Cool Times! Peppermint Grasshopper Pie Recipe For Food52

grasshopper pie recipe for

This grasshopper pie recipe. This pie causes insane dreams so maybe don’t eat it before bed while watching countless episodes of The Good Wife. Like your elementary school crush will meld with a side character on The Good Wife mixed with a pencil you saw in a commercial six years ago and suddenly you turn into Snoop Dog who can’t remember his lyrics onstage.

grasshopper pie recipe for

It’s so painfully delicious though that I think about the pie all day. In fact, I’ve eaten a slice for breakfast and lunch, and yes, late at night. Cool creamy peppermint chocolate ice cream on an easy cookie crumble crust topped with a salty sweet richly chocolate fudge topping glistening like a skating rink.

peppermint ice cream - coco cake land

chocolate fudge ice cream pie topping - coco cake land

grasshopper pie recipe for

grasshopper pie for

Peppermint flavour = total Christmas vibes, like stepping out into a crisp wintery day and inhaling a gust of cool air, your cheeks cold and your head warmed by a wooly toque. Really, minty not-too-sweet ice cream and frigging delicious fudge sauce and a buttery easy cookie crust -it’s a sundae gone right in an ice cream pie form. You can take an interweb hob over to the whole grasshopper pie recipe on my post for Food52! Yay! xo Lyndsay

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  1. danielle @ this picture books life

    Love all the textures! Yuuuummmmyyyyy.

  2. Sarah | The Sugar Hit

    GRASSHOPPER ICE CREAM PIE!!!! I think this is my spirit dessert.


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