Seniors Are Cool: Shako Club + Mini Cupcakes Decorating Workshop

flower topper mini cupcakes - coco cake land

I had such a fun time a few weeks ago teaching my very first (!) mini cupcakes baking and decorating workshop ever as part of my incredible artist friend Cindy Mochizuki‘s “Shako Club” project. I’ve been asked several times over the years to do decorating workshops or classes but it never felt right. But I was honoured to be invited to teach some cool senior ladies in a relaxed setting. Luckily the delightful Japanese Canadian seniors I worked with didn’t give a damn that cupcakes are so 2002 – it tickled my heart to watch them get super excited about piping tips and edible flowers, proudly plating their mini sweets and posing for photos. These cool ladies are creating 60 custom bento boxes based on lucky participants’ answers to a questionnaire – each box personalized, an edible gift of community, tiny food art and collaboration. Pretty special.

japanese seniors making cupcakes

Shako Club has an amazing little blog that documents the weekly goings-on in their humble little kitchen. The Shako Club members are a mix of widows, ex-caterers, sweet and artful, kindly old women – each with so much food memory in their fingers. I love the idea of decades of food making and creating, that history and experience, going into the edibles of each bento. I can’t wait to get my bento box in a few weeks!

flower topper mini cupcakes - coco cake land

mini cupcake decorating workshop

Me, looking like a Charlie Chaplin eyebrowed proud overlord in tied scarf, with the lovely ladies and their sweets. Thank you Grunt Gallery, Cindy and Shako Club for hosting me – it made me feel creative, useful and like a funny little cake “expert” – a wonderful energy and spirit boost! xo Lyndsay

5 Responses to “Seniors Are Cool: Shako Club + Mini Cupcakes Decorating Workshop”

  1. Jennifer

    What fun Lyndsay! The cupcakes are super cute as are you and the students. Looks and sounds like a great way to spend a few hours!

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      aw thanks jennifer! it really was a fun little workshop!

  2. Michelle @ Hummingbird High

    OMG. This is pretty cute. You + them = wonderful! Where can I get a bento box??? Are they only available in Vancouver?

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      haha – thanks michelle! ^__^ sadly the bento boxes are available only to vancouver participants … the boxes themselves are handmade by a japanese artisan wordworker (also a senior!!) pretty cool project. :)

  3. Sarah // The Sugar Hit

    I want to join Shako CLUB! I am neither elderley nor Japanese Canadian, but pleeeeeaaaase? It sounds awesome.


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