Somewhere Over The Rainbow: Rainbow Cupcakes

What a seriously beautiful song. Judy Garland singing it, only, from the amazing movie The Wizard of Oz! The song makes me think of hope and love and compassion, and making dreams come true. Pretty lovely!

Sweet Claire ordered from afar a delightful gift for her friends Tara and Elladee’s housewarming: rainbow cupcakes! These cupcakes are sheer magic — only when you bake that multi-colored batter in the oven, and hear the timer go off, and you peak into the oven do you get to see how the cupcakes decided to turn out! Blobs of neon colours make up these rainbow vanilla cupcakes, which I topped off with a swirl of pretty pink, blue and purple vanilla buttercream.

18 Responses to “Somewhere Over The Rainbow: Rainbow Cupcakes”

  1. KT Cupcake

    Gorgeous! I’m curious – what frosting tip did you use?

  2. faithy, the baker

    …way up high…there’s a land that I heard of
    once in a lullaby…

    I just drop by from Cake Wreck..thankfully you had this post so now my mind has been switched from her hilarious “What’s This” to this sweet!

    Love your rainbow cupcakes! I have yet to do swirls like you use a star tip for make those gorgeous swirls!!

  3. kim @ stellacake

    yummers. rainbows taste good!

  4. jan

    i haven’t tasted a rainbow yet, but these look like they are probably pretty delicious!

  5. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

    thanks KT! KT and Faithy, yes it’s a star tip to create the swirls!

    haha Faithy I heart Cake Wrecks too. so hilarious.

    Thanks Kim!

    thank you Jan!! :)

  6. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

    Jan! Thank you for the “link love!” Yay Poppytalk!

    xo lyndsay


    Oh, how wonderful!!!

  8. Lulie

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous1 You continue to inspire me with your creations. Actually, I want try to emulate you. Try, I said. I’m ok at smooshing on b/cream icing, but piping I want to learn. PLease can you let me know what tip you use to get this beautiful effect?
    Thanks from the UK!

  9. Lulie

    Sorry, I dd read it’s a star tip but was wondering what size?

  10. Stefanie

    These are wonderful! How did you get the frosting colors to stay so separate? I have tried and they end up getting all mixed together!

  11. gyoza*girl

    swirly vivid colourful yummy coolness! :)

  12. NINA

    So much fun to eat!!!
    I left a little something for you in my Blog, would love it if you stopped by…


  13. Brandy L

    WOW! These are amazing. I love the colors!

  14. Catherine Holman

    These are absolutely beautiful!

  15. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

    thank you so much everyone… !!!

    @lullie, it’s a 1M tip!

    @Stefanie, i wonder if its the consistency of your frosting? Try making it “stiffer” and it will hold better together i bet! :)

  16. Patricia Oro

    Love your rainbow cupcakes! I’m going to make them for my friend’s 40th birthday in couple of weeks. Where did you get the liners? Thanks!

  17. Lori

    Wow, these cupcakes are beautiful! I love the frosting! So cool!

  18. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

    hi patricia! i buy all my liners in bulk (like, 1000 at a time) but there are some great resources online: comes to mind, she is really cool!

    good luck with your rainbows!!!

    thanks lori! :)


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