Pinky The Pupcake for Design*Sponge party!

Woof! Pink shaggy pupcake – dark chocolate cake with pink vanilla buttercream and fondant accents. I could just hug this guy!! Except I hate getting food on my face or body or clothes! But seriously if a friendly lifesized shaggy Pinky the pup just cruised through the door whistling a hilarious tune, would I be scared, or delighted??

Lookit that crazy pink shaggy face. Pinky the pupcake! I brought him to the Design*Sponge book signing party here in Vancouver and his little cake face was enjoyed by many stylish, artful and crafty ladies! Gosh, Vancouver has a lot of cool and talented ladies. We’re a lucky city.

Bonnie the Design*Sponge cutetastic guru, Amy the managing editor, Coco Cake lady with Coco Cake pupcake, my sis Leanne! Photo by the lovely Janis Nicolay!

14 Responses to “Pinky The Pupcake for Design*Sponge party!”

  1. Mallory

    i think i’d be delighted to see a pup like that bounding through the door! haha. an utterly adorable canine.

  2. lyndsay

    Haha! Thanks Mallory!

    I think if he was whistling the theme song to the Smurfs I might be like, “oh this guy is a FRIEND!” ^__^

  3. Jamie-Leigh

    Aww this is soooo Cute. :D

  4. dia

    one of the cutest cakes i’ve seen!

  5. Jan | Poppytalk

    That is the cutest cake ever !!!

  6. gyoza*girl

    Pinky the Pupcake! So cute and shaggy and pink! So fun Pinky (and me) got to attend the Design*Sponge book signing event! :)

  7. Rosie @ Sweetapolita

    That is seriously one of the cutest cakes I’ve ever seen, Lyndsay! So fun to be part of the Design Sponge event–you’re amazingly talented and a true blue person–it doesn’t get much better than that :)xo

  8. Jenniffer

    Lyndsay, this pink pupcake is just too cute! Now I want a pink shaggy puppy too!

  9. Stefania

    Meravigliosa torta, complimenti

  10. dahlhaus

    I so missed having a piece of your cake at the book launch- Love it!!

  11. lyndsay

    @jamie leigh, thank you!!!

    @dia, thank you!!!

    @jan, thank you…! pinkeee the pupppp!

    @gyoza girl – thanks sis! that was fun, and we both got a book – woot!

    @rosie, you are truly a sweet and kind soul too! bloggin’ buddies!

    @jenniffer- haha, thanks!!

    @steffania, thank you and thanks for visiting!

    @dahlhaus – thanks heather!! and sorry you missed having a piece. :( there’s always more cake where that came from! ^__^

  12. Berry

    Hi! He is super cute!!! Sweet pink face! ☺

  13. Pinecone Camp

    It was so delicious too! Well done!

  14. justine | lovemaki

    this is such a cute and beautiful cake!
    i’d came across your blog ages ago and secretly wished you were located in toronto:P

    love your work!



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