Raspberry Vanilla Cake!

A little raspberry jam filled vanilla buttercream frosted cake for our amazing, incredible mom on her 68th birthday. (Right?? As if she looks 68!! … pictured above with my son Teddy.)

Mom, in 5 short years you’ve become a grandma to 6 little ones! You are the one who brings the world around you together with your love, support, warmth, diplomacy, generosity, knowledge, openness, spirit and strength. We love you mom!!! Best poh-poh ever, too!!!

Happy happy birthday! Thank you for everything you do for your daughters and our children!!

12 Responses to “Raspberry Vanilla Cake!”

  1. SweetThingsTO

    Happy Birthday Poh Poh!!! Your mother is beautiful and so is Teddy!

  2. lyndsay

    Aww thank you Juanita! ^__^

  3. reread

    amazing cake!

  4. Neha

    Such a great picture! He’s just precious : )

  5. lyndsay

    thank you, reread!

    aww thank you neha! ^__^

  6. Snooky doodle

    nice cake. best wishes to your mum :)

  7. db&a

    Happy Birthday! The cake looked amazing. :)

  8. db&a

    Happy Birthday! The cake looked amazing. :)

  9. My Scandinavian Home

    What a really lovely cake! It must have made your Mum’s day :)

  10. lyndsay

    @snooky! thank you!! :)

    @danielle, awww… i will make one this summer for alice! can’t wait for the visit!

    @myscandinavian home, thank you!!

  11. Gabriel Savaris Ignácio

    yummy! amazing cake! hahaa
    Happy B-day!!!

  12. Robin Mitchell Cranfield

    You are a good daughter :)


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