A Wolf Cake For Wolfgang

cute wolf cake by coco cake land

I made this cutie pie wolf cake for the dang cutest little guy named Wolfgang for his laser-tag birthday party back in October. I was in a pretty bad creative slump, post-book-completion. I thought I might give up cakes all together, I was kind of hating on the internet, and felt ready to try something totally different. I wasn’t sure what … you know all those books about careers and following your dreams and doing what you love doing?? I tried to think about what it was that I loved. Was it too late for med school? LOL. Should I try and get a job at some digital ad agency? Should I get a job in a kitchen chopping vegetables? Should I go back to teaching art to kids?? But then, through the making of this cake, I realized… well shit. I actually am doing what I love. I love drawing. I love baking and being super-anal about my cake designs. I love making kids happy. I love photography and food styling, and I love writing… So… thank you Nancy, for asking me to make this and coaxing me out of my cake hibernation!

cute cake flag

cute wolf cake by coco cake land

drawings of cute wolves

cute wolf cake by coco cake land

wolfgang with wolf cake

HOW CUTE IS THIS GUY!? Happy birthday Wolfie! xo Lyndsay 

2 Responses to “A Wolf Cake For Wolfgang”

  1. Sandra Murta

    Sooo cute!
    I don’t know if you remember me but, you made our wedding cake! It’s still one of my very favorite cakes ever. I was wondering if I could also help with the coaxing out of cake hibernation, I would love for you to make a birthday cake for our son who’s turning 6 at the end of February.

  2. Natalie

    This cake looks so cute!!!


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