DIY Paper Plate Animal Mask Party

I created this super cute and easy to make animal mask out of this adorably patterned tableware set from Shop Sweet Lulu. No need for paint and markers when you have a pattern like this! This would be such a fun and easy craft for a youngster’s animal themed birthday party, or a last minute mask for Halloween!

Cute, right?Now that your masks are made, why not throw a party? All you is a pretty and simple cake. Let your party decor do the rest!

I also made a simple and cute cat cake topper using some leftover paper plate – punch out a circle using your craft circle punch, draw on a face and adhere some triangles for ears. Attach it to a straw with tape and plunk it straight into your cake. Matching cuteness.

I tried to get Teddy to hold on to the bear mask for a quick picture!

Check out my post on Shop Sweet Lulu here. Thanks Shop Sweet Lulu for sending me the cute tableware set!

6 Responses to “DIY Paper Plate Animal Mask Party”

  1. Coco Cake Land

    @miriam, thank you!! :)

  2. Neha

    Oh my goodness, he’s growing so fast! Your masks are fantastic, Lyndsay!

  3. Coco Cake Land

    @neha – oh, it’s so true! thanks so much, neha! xo

  4. Sarah Crowder (punctuated. with food)

    I can’t wait until Z can be my hand model! haha. Soooooo cute!

  5. Neide MC

    Kiss,Hi Lyndsay, was beautiful and creative mask, as indeed all his works.


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