Yay Baby Ajay! Baby Shower Cake & Cupcakes

For a lovely soiree for sweet Natallie and her adorable little 2 month old Ajay, Natallie ordered up a whole bunch of specialty cupcakes and a matching cake. She requested a theme of light blue and white for the cupcakes, and of course little baby faces and baby blocks and a matching Baby Face cake. Holy cuteness. I was really stoked on trying out making little baby faces and a baby faced cake! I love trying stuff I’ve never done before. Challenges are good, creative problem solving can be fun… unless you’re stuck, which is a real drag! Luckily I haven’t felt too stuck lately… The Coco Cake flavours were Coconut Dream and Vanilla cupcakes, and a 9 inch vanilla specialty Baby Face cake!!! I was worried this might turn out creepy, but I think I got the cuteness down!

I felt extremely excited and happy about how these little baby faces and baby blocks turned out. I also made some cute little paper flags to stick into the cupcakes that didn’t have fondant on them. Joy, joy! Too fun/funny. And out of all the baby faces, Rich’s favourite is the crying one… Aiyahhh, Rich!!

12 Responses to “Yay Baby Ajay! Baby Shower Cake & Cupcakes”

  1. Nishalim

    Cute baby faces…Great job again Lyndsay.. ; )

  2. cArLa

    i agree, the faces are so cute and funny too. xo, carla

  3. lyndsay

    thanks nishalim!!

    thanks carla!! :)

  4. Jennywenny

    So cute! I love the letters, what kind of cutters did you use?

  5. lyndsay

    hi j-wenn! thanks! i’ll check for you and letcha know! :)

  6. Brandy L

    OMG! Those are so darn cute! I luv the cake and cupcakes.

  7. Jenniffer

    OMG! How adorable are those!?! Too cute! Love your blog!!


  8. Stacey

    fantastically adorable!!

  9. lyndsay

    brandy, jenniffer, stacey… thanks for stopping by and thanks for the sweet comments!! :)

    j-wenn, the cutters are “Fox Run” brand!

  10. gyoza*girl

    wheee! these are cute! i like the crying one too and the one on the left in the 6th pic with the super smiley face! love the baby blocks too!

  11. lyndsay

    heehee! thanks LMSB!!!!! i was really happy with how this turned out, keeping the baby shower order cute and not scary… ! :)

  12. Sprinkles

    We adored your idea of doing face cupcakes, and so have featured your post and blog in our 25 best baby boy shower cupcake feature on http://www.partycupcakeideas.com


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