Totoro Anniversary Cake For Chibi!

Whee! Another cute Totoro cake by yours truly, Coco Cake sole proprietor L.K.S.

When I get asked to do work that I’ve done previously, I always try to make it a bit different, whether it’s using different colored paper for the cake board and flags, or adding a slightly different touch… on this Totoro cake I made for William as a present for his wife Chibi on their 4th wedding anniversary, I tried a new leaf look as a cake border… I think it turned out really cute!

The cake is a dark chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and chocolate ganache filling! Totoro and his buddies have a somewhat stunned expression on their face, no? :)

9 Responses to “Totoro Anniversary Cake For Chibi!”

  1. Heidi

    Love it! I’m patiently waiting for one of my 4 children to forgo Pokemon or Mario or Buzz Lightyear for a Totoro cake. Might just have to make one for myself.

  2. Alanna S.

    Yah Coco! I’d never heard of this character before your blog. =)

  3. Angie's Recipes

    Looks so cute!

  4. lyndsay

    Hi Heidi!! haha. have your kids seen the movie My Neighbor Totoro?? They may be asking for a Totoro cake from you soon!!

    Hi Alanna! You should definitely watch the film… it’s a bit sad actually as well has hilarious/wonky, but I always remember the sad movies from my childhood…

    thanks Angie! :)

  5. faithy, the baker

    how cute! I love totoro!!

  6. Brandy L

    So absolutely cute!

  7. lyndsay

    thanks faithy!! thanks brandy!

  8. AikoVenus

    Everything about this is so cute! I was just thinking of making a Totoro cake myself. ^^

  9. Anonymous

    Lovely <3


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