Cupcakes Revival and Boob Exams – Cop A Feel!

cute cupcake face - coco cake land

Winkety wink! G’day mate! (with a paper watermelon mouth.)

dairy queen soft serve cone

Cheers, cheers and more cheers! It’s been a week and a half since my last chemo. That barfy nausea inducing all-over-body hell is over. I hope forever. In a way, it’s been so surreal, these past six months. A young woman with breast cancer – it still doesn’t feel like me. I have the physical scars, I have the taste memories, the fear… but my optimism shines on. Life! It feels at my fingertips again, to enjoy, create and explore.

pink rosette cupcakes - coco cake land

Kind of in love with cupcakes again. The sheer simplicity, cuteness and just plain yumminess of a bite of cake with a creamy sugar sweet frosting; the texture crunch of some sprinkles or burst of juice from a fresh vibrant berry. I was so sick of making cupcakes for so long … I think the world wanted to barf thinking about cupcakes too – so twee, so girly, so overexposed. But… I think just the simplest of cupcakes ever might be where it’s at – a perfect rosette and a colourful liner, or a modest swirl and minimal decoration.

pink furry cupcakes with raspberries - coco cake land

Sarah from Buddy and Bear sent me a bunch of the cutest kids plates and egg cups – look at that little smiling bear buddy above! I think Sarah and I share a love of the same aesthetic – I’ll call it “kawaii minimalist”… hehe! Teddy’s been enjoying his hard boiled eggs poking out of his bear egg cup. Um, we’ve also done “milk shots” using them… ^__^

super cute ice cream sundae - coco cake land

Sundae, bloody sundae! Everything tastes better in cute little containers – this I believe! I am going to be sad when my stockpile of Poppytalk for Target ice cream cups are finally gone. But, my new anti-hoarder mentality says – enjoy and use it up, or give it away!

bakedown cakery chocolate gems

More amazing mail – my new pal from Australia, Jen of Bakedown Cakery, sent me a big old box of treats in the mail! It turned up just as I was a few days post-chemo, lying in bed feeling super gross. I opened up the box to find a whole bunch of chocolate (I’ve never had Tim Tams before!! Life changer!) and these handmade chocolate gems she made from her chocolate shop. Cute enough for ya!??

oreo ice cream sandwich eyes!

I posted this photo on my Instagram the other day. Number one: I was craving an Oreo ice cream sandwich, haha. Number two: my 6 month cancer diagnosis “anniversary” was coming up and I felt the need to share the story of how I found my tumour. It was so innocuous and possibly-nothing that I could’ve left it unchecked. But I didn’t. And they found cancer. So as I noted on my post – COP A FEEL! Give yourself a breast exam and don’t ignore anything that feels a bit weird. The Oreo ice cream sammies kind of look like creepy Owl eyes or burnt boobs. Oops. But still, I hope I got my point across.

pink rosette cupcakes - coco cake land

Cupcake diamonds! I can’t get enough of cupcake diamonds! The pretty pink rosette cupcakes I made for my niece’s 6th birthday.

lighthouse park - west vancouver bc

My sweet boo. A sunny day at Lighthouse Park a few weeks ago.

lighthouse park - west vancouver bc

Turban in the wild! I must admit I am getting pretty tired of having no hair. My patience is wearing thin but there’s nothing I can do about it… except scrutinize my hair every day in the mirror to check on its growth! Right now I’m feeling a little like Ripley in Alien (although not even quite there yet!)… I keep looking back at older pictures of myself (like 5 months ago pictures!) and being jealous of my own long hair. Sad!! I have a wicked long break before my radiation starts closer to the end of August! So I am a happy chappy about this. I plan on maxing out summer, plus Teddy’s 3rd birthday is coming up in August so I may go loose cannon wild on it.

dinosaur video at science world

And Teddy getting up close and personal with a large scale video of dinosaurs – that T-rex burst into the frame. I would’ve crapped my pants but Teddy stood and stared… Feeling blessed and beyond happy I am finished with chemo. FOREVER FOREVER I hope! I feel like my life’s been handed back to me – I can plan trips and fun thing without worrying about feeling like a chemically poisoned dead fish… Hooray! Here’s to the rest of summer. Hoping you all are enjoying it so far! xo Lyndsay 

19 Responses to “Cupcakes Revival and Boob Exams – Cop A Feel!”

  1. Andreia

    I was hesitant if I should write you or not, cause my english is worse than ever (I need to pratice !!!) but finally I took the courage and here I am! … some months ago I stumped into Cocoland. It was by accident. I was searching some inspiration for a animal cake made with buttercream instead of sugar paste and KABOOMM I found your beatiful sheep (pinky one!). I didnt knew your story, my only focus was that sheep! But onde day (perhaps 1 month ago)…I took the time and I read almost the intired blog strait! I feel the need to tell you that your drive, your optimism, the love for live that you have, I truly admire. I am also na optimistic person, cheer one, always looking on the brigth side of life (llooll) but when I read you, i want to stand up and Clap…CLAP CLAP CLAP and scream HORRAY! Because I know that life isnt always sweet but you are the proof that no matter the obstacle there is always a reason to smile…and if the smile is hard to come…then we give a gigant kiss and hug to those we love and them bake a cupcake! :)
    Deep down I just want to tell you that more than your cakes & ideas (AWESOME ONES!!), YOU are the truly inspiration. You really are!
    I look forward to see the next “invention”/post and how your health is doing. I really belive that the best tretement that you will ever get is how you live life. And everything will worked out in the end…many many years from now.
    I feel sorry our countries are far far away otherwise I would love to meet you and learn form you! :)
    Please apologize my terrible english but if you understand portuguese, I translate what was in my mind I want to tell you…lllooolll.

    A HUGE Kiss & Hug (or as you write XOXO..llloolll) from this Portuguese mom of two (mini two!!) and I hope to read you soon. All the best dear Lindsey.

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      wow Andreia … what can I say… thank you SO much for your support. XO

  2. cynthia

    This all makes me SO HAPPY!!! Wish I could give you the HUGEST of hugs for conquering yet another insane obstacle in this mammoth journey. It is so amazing to see your smiling face and I cannot wait for your hair to be back in black (cue ACDC). You are too amazing. Hope you’re feeling on top of the world and sending all the love in the world as always!!!!

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      haha!! back in black … YES! of course there are those annoying white hairs poking out too! thanks so much sweet cynthia!! XO

  3. Heather Baird

    Yay for no more chemo!
    And for the record, you are totally rocking that turban.

    Also, cupcakes forever.

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      aw thanks heather!! hehe – yes, from one baker to another – cupcakes forever! ^__^

  4. steph

    hugs lynds! passion, grace, and stinking plain positivity is how you’ve tackled this beast and i am so, so happy that it’s almost over. high fives, friend. you are a powerhouse :) xoxo

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      my dear food blogger pal! thank you so much. XO

  5. Sarah // The Sugar Hit

    I’ve said it before and I’ma keep on saying it! You’re my freaking hero. I know you’re super bummed about your hair, but you are seriously convincing me on turbans, yo. I’m really into them, you’re pulling it off! And you pulled that mother-effing chemo off. What a lady. You deserve all the happiness in the world, enjoy your summer with that little man (I was scared by the picture of that t-rex, so yeah, I would have shit myself). As always I’m sending good vibes to you! xx

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      thank you sarah! feeling the vibes. XO

  6. chiara

    YAY!!!! congrats! big ups to you!!!!

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      thank you chiara! ^__^

  7. Rich

    You are such a powerhouse, cool lady. A real inspiration. I love you.

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      i love you too HB!!!! XO

  8. Kate

    So many high-fives to you girlfriend. You are a wonder! I’m thrilled you are done with chemo now let’s get back to those cupcakes (like your attitude isn’t inspiration enough). :)

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      thank you so much kate. i’ll be baking this weekend for my niece’s birthday … cupcakes! ^__^

  9. Afreen

    Hope and pray that you have a happy and healthy life ahead, keep up the good work. I absolutely loved your cupcakes!

  10. Cindy

    YAY, yay, yay!!! So many congrats. I know it’s been a few weeks now, so I hope you’re feeling great and showing this summer who’s boss (YOU!)!!

  11. Nancy @ gottagetbaked

    Damn woman, you’re tough as nails and I love you for it! Your strength and resilience are awe inspiring! And I don’t know anyone who rocks a turban as hard ‘n stylishly as you do. Big hugs to you xoxoxo


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