Pretty Pictures: Recent Cakey Times

Pretty mini pink rosette topped cupcakes.

Lovely for a bridal or baby shower, or a shabby chic birthday.

Hydraenga cupcake.


Lettering: “today just got better!” (still never found out why).

Flags, flags, everywhere there’s flags.

Mini regal and ruffly raspberry topped Berry Good cupcakes.

Happy Birthday Juma!

Despicable Me and 1-Up cupcake toppers, and drawing!

Ordered by Erika for her BF (and my cousin!) Dave, a.k.a DLM.

Hockey themed cake for Motoko, ordered by Lance!

Storm Trooper Cake ordered by Golnar for her nephew! :)

8 Responses to “Pretty Pictures: Recent Cakey Times”

  1. Annie Rose

    My son has been begging for a star wars theme birthday this year. The storm trooper cake rocks!

  2. jdavissquared

    those raspberry ones look so yummy!

  3. lyndsay

    thanks annie rose! i wish someone would order an ewok cake. more up my alley!! (ie- cute animal!)

    thanks jdavis!! :)

  4. justJENN

    That Despicable Me is fantastic!

  5. NINA


  6. apparentlyjessy

    Ahhh SWOOON! Your cupcakes and crisp pretty photographs of them make me swoooooooooooooon!

  7. lyndsay

    thank you jenn!!

    thanks nina!

    thank you sweet jessy! :)

  8. Lydia

    I like ALL of these. I can’t even choose a favourite. I have to learn that ruffle piping, that looks great.


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