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We just came back from a sleepy dreamy week in the mountains at our family’s 1971 cabin. I took Teddy swimming in a green lake (where he mostly tried to put rocks in his mouth) and we stood and cheered on some very muscular and fit superhumans as they ran the Ironman! Holy man, those are some fit men and ladies! I weep with joy at weddings, I cry at the gym when Teen Mom 2 is on (the hardships! the loss of innocence!), and I get teary eyed standing sidelines at marathons – all those friends and family cheering on their loves ones! Just call me a cultural crybaby.

We spent Teddy’s actual day of birth at the cabin and my parents came up for the night – my mom showed up with the cutest shiny red star balloon for Teddy! We had a fun, quiet birthday for him with an angel food cake, strawberries and whipped cream. I was an emotional waterworks wreck that day, thinking about all we had been through as a new family of three this past year.

I felt happy and grateful and full of love.

xo Lyndsay

10 Responses to “Dreaming of you – Cake Life via Instagram”

  1. Sugar Baby

    Happy Birthday to Teddy!

    1. lyndsay

      Oh thank you sugar baby!

  2. Jan Halvarson

    Aw so sweet – sounds like the perfect first birthday celebration of life!

    1. lyndsay

      Thanks so much Jan! Xo

  3. Karen Reid-Mogford

    Beautiful pictures, and beautiful words :) you made me sniff. (Also I want a red star balloon.)

    1. lyndsay

      Aw… Thank you Karen! You should definitely get yourself a red star balloon! ;)

  4. Nicole Underwood

    awwww, I cry at all those things too.
    Sounds like a perfect celebration of your baby’s first year. I love all this pictures, lovely.

    1. lyndsay

      Nicole, glad I’m not alone! ;) thank you for commenting! :)

  5. Neha

    Such a gorgeous boy!

  6. lyndsay

    @neha, aww thank you so much! :)


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