Unikitty Cake For Brooklyn!

Lego Unikitty cake Coco Cake Land

LOOK AT THAT CAKE FACE! What a nut. I’m just catching up on many many cake posts from this Fall, and this one was a real cute lil bud I made for my dearest niece, Brooklyn, for her seventh birthday. She requested a UNIKITTY CAKE – and my LEGO infused brain thought she meant this crazy character from the Lego movie, but after I made it, I realized DUH – she just meant one of my caticorn cakes, oops! Still, I love how this cake turned out – extra kawaii eyes – another great use out of my square cake pan, yay!!

Lego Unikitty cake Coco Cake Land


Lego Unikitty cake Coco Cake Land

Brooklyn and cake

Love my bubbly, hilarious and kind hearted niece. She brings so much joy to our family.

birthday card

Teddy’s birthday card to his beloved cousin Brookie! They are just over a year apart, and Teddy loves her so much. Non stop giggle fest when they’re hanging out…

Brooklyn and cake

Me and my sweet niece Brookie!! Can’t believe she’s seven years old now… xo Lyndsay 

CBC Our Vancouver Book Appearance!

buttercream flower power cake

pink striped buttercream cake

buttercream bunny cake

Boy oh boy oh boy. I didn’t realize quite how far behind I was on blogging until I decided to sit down at my computer and hammer some posts out! Back in September, in support of my cake book, I was featured on the CBC program “Our Vancouver” with Gloria Mackarenko! I grew up seeing Gloria on the news. Apparently she had seen my story in The Vancouver Sun and wanted to have me on her show! I didn’t sleep super well the night before because: live TV!! and I made three cakes to bring PLUS a cake to demo, with Gloria helping to pipe some buttercream fur!

CBC Our Vancouver Coco Cake Land

CBC Our Vancouver Coco Cake Land

Gloria was so kind, and she really put me at ease, and in the end, it wasn’t so bad!! In fact it was kind of fun! There was one camera person, and a sound person, and Gloria – so pretty chill, if you don’t think about the fact that people will be watching this on their home televisions!

CBC Our Vancouver Coco Cake LandrCBC Our Vancouver Coco Cake Land

Thank you to my husband RT who escorted me to the television station, helped me carry all my cakes and stealthily snapped these pics! You can watch the segment here. Seeing my parents and my son Teddy lose his mind over watching his mom on television was reason enough to do it! Teddy was so darn excited, it was really so cute!! I found it 83.5% mortifying watching myself but I did better than I thought I did, ie – I didn’t sound like a total turd. You can watch the CBC Our Vancouver Coco Cake Land segment here, if you’re so inclined. Thank you CBC Our Vancouver and to Gloria for reaching out! xo Lyndsay 

Leapfrog My Pal Scout Cake For Baby Norman!

leapfrog my pal scout cake

leapfrog my pal scout cake

norman and scout the pup

I am so down with the old man and old lady names in the baby naming world these days. Of course these names will become normalized as little man and little lady names soon enough, but come on – NORMAN?! What a great name! I guess Teddy has an old timey name too. I made this green pup based on “Leapfrog My Pal Scout” – for baby Norman’s first birthday party, for our pals Andrea and Steve! Steve was the guy who screenprinted all of my Coco Cake Land book merch for my book parties! Here’s a pic of his little dude Norm in a Coco Cake Land t-shirt! I always hoped I could name a second kid – it’s so fun to think of names that match with Teddy, or are similar, or just sound nicely together. But I’m thinking that I’ll have to save those names for a cat instead, hehe. Norm photo credit by Jennifer Sheppard who incidentally makes wonderful waxed canvas backpacks! 

Pink Totoro Cake!

pink Totoro cake

Totoro drawing


flower crown Totoro cake

pink Totoro cake

kawaii Totoro cake

I made this pink Totoro cake with flower crown based on a VERY SPECIFIC drawing that was hand-delivered to my mailbox by the adorable and hilarious Saya, daughter of my good friend Miko! Safe to say I NAILED IT based on the drawing and notes… even down to the orange inner ears, hehe! xo Lyndsay

Jack-O-Kitten Cake For Amazon Home

jack-o-kitten cake halloween

halloween pumpkin cat cake

halloween pumpkin cat cake

I sure was glad I decided to wear my blue denim jumpsuit for this Halloween jack-o-kitten cake photoshoot down in Seattle last month. I have gotten lightly obsessed with jumpsuits and I’m a little bit mad at myself for falling prey to fashion trends but let me tell ya, jumpsuits are COMFY AS HECK. The only thing not comfy as heck is when you have to pee (which I have to do quite a bit) so you’re left peeling down the entire jumpsuit and basically being topless when you have to use the bathroom. Also, on a past occasion I did accidentally dip my jumpsuit strap into the toilet bowl. Yes there was already pee in the bowl. Washed the shit outta that though.

halloween pumpkin cat cake

halloween pumpkin cat cake

It was a gentle and cool day working with both awesome Antonia from Amazon Home and Stephanie, the lovely photographer. I admired Stephanie’s gorgeous grey-streaked hair immediately. My black hair is getting rather white and silvery itself – it’s alarming some days to find strands of white hair on the floor and realize it is mine. White eyebrow hairs have been bristling up through my caterpillar brows as well. I admire them with fascination, but with no desire to pluck them.

halloween pumpkin cat cake

jack-o-kitten cake

jack-o-kitten cake

jack-o-kitten cake

It was a real treat to work with a photographer, as usually it’s me at home alone in my kitchen with natural light, podcasts or music and me snapping away overhead.

jack-o-kitten cake halloween

Kawaii-faced Jack-O-Kitten the Halloween party cat!

jack-o-kitten cake halloween

With cakes made specifically for food styling/tutorials/photoshoots, often when I’m working at home, because I often do tutorials or visual work just for Instagram and not for a client or customer, I’ll do a “cake face/off” and scrape off the frosting and re-frost several times in different iterations over many weeks until the cake can no longer take it. So, finding a home for kawaii Jack-O-Kitten was the sweetest of all – Stephanie’s son Lucas’s birthday was a few days after the photoshoot! I simply jammed the cake slice back into place (I only took one bite so my fork didn’t soil the rest of the cake, lol) and piped over the top of the seams so Jack-O-Kitten was whole again. Stephanie stored the cake for a few days and then sent me this picture of Lucas and his sis. Adorable.

lucas birthday

Happy Halloween to all! xo Lyndsay 

Rainbow Bear Cake

rainbow bear cake coco cake land

rainbow bear cake coco cake land

Psychedelic trip-out bear!! Rainbow bear cake combines two projects from my cake book, blue bear cake plus rainbow buttercream piping technique equals the bear of a thousand acid trips.

rainbow bear cake coco cake land

rainbow bear cake coco cake land

slice of rainbow cake

You can find the step-by-step to this rainbow bear cake over on the Wilton Instagram! xo Lyndsay 

Coco Cake Land Book Collage Collage Launch Party!

collage collage coco cake land

two party cakes

party cakes collage collage

cat cake coco cake land

circle cake flags

pink striped raspberry cake






















Can these pictures say a thousand words for me? I had the best time BACK IN AUGUST at my Collage Collage book launch party!!! Huge thanks to Erin and Erin of Collage Collage, along with my wonderful swag bag contributors Coral and Cloud, Make Merry Shop, People I’ve Loved, Petit Villains, London Fields Shoppe, The Dolly Shop and Aster and Clove! Mega mega thanks to my beautiful family and friends and fans who came out for cakes, books and cakey art making!! xo Lyndsay

Coco Cake Land Book Party #1!




Oh man. What can I say? My Coco Cake Land book launch party was more than I ever dreamed. It felt like my birthday, Christmas and my wedding all rolled into one joyous, colourful and beautiful evening at Little Mountain Shop in Vancouver. All of my dear family and friends, the most amazing decor by Make Merry Shop, hilarious Coco Cake Land special edition merch printed by my friend Steve, my sister Leanne arranged the flower bouquets in all of my favourite Dahlhaus vases, Miko helped me organize and arrange all of the merch, cheese boards and fruit platters provided by my beloved Aunties, sushi platters provided by my sis Shelley, delicous bahn mi (including vegan bahn mi!) and salad rolls from DD Mau, drinks galore and all dem crazy cakes, baked and decorated by me! With everything captured by my most wickedly awesome dear friend Phanie. 


































It feels so magical to relive the Coco Cake Land book party through these incredible pictures. SO SO SO BLESSED. Thank you dear Phanie for these photos, thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with me, and thank you to my wonderful family for all of their help!! xo Lyndsay