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Polar Bear Cake DIY

Hellllo there, polar bear face cake with delightful fish dinner ready to be snacked on! This polar bear cake would be so cool (heh heh) for a kid’s Arctic themed...Read More

Dog Cakes!

Dog cakes! So many pups to model in buttercream and so little time. If you’ve been following my blog for a while you might know I’m wild about make dog...Read More

Hairy Pup Birthday Cake!

A lovely hairy frosted vanilla buttercream pup cake made for my old high school friend Sandeep’s awesome mom’s birthday! I’ve had the pleasure of making cakes for his wedding day,...Read More

The Bird Is The Word

Penguin or owl – which would you rather be? Huddled in Arctic cold, waddling about with a ripping icy sheet wind blasting straight at your beak, but diving and gliding...Read More