Yo-Kai Watch Jibanyan Cake!

jibanyan cake by coco cake land

yo-kai watch cake

A few weeks ago on my Instagram Stories I posted my very first fondant covered Totoro themed cake, which I made for my little baby nephew Brody. Now, on his TENTH birthday – I’m still making him his birthday cakes – like this Yo-Kai Watch Jibanyan cake! Yep, who?? What?? Honestly it’s so hard to follow the trends of the elementary school child these days, but now that my own little guy is five years old I often hear about this kind of stuff – Pokemon this, Yo-Kai Watch that, ding dong this, bing bong that … I can’t really keep up. I just pretend to know a little bit about Pokemon. I haven’t bought one damn Pokemon card pack for Teddy yet and I’m determined to keep it that way, haha! He has his little tattered collection of cards in a plastic Ziploc bag (I think he has like 15 cards)…? I must admit though, Pokemon are damn cute and about 80% of them would make adorable cakes!

yo-kai watch cake

I’ve made sooo many cakes for my nieces and nephews over the years – it’s so fun to look back at my progression and the CUUUUTE pics of my my nieces and nephews over the years. This Kermit cake I made for Brody when he turned four, and then this Angry Birds cake when he turned five… (I love looking back at these posts too because suddenly Teddy pops up in there… life is crazy…) It was around Brody’s Angry Birds cake that I started transitioning more into making buttercream cakes versus fondant covered ones. I still love the clean designed look of fondant but, let’s be honest, buttercream is so much yummier!

yo-kai watch cake

As always I draw out my designs before I attempt them on my cake. This is SO helpful for me to do – once I have the basic sketch then I end up playing around with sizes for the ears, eyes, mouth etc on the actual cake. I just keep adjusting it until I think it looks pretty cute, hehe. People have asked me why every page in my sketchbook has a giant X through every page… am I THAT HARD ON MYSELF that I X out all my drawings?? Um, no. My five year old Teddy drew an X on every page so I would have “more room to draw.” Four spaces to draw instead of one space. THOUGHTFUL, right? Hehe.

jibanyan cake by coco cake land

I was also told by Teddy to NOT FORGET THAT BITE THING out of the side of Jibanyan’s ear. Okey doke. He told me why this wild-eyed orange cat had a bite outta his ear but… sometimes moms glaze over this type of information.

jibanyan cake

yo-kai watch cake

Happy tenth birthday Brody! I can’t believe you’re in the double digits!!! xo Auntie Lyndsay 

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  1. steph

    so cute! i can’t believe i’ve been creeping on your making cakes for your fam for SO long!!!! i remember all of your fondant covered cakes! so true though, buttercream is much tastier.

    also, “moms glaze over this type of information” HAHHAHAHHA you and teddy are the cutest :)


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