Buttercream Rose Cupcakes + More Crazy Cakes

Another one of them cake round-ups! Sorry I have been so busy, but I haven’t forgotten you, my dear blog! A whole bunch of crazytown cakes, including pretty buttercream roses, Fluffy The Puffy cake for Marc-Andre, Totoro cupcakes for Py, Mermaid and Turtwig matching cakes for Olivia and Duncan, and Despicable Me themed cake and cupcakes for Stephanie, ordered by her sweet sis Trixie!


See you soon with lots more, Coco Cakers.

10 Responses to “Buttercream Rose Cupcakes + More Crazy Cakes”

  1. SweetThingsTO

    All sweets are fabulous! I love those roses with the green leaves icing – never seen it like that, looks stunning. I may have to borrow that idea someday!

  2. Alanna S.

    Those roses are so beautiful! And the “Despicable Me” is spot-on, amazing as usual!

  3. laura

    oh my goodness. those roses are divine, your cakes are divine! you have such talent! very very inspiring.

  4. lyndsay

    thank you juanita!!!! ^_^

    thanks alanna!

    thank you laura! very much appreciated!!

    xo lyndsay

  5. justJENN

    LOVE it all!

  6. lyndsay

    thanks Jenn! ^_^

  7. lauradoodles

    I love your cupcakes! They are simply adorable :) especially the little minions and the cute little boxy puppy hehe I wish I could bake!!

  8. lyndsay

    thank you so much laura!! ^__^

  9. lyndsay

    PS… you totally can bake… just go for it! ^__^ try it out, give it a shot, then practice lots! you can only get better!

  10. Suzanne

    Just how you keep your cupcakes fresh mine always seem to dry out?


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