly a pizza party is my favourite kind of party because I loooove pizza!

Gorgeous and vibrant Rita had her 30th birthday bash this past Saturday, and her awesome husband Julian called me up for some secret cupcake planning. Rita loves cute cute pandas… so I made these hilarious little panda dudes for her birthday, plus a whole whack of brightly colored mini chocolate cupcakes topped with pink and purple buttercream! Rita and Julian are also the stars of a film by my sometimes-side business, Cake & Lemonade Super 8 Wedding Films! You couldn’t find a nicer and more attractive couple!

Happy Happy Birthday dear Rita! I hope you loved the panda bears… and that their eyes were far enough apart to be extra extra cute for you!!!

xo Lyndsay

9 Responses to “Party! Panda Party!”

  1. Mini Baker

    Love the pandas! So cute!
    Have a great day :)
    -Mini Baker

  2. Snooky doodle

    How cute! These pandas are adorable! I love a pizza party since I would eat pizza everyday if it was possible :)

  3. gyoza*girl

    cute pandas and minis!!! happy birthday rita! :)

  4. Justin

    i probably always say the same thing when i come here, but the pandas are so cute!

  5. lyndsay

    thanks mini, natalie, gyoza and justin!!! xo

  6. apparentlyjessy

    The wide set eyes definitely make them super cute pandas!

  7. lyndsay

    thanks jessy !:)

  8. Carmoon

    Small world Lyndsay – I work with Rita! Great job on filming her wedding and making these adorable panda cupcakes for her 30th :) I’ll have to keep you in mind for another panda-crazed friend!
    -(Cousin) Carmen

  9. pfefferminz tee

    How cute! These pandas are adorable! Have a great day, Lindsay.


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