Fuzzy Grey Mouse Cake DIY

Get your squeak on (Lyndsay? Is that even a saying at ALL?) with this cutie pie grey mouse cake DIY! I think this mouse cake would be best served with a sideboard of cheese. Yes, a sideboard. Not a stingy little wooden board, guys. We need mountains of cheese.

I wasn’t born with an obsessive love of cheese like my husband was – my mom was a fan of slicing huge blocks of orange cheddar and placing those in our sandwiches along with lettuce and black forest ham. I knew cheddar, brie and havarti. Not until I married my cheese mongering husband did I learn how vast and truly WONDERFUL the world of cheese is! Gouda, gruyere, raclette – I love a good cheese party. So yes, I would highly recommend a mouse and cheese themed birthday party. It just seems right.

As for the dessert – scurry on over to Handmade Charlotte for how to make a fuzzy mouse cake!

xo Lyndsay

2 Responses to “Fuzzy Grey Mouse Cake DIY”

  1. Candice Ware

    Wow :) Love it

  2. michaelswoodcraft

    How cool, my girls would love making this with me, love your idea! :-)

    I am glad I found your site, you have really good recipes!

    Check out my site sometime, I am a woodwork but I love to cook, bake, grill and hike..etc.



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