Unicorn Gingerbread House!

unicorn party house - gingerbread! - coco cake land

Party like a unicorn! What would a unicorn party look like? Rainbow milkshakes, piles of perfect pastel meringues, a BONKERS UNICORN CAKE in its unicorn likeness … because everyone likes to eat something that looks like themselves, it’s fun, it’s frolicky, it’s cannibal-y … Yep. Today we have a casual times gingerbread A-frame house. I’ve always loved an A-frame house. So snowy-Germanic-romantic, so ski-lodgey good. So here goes. Ginge house. Let’s do it. I used this Martha Stewart gingerbread house recipe, except I omitted the cloves (I loathe cloves! Doesn’t that sound like someone who has a lisp saying I love clothes?) and black pepper. The recipe will make enough for 3 of these A-framers, whose sides are 5 inches tall. You can find templates for the A-frame house here! Make your dough, chill it for at least an hour, roll it out and use a sharp knife to cut out your house. Don’t forget to bake your unicorn cookie, or any other cut-out cookie extras you want to help adorn your house! Bake and let cool completely. Make a batch of royal icing for your house “glue.”

gingerbread house tips - coco cake land

Hot Tip #1: Ice your designs on your house BEFORE you assemble. You’ll have more control working on your designs while they’re flat. Use a very small open circle tip to pipe dots and lines!

gingerbread house tips - coco cake land

Hot Tip #2: Frost some royal icing glue all up on a cake board and stick down your A frame sides. You MUST hold them in place for at least 5 minutes or so until the icing starts to set; wait at least 30 minutes until totally dry before adding the rectangular sides.

gingerbread house tips - coco cake land

Add the sides with a delightful amount of royal icing adhesive! The beautiful part about royal icing – it LOOKS LIKE SNOW which makes your house extra darling, extra Wintery and snowy cute.

gingerbread house tips - coco cake land

Hot Tip #3: If, like me, even though you made your house from a template, the roof isn’t exactly perfect, use some of those extra cookies you baked off to add a cool-guy special solar-paneled roof. Hehe.

gingerbread house tips - coco cake land

Hot Tip #4: Swap out your piping tip for a mini open star tip for that ruffly snowy look!

gingerbread house tips - coco cake land

Swag up the sides. Swag it. Practice this on a piece of parchment paper first if you want, or just go for it! Casual gingerbread house times!

icing a unicorn cookie - coco cake land

Hot Tip #5: Outline your unicorn with the royal icing fitted with the small open circle tip; make a small bowl of “flood” icing by adding a few drops of water to the icing until the icing is of flooding consistency. If you overdid it with the water, simply add more icing sugar to thicken it up a bit. I applied the flood icing with a spoon and then used a wooden skewer to gently coax the icing out to the edges.

unicorn gingerbread house - coco cake land

Candy decorating time!

unicorn gingerbread house - coco cake land

Let your iced white unicorn completely dry. Then, using edible markers, add a face, stripes for the horn and sweet flowing hair. Or, you can pipe all of that on. My unicorn sort of looks like a polar bear with a stick on its forehead and a purple wig. I am okay with this.

unicorn gingerbread house - coco cake land

Hot Tip #6: Add a GUMMY ICE CREAM CONE FENCE and your unicorn party house is complete!

unicorn gingerbread house - coco cake land

Happy unicorn gingerbread house making, my friends! PS SHOW ME YOUR GINGERBREAD~ ! Leave me a link in the comments! I am seriously excited about ginge houses this year.

unicorn party house - gingerbread! - coco cake land

I’m also DEEP into Buche de Noel! I soooo wanted to try and make one this year but time is dwindling and I don’t think I’ll be able to. (BUT LOOK AT KELLY’S AMAZING TIE DYE YULE LOG CAKE!) One day, Buche. One frigging day. xo Lyndsay

Ballad Of The Royal Icing Sugar Cookie

ice cream cone sugar cookie - coco cake land

You know when you glomp onto a new idea and you just want to learn everything about it and try to figure out what it’s all about, hokey pokey style? In October I got mildly obsessed with royal icing sugar cookies. I’ve made these horridly time consuming things before. But this time – I turned my frown upside down and tackled royal icing sugar cookies with a new attitude – that slow and repetitive doesn’t have to mean painful. It can in fact be relaxing, meditative. That is, when you’re not cursing royal icing’s name for stiffening up or being too loose-y goose-y.

modern sugar cookie - coco cake land

These cookies, they look pretty cool, right? Like I know what I’m doing? I like to think I know a little bit more of what I’m doing, now that I read Patti Paige of Baked Ideas‘ book You Can’t Judge A Cookie By Its Cutter from cover to cover and obsessed over Sweet Ambs’ YouTube videos for hours straight until I went bleary eyed. Then, cookies baked and cooled, royal icing whipped and coloured and portioned, I went to town on these ice cream cones. It was so fun, and low key, and dare I say peaceful making these cookies. Plus, they’re cheaper to mess around with than macaron-making – something else I want to practice at.

ice cream cone sugar cookie - coco cake land

Sweet resources for getting wacky wild sugar cookie zone inspired: 

Basic sugar cookie recipe from Martha Stewart – that lady knows a thing or two.

Royal icing recipe using meringue powder! Take it easy adding tiny bits of water a little at a time.

The Alison Show: Alison’s Cookie Party (this video brings the PARTY into sugar cookie party! Fun modern ideas galore!)

I find just watching Sweet Ambs’ YouTube video tutorials I learn so much. Her level of detail is pretty amazing!

I came across Patti Paige’s cookie business Baked Ideas on Instagram and fell in love with her clever use of cookie cutters.

Holly Fox’s instagram is so perfectly colourful and well designed. Her cookies are modern and perfect!

Another sugar cookie kawaii master: my pal Vickie!

Kaori of Acorn Milk Sweets will knock your socks off with insane cuteness and colour palette!

Got any favourite cookie makers or tips you’d like to share? Or hell hath no fury like royal icing sugar cookie making? Hoping you’re well, cake friends! xo Lyndsay 

National Cake Day Candy Cake!

national cake day rainbow candy cake

Every day is national cake day in Coco Cake Land!??? Could you imagine. I don’t think I could actually handle a world that looked and felt like rainbow unicorn candy cake land every single DAY. Some days you need to mope and cry and feel pain to evolve and grow. Then other days you need to log roll naked down sugar mountains and throw a rainbow candy cake party.

national cake day rainbow candy cake

rainbow candy cake by Coco Cake Land

I LOVE the look of this sweetly wild and artful cake. HELL NO those are not gum balls. No one wants to bite into a delicious forkful of cake then be chewing up some icky gum afterward, all minced together with cake crumbs. NO. These beautiful, crispy shelled colourful balls are Ice Cream Sundae Malt Balls from none other than the sweetly stylish luxury candy-heads at Sugarfina. They are my perfect cake topper, and cupcake topper, for their perfect rainbow ball cuteness.

rainbow candy cake by Coco Cake Land

rainbow candy cake by Coco Cake Land

For this cake, I also crushed up one of the pink malt balls into smaller pieces to create some texture/sprinkles. Three vanilla cake layers tinted with pretty gel food colour, frosted with a mixture of turquoise and sky blue tinted buttercream and a contrasting electric pink tinted buttercream.

rainbow candy cake by Coco Cake Land

Those speckled mint balls? Yep, those are mint chip malt balls and I think they’re my fave.

rainbow candy cake slice - Coco Cake Land

sugarfina candy cake - Coco Cake Land

Just kind of a happy inducing colour palette! Happiness is what the world needs these days. I need it too. This is nice though: I am Yahoo Food’s blogger of the week! I did an interview with Rachel talking about how I learned to bake and how baking and the online community helped me get through my many terrible months of breast cancer treatment.

sugarfina candy cake - Coco Cake Land

Geez, those pretend guests made such a mess! I had a lot of fun shooting this pretend party and making this rainbow candy cake. More and more, I’m feeling like I’m getting back in the game and it’s a nice feeling! ^__^

There is MORE CAKE MAGIC on the internet, and I’ve rounded up some beauties for National Cake Day:

Alana Jones Mann is so artful and creative and her painted agate CHEESECAKE is next level bonkbonks.

Courtney of Fork To Belly has such fun energy in her posts and ideas, and when I saw her Gudetama Cupcakes I got seriously pumped! A delightfully bizarro Japanese illustration of sad lazy eggs in cupcake form!

This gorgeous gothic pear cardamom cake with brown butter frosting. LINDA!!!

I just love the colour of Tessa’s spectacular mocha rum cake.

Still the prettiest (and most stylish) floral cake in all the land: Design Love Fest’s cake with edible flowers. 

PS thank you to Sugarfina for sending me hordes of amazing candy! I’m set for life! (I mean four months, hehe)

My Neighbor Totoro Cake Tutorial !

blue totoro cake tutorial - coco cake land

Have you seen My Neighbor Totoro? Equal parts super cute, creepy and weepy-making, it’s a Japanese animation starring two little sisters who get swept up in a sweetly kooky fantasy world as they cope with their mother’s illness. The star of the beloved film is a big, puffy, furry and grey magical creature, Totoro! So it’s self-proclaimed TOTORO WEEK once again, too! This year, along with my sweet pal Steph of I Am A Food Blog, we are joined by some other Totoro-loving cuties online – a growing list of links below. I decided to give some buttercream loving to Totoro’s furry BFF – Blue Totoro. Of course you can always make him grey instead of blue, or you can make this My Neighbor Totoro cake tutorial from last year’s T-week alongside the blue guy for a real Totoro cake feast!

blue totoro cake tutorial - coco cake land

My Neighbor Totoro Cake Tutorial

You will need: 

  • 1 recipe for your favourite cake, or 1 boxed cake mix
  • One 6 inch cake pan
  • One half of this “sports ball” cake pan, or a 6 inches in diameter stainless steel mixing bowl.
  • 3 cups of vanilla buttercream, tinted blue
  • A piping bag fitted with a multi-opening tip (also known as the grass tip)
  • 4 inch ball of light blue fondant (tinted to match the buttercream colour)
  • 3 inch ball of white fondant
  • 1 inch ball of black fondant
  • 2 wooden skewers
  • Optional: a bubble tea plastic straw or dowel

my neighbor totoro cake tutorial - coco cake land

Step One

Bake and cool the 6 inch round cake and half sphere cake until completely cool. Level and frost the top of the flat cake and place the sphere cake on top as shown.

my neighbor totoro cake tutorial - coco cake land

Step Two

Insert bubble tea straw into the center of the cake, pushing down until you reach the bottom cake; snip off excess straw. This step helps with keeping the cake straight while frosting it but it’s not completely necessary.

my neighbor totoro cake tutorial - coco cake land

Step Three

Using an offset spatula or butter knife, frost the entire exterior of the cake.

my neighbor totoro cake tutorial - coco cake land

It doesn’t need to be completely smooth or perfect because you will be piping “fur” on top!

my neighbor totoro cake tutorial - coco cake land

Step Four

Make the fondant pieces – take a small piece of the white fondant to create circle eyes. I roll it out with a rolling pin and use a piping tip as a mini cutter. Roll the rest of the fondant out and shape it into a half-circle for Totoro’s tummy. I used a pizza cutter to trim it. Take the black fondant and make two black circles for Totoro’s eyes, and a little arrowhead shape for his nose. Using the blue fondant, make three little rainbow shapes for his tummy. Use the remaining fondant to mold two pointy ears; insert into wooden skewers and trim skewers as necessary to fit the cake.

how to make a blue totoro cake - coco cake land

Step Five

Start by placing the white “tummy” on the bottom of the cake.

how to make a blue totoro cake - coco cake land

Step Six

Begin to pipe fur around the edge of the white tummy; continue piping until the entire cake is covered!

my neighbor totoro cake - coco cake land

Step Seven

Once the entire cake is covered in fur, place the eyes, nose and ears into the top! Heyyyyy budddddy! It’s like bringing Frosty the Snowman to life.

blue totoro cake tutorial - coco cake land


blue totoro cake tutorial - coco cake land

Caught from a slightly side angle! Still stunned.

totoro week - how to make a totoro cake with coco cake land!

Sorry my friend. I had to slice in. Your cake layers are such a pretty blue-green hue, too.

totoro week - how to make a totoro cake with coco cake land!

Yay! Totoro party!

totoro week - how to make a totoro cake with coco cake land!


I Am A Food Blog’s Buttermilk Totoro Pancakes! Hehe!

Totoro CRONUTS by Kaitlin over at Whisk Kid!

Hungry Girl Por Vida’s Black Sesame Totoro Shortbread!

Vickie is the Totoro CUTENESS master!

Steph’s Soot Sprite Avocado Onigiri! 

Fix Feast Flair’s Black Sesame Craquelin Cream Puffs!

Vickie’s drippy Totoro ICE CREAM CONE piped cookies.

I want to thank Steph for encouraging me to do Totoro Week again. Working on this cake gave me a little jolt of fun and made me excited to make something – it’s nice to feel a little normal instead of like a weirdo/cancer-y. Steph, you have been such a sweet friend to me through these last 8 months, from that huge beautiful bouquet of flowers after my surgery to making me MIFFY SPAM MUSUBI when I was seriously down in the dumps after my chemo treatment. You are thoughtful and lovely! *Sniff*! Happy Totoro-making, everyone! xo Lyndsay 

How To Make A Paper Cake Topper DIY

cute paper cake topper tutorial by coco cake land

Feeling the need to spruce up a cake? Sometimes an adorable and SIMPLE little addition like this paper cake topper can add some serious JAZZ HANDS to your sweets.

paper cake topper tutorial

cute paper cake topper tutorial by coco cake land

cute paper cake topper tutorial by coco cake land

Find the whole sweet ‘n easy breezy tutorial over on my Add Extra Craft To Your Cakes With A Paper Cake Topper DIY post for Craftsy! 

Plus, more of my favourite cake toppers:

I love how Spoon and Fork Sydney ROCKS COOKIES as the cutest ever cake toppers!

This ruffled heart cake topper by my sweet palTessa of Style Sweet Ca

This mini cookie garland!

Little Cat Design Studios blasted onto the cake topper scene with these cuties a few years back and I still think they’re the best!!

Chiara, contributor at Oh Happy Day, makes the BEST crafts, including so many awesome and adorably clever cake topper ideas.

Tips I Learned By Deep Googling And Crying For Help: How To Make Macarons

how to make macarons - tips from coco cake land

pretty stack of vibrant macarons and tips on how to make them - coco cake land

I know I’m brutally late to the macaron party. I’ve been aware of their adorable little meringue hamburger-like presence, and have eaten many over the years, and made a few ugly batches right around 2008 when I was nose-deep into my Martha Stewart Baking Handbook. But out of the blue, I got obsessed with these little wispy sweet crispy chewy bastards – french macarons – and I wanted to make them for my mom’s upcoming 70th birthday party. So the deep-googling and the reading began: how to make macarons! I wanted mine to look like the ones I saw in so many beautiful Instagrams. I was feeling determined, and I needed a good distraction – macaron mania was perfectly timed.

pretty stack of vibrant macarons and tips on how to make them - coco cake land

The first thing I sought out was a good recipe. I read through my baking books and then went to the internet for some more goods. I ended up finding the EXTREMEO informative Brave Tart blog and her recipe. I made it once, and they looked terrible. Some with cracked tops and only some with cute little “feet” – that’s what they call the ruffly part of the macaron shell. So I made it again, asked for help online on Instagram and received so many nice tips, sought out video and read some more. I ended up making them four times until I finally got the hang of it.

french macaron tips and tricks - coco cake land

To break it down, here is what worked for me:

1. Make sure to whip the daylights out of the meringue. If it seems like it’s getting so stiff it’s taking on a life of its own, that’s ok: just roll with it – I remember being surprised at the final odd texture. Set the timer for each stage and let ‘er rip. For a Kitchen Aix Mixer, try: speed 4 for 3 mins, speed 7 for 3 mins, speed 8 for 3 mins and speed 10 for 1 min.

2. After measuring my ingredients using a digital scale, I tried both sifting the almond flour and icing sugar, and I also tried throwing it all in the food processor – the food processor worked great!

3. I dumped the almond flour/icing sugar mixture right on top of the beaten meringue. Then I fluffed and folded. It’s best to watch a few videos on how to fold in the flour – or, Dorie Greenspan describes it as “mix and mash” which I found myself saying in my head while I folded. Her description of the process is great, and you can find it here on Food52.

3. I used a circular cookie cutter and quickly made circle stencils on parchment paper so I could easily pipe to the right size. NOTE: make sure to make the stencils on the BACKSIDE of the parchment paper so you don’t bake pencil marks into your macarons. I don’t have a silpat but I would like to get one now – however, I found parchment paper to work fine!

4. I piped holding the bag upright and just blobbing out the batter. I tried piping the “from the side” method and I ended up with some oblong uglies. Top-dogging it seemed to work just fine for me.

5. Smack dat pan: After you pipe the macaron batter onto your parchment paper circles, hold the pan with two hands on either side and drop it down onto a countertop. It is thunderously loud but it helps to minimize air bubbles.

6. I let my macarons sit out after piping in different increments, from 15 to 30 minutes to 2 hours. For me, it made no difference to the final product. What made a difference is FINDING THE HOT SPOTS in my oven and outsmarting them by simply baking ONE SHEET at a time in the middle rack. One sheet to the wind. It takes a little more time to bake them all , sure – but it may save you from crying over cracked macs. (thanks to some of my Instagram followers for that tip!)

7. Find what temperature and time works for your oven and macarons – mine was 325 degrees and baking them for 8-10 minutes, turning the pan halfway through the baking time.

8. I used swiss meringue buttercream for the filling!

blue and pink french macaron by coco cake land

You can get caught up in being supremely anal about whether something is the “right” or “proper” technique or not – but really, we’re just trying to make a lovely little special pal dessert so I think it’s better not to sweat the “that’s not legit or proper” way to make something. Try making them a bunch of times until you get the feel/hang of it, as every oven is different, everyone lives in different climates and the more you practice … YOU GET BETTER!

how to make french macarons - tips from coco cake land

Wonderful and free smack that mac resources: 

Brave Tart’s Macaron Mythbusters post and RECIPE. I followed her recipe, using a scale. I also scraped the contents of a vanilla bean into the batter, and added gel colour for the last minute of beating my meringue.

Eat Live Travel Write’s photographic step by steps, and even VIDEOS. I love her macaron making journey because she shows you from the beginning her very first macarons … blast foward to the present, and hers are beautiful and perfect – and she even teaches classes now.

This nice gal of Macaron and Mint‘s Youtube video! I found watching videos helped to see the texture and “flow” of the batter. She also told me this and I followed it to a T: Kitchen Aix Mixer: speed 4 for 3 mins, speed 7 for 3 mins, speed 8 for 3 mins and speed 10 for 1 min. Totally worked for me.

Dorie Greenspan has a wonderful way with words and describing actions: check out her Parisian macarons post here.

The wonderful Indulge With Mimi has so many tips and video tutorials to help us mac amateurs! Here’s her best french macaron recipe!

Practice, practice and practice some more! I’m excited to keep on making macarons and continuing to improve. I hope this post gives some hope to those who have thrown in the macaron towel! If you have some more great resources, let me know in the comments, and show me your macarons – leave me links! Happy baking, everyone! xo Lyndsay 

Put It In Your Bag And Pipe It: How To Use Piping Tips

green buttercream cake - coco cake land

fringe garlands buttercream cake - coco cake land

If you’re a fan of Coco Cake Land, you know that I am nutso about vintage cakes – buttercream cakes and piping in all forms is the name of my game, and I love finding new uses for piping tips! I’m excited to show you how to use piping tips- along with a few of my favourite cakes and the handy dandy piping tips I used! Plus, a tutorial on how I made this super cute blue and green cherry topped number. Ready, set, pipe!

piping tips - coco cake land

Piping tips are these cute metal cones (above!) with special formations on the tip, so when icing or buttercream is squeezed through the ridges and pointy parts make perfect striations in the buttercream, creating a unique shape or pattern. Piping tips can create the look of buttercream roses, leaves, grass, fur, polka dots and SO much more. Piping borders gives cakes a beautiful finish and a contrast of colour. Read my post on how to frost a cake here for a primer! Piping tips are often held in place by a coupler and a coupler ring – white plastic pieces (as shown above!) that allow you to easily attach a piping tip and switch out tips to other tips, too.

an assortment of piping tips - coco cake land

One of my favourite piping tips is the french open star tip – I’ll be using this open star tip to pipe borders on my cake!

green buttercream cake - coco cake land

To make this robin’s egg blue cake with jagged piped buttercream edges, first frost your cake to the crumb coat, then a final coat of buttercream.

how to use piping tips - coco cake land

Snip half and inch off the tip of a disposable piping bag. Place the cone part of the white coupler set into the piping bag. Place the silver piping tip on top; screw it together using the coupler ring. Fill your piping bag with buttercream!

how to use a piping bag - coco cake land

You can practice a few patterns on a piece of parchment paper or a plate! The french open star tip can make adorable drop stars, a shell border pattern, or mini rosettes.

how to pipe a buttercream border - coco cake land

Pipe a shell border along the bottom of your cake – squeeze the piping bag to make a ball-like shape, then pull away to make a “tail.” Pipe the next shell on top of the tail to hide it, and continue until the entire border is finished!

blue and green cake ideas - coco cake land

Next – using the same tip but a different technique, make a big jaggedy drop star “kiss” shape! Hold the piping bag at a 90 degree angle straight up and down, and pipe a blob then pull the piping bag upward, creating a kiss like shape. I liked to pull it as high as I could for dramatic effect and look!

buttercream cake - coco cake land

buttercream cake - coco cake land

You could pipe the entire top of the cake like this, and I almost did – but then I decided to add a single bright red maraschino cherry to the center! I love how a maraschino cherry instantly brings you back to a 1950s diner pie or cake – or a Wayne Thiebaud painting!

buttercream cake - coco cake land

Add a happy little dash of sprinkles and you’re all set to take this cutie to a party!

buttercream cake - coco cake land

Celebrate life and slice on in!

slice of cake with cherry - coco cake land

buttercream cake - coco cake land

Here are some of my favourite cakes and their corresponding piping tips!

pink birthday cake tutorial - coco cake land

This party animal pink birthday cake I made for my sister! I used a medium sized French open star tip for the fancy blobettes and pink shell border.

blue bear cake and birthday garland

This beloved blue bear cake I made for Teddy’s 2nd birthday! One of my most favourite cakes ever. I use the multi-opening tip to make animal “fur” or grass! So fun.


This 1980s inspired pink rose cake with blue buttercream and pink rosettes! The classic open star tip was used to make the borders and rosette center.

how to make a ruffle cake - coco cake land

I love this buttercream ruffle cake I made for my niece’s birthday! The good old large leaf tip was my friend in creating it!

buttercream roses cake coco cake land

This buttercream flower cake!!

pink ruffle birthday cake - coco cake land

Any guesses as to what tip I used to make this cake? :)

how to use piping tips - coco cake land

With so many cute piping ideas and endless colour options, it’s no wonder buttercream cakes are my favourite type of cake to make. Because piping tips rule so hard, Sweet Estelle is giving away a piping tip party pack! 10 different piping tips and an assortment of super cute sprinkles, yours to be won! Simply leave a comment here with an answer to one of these questions: Which is your favourite go-to piping tip, and why? (Leave me a link to one of your buttercream piped cakes!) or if you’re a piping tip novice, which piping technique are you eager to learn? Winner chosen at delightful random! CONTEST NOW CLOSED – Congratulations COURTNEY! Please email me at lyndsay (at) cococake (dot) com to claim your prize! Thanks to everyone for entering! xo

Thank you to Jennifer at Sweet Estelle for providing the giveaway, and for being one of my loyal blog sponsors! Love her to (sprinkly) bits! Follow Sweet Estelle on Instagram and Pinterest for cute baking and piping ideas! 

Totoro Week Gone Wild: How To Make A Catbus Cake

cat bus cake - coco cake land

cat bus cake - coco cake land

Catbus may very well be the ultimate feline party train – a flying fat cat faced furry magical bus that flies through the air, splaying eight fluffy spider-like legs, transporting sad children to catch a glimpse of their ill mother who is recovering in hospital. Continuing my celebratory snack attack EDIBLE TOTORO WEEK with I Am A Food Blog, I present to you: CATBUS CAKE!

drawing of miyazaki cat bus

You Will Need:

  • 1 recipe for a cake of your choice baked in a  loaf pan (I used a 9 x 5 x 3 inch) and cooled completely.
  • 2 cups of vanilla buttercream, tinted a slight yellow/orange
  • 2 cups of chocolate buttercream
  • An offset spatula
  • 2 piping bags fitted with a multi opening tip 
  • wooden BBQ skewers
  • 1 inch ball of yellow fondant
  • 1/2 inch ball of orange fondant
  • 4 inch ball of white fondant
  • 1 inch ball of black fondant
  • Rolling pin
  • Small amount of cornstarch
  • A paring knife or pizza cutter
  • Piping tips in two sizes to use as small circle cutters
  • A cake board or large plate. I used a 10 inch round cake board.

frosting a loaf cake - cat bus cake

Step One

Carefully remove your loaf shaped cake from the pan. Begin spreading it generously with buttercream.

crumb coating a cat bus cake

Step Two

Cover the entire cake with buttercream – don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfectly frosted because you’ll be piping on top of it.

cat bus cake fondant details

Step Three

Make your fondant details. Using the white fondant, make two triangles for the catbus ears. Cut a wooden skewer in two and place a triangle on each skewer. Roll out a log-like piece for the catbus tail. Using your rolling pin, roll out the remaining white fondant. Using the pizza cutter, slice rectangular “windows” in even sizes. Finally, Cut out a banana-like shape for the smiley teeth – indent teeth marks by gently pressing down with a paring knife (without cutting through). Make an upside down triangle catbus nose using the orange fondant. Roll out the yellow fondant and punch out two large eyes and a “slit” like shape for the cat’s pupil. Roll out the black fondant and punch out black circles for the irises. Adhere it all together with a tiny amount of water. Roll the remaining black fondant into cat whiskers!

cat bus cake face

Step Four

Place the eyes and teeth on the designated front of the loaf cake by gently pressing into the buttercream. Insert the ears.

cat bus cake - windows

Press the windows into the sides of the cake.

cat bus cake supplies

Place the “tail” on the cake board. Get your piping bags ready!

cat bus cake - piping chocolate frosting

Step Five

Pipe an inverted triangle shape of chocolate buttercream onto the face of the catbus.

cat bus cake - piping chocolate frosting

Step Six

Continue piping the entire top of the catbus with the chocolate buttercream.

cat bus cake - piping chocolate frosting

Pipe a line of chocolate buttercream across the side, underneath the windows!

cat bus cake - piping chocolate frosting

Pipe around the edges of the ears!

cat bus cake - piping chocolate frosting

Step Seven

Using the tinted buttercream, fill in the rest of CATBUS! Give him fur, people! Let him live!!

how to make a cat bus cake

Pipe the tail, too! Finally, place the nose and the whiskers on his face!

stamped speech bubbles - cat bus cake

I made a few speech bubbly hand stamped signs for my Catbus Cake! GET ON MY BUS! (no presh). I also hand drew a fat and funny Totoro! You can also make a Totoro out of fondant, too!

smiling cat bus cake on cake stand


totoro drawing cake topper - coco cake land


cat bus cake - coco cake land

cat bus cake - coco cake land

Slice in before CATBUS cruises off!

cat bus cake - coco cake land

More Totoro-ness: 

Steph’s black sesame Totoro donuts!

The green tea catbus cake I made for my nephew years ago!

Totoro Macarons! this is a sweet and easy-to-follow video via Nerdy Nummies, just found this gal! Awesome stuff!

How To Make A Totoro Cake - my post earlier this week!

Steph’s SUPER KAWAII Totoro jalapeno grilled cheesies!

Way back in 2009 when I made a million felt Totoros and my first fondant cake for my nephew’s 1st Totoro birthday!


The original catbus cake that inspired this tutorial!

Happy Totoro cake making, everyone! xo Lyndsay