Summer Daze

painted toes swimming pool

Summer has come to mean sunny, splashy days at the pool or beach with my little Teddy. It’s been a different feeling this summer, being a no-haired egghead, and feeling the swimsuit pain of 6 months of emotional eating, body changes and low self esteem. My hair is growing back ever so slowly. I think it’s filled enough to almost look like I’ve coloured my head with grey charcoal – it’s still patchy and baby duckling-like. It’s so hard to be patient, particularly when I get tired of being looked at on the street or at the public pool, especially. But I’ve found that nothing feels better than splashing in, head under, floating and bobbing around in underwater silence, the cool water covering my head. After a few false starts of wearing my turban into the pool, then trying a mesh baseball cap, I finally went freedom zone no hat. It felt wonderfully freeing to do LAPS. It felt amazing, gliding through water, my front stroke in wobbly, crappy form, but still just going for it, feeling my muscles working, supporting me.

pink raspberry topped cupcakes

A mostly scorchingly hot July meant it was pretty much too hot to bake … my baking motivation is kind of low anyway… but sunshine makes the prettiest shadows!

watermelon pizza with fruit toppings

Chomp chomp! I made a cute watermelon pizza with fresh fruit “topping”! It was fun to eat it like this, and when I pulled it out of the fridge after photographing it, it still looked so pretty, inviting and colourful. If only I could train my mind to think that ice cream tasted BAD. I know I’ve been hard on myself for all the emotional eating/weight gain – but I’m trying to turn it around… eat less crap, exercise more…

handmade wooden bento box - shako club

This gorgeous handmade triangle bento box! Part of the magical Shako Club bento box I received as part of a community art project.

purple macaron party

I made macaron shells a few weeks ago that were misery-making bombs – cracked tops, no feet! I made them into “almond meringue cookie open faced sandwiches” with ruffly buttercream and fresh raspberries, ha. I dunno what I did wrong. I’ll need to make them dozens more times to get the hang of it.

perfect pastel swirled cupcakes

Cute pink swirled cupcakes I made for my niece’s 4th birthday!

little boy with wooden cake toy

Teddy going zen The Matrix cake guy on me.

trawicks at the powell street festival

My little family at the Powell Street Festival – my favourite festival in Vancouver! Doing my Fugazi/ “Grunge Smurf” look with a black cotton toque. Summer is an odd, very hot time to be wearing a toque, I can tell ya that much. I figure since the hair on my sideburns and top front of my head has grown in a bit, maybe it just looks like I’m a seriously punk mama? We were at the park by our house the other night after going out for pizza and the Trans March rolled through – I felt right at home, visually –  I’ve been feeling so gender bendered, physically – it was actually very nice.

kaki gori powell street festival

Kaki gori – Japanese finely shaved ice! I could eat this every day. I am obsessed with ice.

coleman tent golden ears park

We made it camping for one night! Wildcard last minute decision, we packed up and headed to Golden Ears Provincial Park just outside of Vancouver and camped among tall trees and the beautiful Alouette Lake.

centennial beach boundary bay

Hot beach day at Centennial Beach in Tsawassen. I love this photo as it looks like Teddy has tiny little people living on his head… I’ll leave you with this nice interview Creators Vancouver did with me. Elizabeth asked me lots of nice, interested questions – as well as this, which I’ll ask you too: What advice would you offer to others looking to pursue creative working lives? Hoping you’re all having an excellent summer, cake pals! xo Lyndsay 

7 Responses to “Summer Daze”

  1. Sarah

    Sosososo glad to hear that you are enjoying a bit of summer with your adorable little fam. :) Hope the card I sent found you eventually and that you continue mending at a speedy pace! Much love.

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      Aw Sarah hearing from you always makes me smile. I did INDEED receive your lovely card and I was very touched!! XO

  2. Cady | Wild Heart of Life

    I’ve been following your story a bit, and I would have certainly taken you for a punk mama rather than the warrior that you are! And then I’d be under crediting you because nothing is as punk rock as being as cool/strong/amazing as you’ve been through this!

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      Cady, I love you for your comment! Thank you. XO

  3. chiara

    You look great in that picture! You and your beautiful family!

  4. Cindy

    I’m so happy that you are enjoying the summer, even if you feel like a bummer at times–I’m sure you’re having lots of feelings, but just know you look like a BAMF to me ;) I also LOVEd your Shako Club post, so cool! Also cool, Teddy’s Matrix cake skills and his little-people-hawk.

  5. Kate

    Love hearing your updates. Don’t let anyone (especially yourself) tell you you aren’t rockin’ that look! Keep hoppin’ in that pool girlfriend and enjoy these last days of summer.


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