How To Make A Paper Cake Topper DIY

cute paper cake topper tutorial by coco cake land

Feeling the need to spruce up a cake? Sometimes an adorable and SIMPLE little addition like this paper cake topper can add some serious JAZZ HANDS to your sweets.

paper cake topper tutorial

cute paper cake topper tutorial by coco cake land

cute paper cake topper tutorial by coco cake land

Find the whole sweet ‘n easy breezy tutorial over on my Add Extra Craft To Your Cakes With A Paper Cake Topper DIY post for Craftsy! 

Plus, more of my favourite cake toppers:

I love how Spoon and Fork Sydney ROCKS COOKIES as the cutest ever cake toppers!

This ruffled heart cake topper by my sweet palTessa of Style Sweet Ca

This mini cookie garland!

Little Cat Design Studios blasted onto the cake topper scene with these cuties a few years back and I still think they’re the best!!

Chiara, contributor at Oh Happy Day, makes the BEST crafts, including so many awesome and adorably clever cake topper ideas.

7 Responses to “How To Make A Paper Cake Topper DIY”

  1. Sarah

    I love that your blog combines cakes and paper crafts, which are two of my very favorite things. <3

  2. chiara

    You sure know how to make a girl’s day! ! Thank you for the shout-out :) !

  3. movita beaucoup

    Everything about you makes me wanna use my jazz hands all day. AND I’M A PROFESSIONAL. (Jazz Hander, that is.)

  4. Amy | Club Narwhal

    Oh, this is the cutest! I love how simple shapes in fun colors can jazz up pretty much anything :) Also that shade of blue frosting is the BEST.

  5. Nancy @ gottagetbaked

    I LOVE jazz hands! <– not a sentence I thought I would be exclaiming today. These paper cake toppers are so stinking cute, I can't handle it! *gets into car, drives to Michaels, spends $40 on pretty coloured paper, may or may not ever make a cake topper* ;)

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      thanks nancy!

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