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Sungday Morning

These sunshiney ice cream treats look like toys to me! Nope, they’re 100% real and I ate them all. Muffin top is like a voracious amoeba and must smorgasbord on...Read More

Here Comes The Sung

Give peace to my body. Give peace a chance – flower cone power. A peace offering. This is my face. Skeptical guy. Totoro cookie like a magic eightball. This was...Read More

Still Coco Cake

Kinda like “Still Dre” but with more cake – I am still me. I am still here. While it’s true that I have not had the energy or desire to...Read More

Saturday Sundae

I had an ice cream sundae party for my 36th birthday! Yes, a party theme typically fit for children… maybe I’m in a children-centric mood these days, taking care of...Read More