We Interrupt Our Normal Blogging With…

my birthday!!

It was my BIRTHDAY on Sunday! Hooray! I turned… gasp… 33. THIRTY THREE! thirty three. See, I have to write it a bunch of times to get used to it. Actually, about 6 months before every birthday I start thinking I’m the next age already (in order to mentally prepare) so I guess I’m used to it already. Er… actually not quite. Above is the picture of the AMAZING ICE CREAM CAKE (mocha ice cream, almond ice cream and chocolate crunch) my husband Rich made for me! He even piped that cute border and used my fondant to make my name and a funny all-blue ice cream cone. I had a super fun birthday party and was surprised with a DESSERT PARADE of sweets made by all of my friends. I was very teary eyed. That’s me in a blur of SHEER BIRTHDAY TREAT EXCITEMENT!

Yay! I had seriously a number one tops birthday this year. I also made a hilarious dish for my own party which you can read about. A terrine!!

13 Responses to “We Interrupt Our Normal Blogging With…”

  1. Jennywenny

    How fun! I’m glad you had a fun birthday. I’m turning 35 soon and I’m trying to enjoy the passage of time but I’m seriously struggling to be positive about it!!

  2. jan

    Oh Happy Birthday! 33 (just a baby)!

    : )

    And how cute is your husband!

  3. lanners

    Happy Birthday Lyndsay!!! I’m sorry you had to wake up so early on Saturday to make our cupcakes!!! I hope you had a great day. All the best, Alanna

  4. rachel

    happy birthday lyndsay! i got a beautiful red le creuset terrine dish as a wedding gift (as you were celebrating your bday, i was getting hitched!) and i can’t wait to test it out! i love how the asparagus looks wedged in the middle of that goat cheese. like green logs in drywall! xo

  5. justJENN

    Happy birthday Lyndsay! 33 is awesome!

  6. lyndsay

    oh thank you to all of my blog friends for the kind, sweet words!!

    jennywenny– keep it posi!!

    jan– yes, isn’t he the cutest!! so sweet and thoughtful.

    alanna!! — i LOVED making your cupcakes… it was my pleasure…! :)

    rachel, congrats!!! you lucky girl, le creuset terrine! xo

    jenn– thank you! :)

  7. apparentlyjessy

    Happy Birthday Lyndsay! Hope you had a great day, that cake looks delicious, I bet you felt special!

  8. lyndsay

    awww thanks jessy!! yes, a special moment :)

  9. SweetThingsTO

    Happy Birthday Lindsay! I’m a Scorpio too – just turned 36 (yikes) on Nov 5th… Have a wonderful year!

  10. lyndsay

    ooh thanks juanita! and happy belated birthday to you!

    great to know you in this internet cake world! :)

  11. The Daily Poster

    Haaaapppy birthday Lindsay! Belated ofcourse! huzzah huzzah!

  12. lyndsay

    hey-oh!! thanks so much!! i appreciate it!! :)

  13. Becky

    OMG Haven’t been to your blog for just a week and now I missed your birthday!!! Happy Belated Birthday Lyndsay!! :)


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