Totoro Week! Blue Totoro Cookies

Blue Totoro Cookies - Coco Cake Land

I made these cutie hilarious blue Totoro cookies for TOTORO WEEK! I love how they look like slices of crazy-eyed, stunned sky blue toast. Remember when I got really into making sugar cookies there for a hot minute, inspired by Holly, Vickie and Patti?? Yeah, they’re still the best at cookies. Then I discovered Kikko’s freaking adorable sugar cookies over at Meet Me At Mike’s. I loooove how perfectly CUTE but also edgy and weird they are – a complete fantasy wonderland of sugar cookie magic. I am still hovering around a C+ for effort with my cookies but darn it the results are always pretty satisfying!

kawaii Totoro cookies - Coco Cake Land

HOT TIPS: I used an R2D2 cookie cutter for the Totoro shape and then used the triangular cone tip of an ice cream cone cutter to punch out ears, then simply pressed the ears into the R2D2 toast shape before baking. I feel like you could use any simple shape like a circle cutter or square cutter to make a Totoro cookie – making them “Totoro” is all in the decorating – crazy eyes, whiskers and a tummy! I chilled the cookies for 10 minutes in the freezer before putting them into the oven. I don’t think that step made a damn bit of difference this time but oftentimes it helps to maintain the shape of the cookie. For the whiskers, nose and eye dots, I used royal icing coloured with Dutch-process cocoa powder. I added a fair amount of cocoa powder, and then added tiny amounts of water as needed to get it back to piping consistency. I liked this idea much better than colouring royal icing with black gel colour!

Blue Totoro Cookies - Coco Cake Land

And… get into TOTORO WEEK!

STEPH went wild with Totoro cuteness – these soft and delicious looking BUNS, this TOASTORO and these black sesame toffee COOKIES!

Vickie made these adorable Totoro pops! 

Sylvia made these cute little individual Totoro pear pies!

Emily’s Totoro katsudon – YUM YUM!

Whiskkid made this PIE

My blue Totoro cake from last year!

My grey Totoro cake from two years ago!

And CATBUS!! My catbus cake! 

Plus, Steph made these Totoro pumpkin whoopie pies!! Best Totoro Week Dungeon Master ever, hehe.

Happy baking, sweet friends! xo Lyndsay 

Loaf Pan On Fleek – Mini Rainbow Party Cakes

candy colourful party cakes - Coco Cake Land

mini tea party cakes tutorial / Coco Cake Land

I’ve never ever used that word before – on fleek. I remember seeing it for the first time a few years ago and being like what the fugoli does that even mean. Irritated at the teens who keep updating this foreign lexicon and even more irritated at the too-old people (like me) who tried to use it. However, I have been known to be proudly, extremely late to the game. Do you even know what a VHS tape is? Yeah. Held on to those for YEARS. I still have my copy of The Hunger, starring David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve, on VHS. No VCR vessel to play it on but… I don’t even know. All I know right now is Loaf Pan On Fleek. Mini rainbow party cakes CUTENESS!

mini tea party cakes tutorial / Coco Cake Land

mini tea party cakes tutorial / Coco Cake Land

mini tea party cakes tutorial / Coco Cake Land

How To Make These Mini Rainbow Party Cakes: 

1. Bake up your favourite cake recipe in something like this mini loaf pan. Let them cool in the pans for ten minutes, then remove and let cool completely on wire racks.

2. Whip up your favourite vanilla buttercream recipe, such as this perfectly delicious one from Style Sweet Ca; divide batch into two bowls, and colour using teal and electric pink gel colouring (or your favourite colours!)

3. Get your extra fixins’ ready – killer cute sprinkles, your favourite colourful candies and organic edible flowers, if you so wish!

4. Fill two piping bags with different piping tips, such as a French open star tip Wilton 4B or just the classic tried and true Wilton 1M tip.

5. Using a serrated bread knife, trim off the “raised loaf” portion of the mini loaf; turn over so the loaf is cut-side-down.

6. Pipe your drop stars or buttercream decorations on the top (which was initially the bottom!). Add candies, sprinkles and edible flowers for some seriously cute mini rainbow party cakes action.

rainbow mini party cakes - Coco Cake Land

rainbow mini party cakes - Coco Cake Land

rainbow mini party cakes - Coco Cake Land

Because everyone needs to see 1400 pictures of mini rainbow party cakes. 

rainbow mini party cakes - Coco Cake Land

Here they are without plates. No plates!! Can you even fathom! 

flower topped mini party cakes - Coco Cake Land

A FORK is moving in to eat one of these things!! 

flower topped mini party cakes - Coco Cake Land

I really do love these little babies. 

candy colourful party cakes - Coco Cake Land

Speaking of PARTIES – my favourite party-time vibes on the interweb right now:

Little animal-faced cookies jammed into dericious-looking cupcakes? These are so CUTE.

Steph’s camping posts are making me want to lite-party in the forest, quiet camping style. Hehe.

I love anything and everything that looks like a birthday cake. Even when it’s paper.

“Princess Bakery Emulsion” makes me think of Ursula from The Little Mermaid stealing Ariel’s voice – like this emulsion is some swirly, golden essence rising out of a voice box! I know, I’m weird. BUT THIS CAKE IS SO GOOD.

Tessa is the Martha Stewart of 2016 and beyond. HONESTLY. I’m like the Chinese frumptown Guy Fieri compared to Tessa’s clean, modern and precise style and skill. Her recipe and vid for vanilla swiss meringue buttercream, well it should be in every baker’s back pocket to whip up on a dime. So delicious!

That first picture. Just put me in a Duran Duran video circa 1985 in a one piece bathing suit and POUR THIS OVER TOP IN SLO-MO. Sheesh. Sexiest looking beverage of the year. And I hate describing anything as “sexy”!

This is such a colourful and fun (DUH!) post from Kelly – grocery store cake hacks! 

Homemade Pocky!! Love the flavours.

Happy partying, cake pals! xo Lyndsay 

Put An Egg On It: Easy Easter Cake! (With A Miffy On Top)

Put An Egg On It - Easy Easter Cake

Put an egg on it! Not just any candy eggs – these dreamy milk chocolate marshmallow eggs from Sugarfina! Who can resist Easter candy? It’s so pastel-cute and crispy-chocolatey delicious it’s practically evil, and they make the perfect decoration for an insanely easy Easter cake. I piped this crazy buttercream cake with vanilla buttercream using a multi-opening tip (my favourite tip, don’tcha know!) and then tucked my eggies onto the top in a simple half-moon pattern.

miffy cookie by Coco Cake Land

Miffy = bunny, bunny = Easter! Any excuse to use my Miffy cookie cutters! (which I think were originally meant for bento boxes.)

Put An Egg On It - Easy Easter Cake by Coco Cake Land

Candy Egg Cake + Miffy Cake Topper

I just used scissors and craft paper and eyeballed the Miffy cake topper – her little face is so easy and cute, but you need to get the proportions right! I just attached the Miffy paper cut out onto a wooden skewer and voila – cake topper! ^__^

Sugarfina Candy Egg Cake + Miffy Cake Topper

What’s your favourite Easter candy? Mine is CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER EGGS because I’m a chocolate and peanut butter pig. 

Plus, the cutest Easter vibes around the internet: 

Kelly continues to be my DIY hero because LIL’ BURGER EASTER EGGS! 

Ping pong balls gone PASTEL FRIED EGGY by Kathleen over on Handmade Charlotte! I LOVE the clean minimal but COMEDY look of these.

Who can resist this adorable sleeping bunny face! CUTE.

The original, the cutest speckled egg cake! 

Heather is SO CREATIVE. Edible paper mâché polka dot EGG piñata! This feels straight out of Dr.Seuss.

This amazing looking cake book Layered by my sweet friend Tessa will be your Easter and everything go-to in the future! I can’t wait!

Happy Easter, sweet cake pals! Hope you get to cram mouthfuls of chocolate and candy! (or raw cacao nib balls, if you’re a health nut!)  xo Lyndsay 

Kawaii Rainbow Cookies!

Kawaii Faced Rainbow Cookies - Coco Cake Land

Happy Spring! Rebirth, growth, flowers, extra sunlight – all the good things! Cookies – put a face on it! I just can’t not put a face on things. Addicted to kawaii forever. Addicted to weird and wonderful anthropomorphic animals and happy-faced food items (or sad faced lazy egg food items). I remember getting this hamburger panda stationary in Japan in 2002 and being SO stoked. I have been going a little sugar cookie wild lately, but that’s ok – it is FUN and time-consuming in a relaxing way – each little cookie is different, whether it’s the kawaii face or the drips on a cone. I made this batch for some new pals!

smiley faced cookie - Coco Cake Land

I started seeing my rainbow cookies with a kawaii face as a shaggy dog with rainbow hair – and I can’t unsee this. It’s not a bad image to not unsee.

Sugarfina pearl ice cream cone cookie - Coco Cake Land

Drippy ice cream cones! Mine are always dripping like melting cones in the sun. My worst drippy sticky nightmare actually but in sugar cookie form, I just love the drips so much! Sugarfina sent me these golden crispy chocolate pearl candies and they make the perfect ice cream cone topper!

Ice cream cone cookies + rainbow cookies - Coco Cake Land

Sugarfina pearl ice cream cone cookie - Coco Cake Land

Sugar cookies seem to be having a sweet resurgence – I think it’s because the possibilities and individual styles are endless – and cookie masters like Baked Ideas, Holly Fox and Vickie are proving that sugar cookies can be super cute, aesthetically pleasing and modern!

Kawaii Faced Rainbow Cookies - Coco Cake Land

Ice cream cone cookies + rainbow sugar cookies - Coco Cake Land

My “Ballad Of The Royal Icing Sugar Cookie” post has some great links and resources!

Here’s some more sugar cookie cuteness floating around the inter web!

Baked Idea’s cookies make me hungry for all types of food. 

The colours of these cloud cookies are soooo soothing to me!

Eggs and bacon cookies (love the “salt and pepper!”)

If you can bear to listen to Bowie yet, this David Bowie cookie is everything – by Sweet Ambs, of course!

Cookies on cakes! This cake is THE RADDEST most stylish Godzilla cake ever.

I love this Palm Springs inspired cake, with the most amazing sugar cookie details!

Happy baking! xo Lyndsay 

The Toof About Teeth: Tooth, Watermelon + Banana Sugar Cookies and Blog Friends

sugar cookie cuteness - Coco Cake Land   banana face sugar cookie - coco cake land

I’ve got deep sugar cookie piping and decorating fever right now, guys. I blame Vickie, Baked Ideas and Holly Fox for getting me all hyped on the cuteness and also ENDLESS COMEDY POSSIBILITIES that are sugar cookies. Watermelon slices, bananas with faces and a big old goofy TOOTH? Yes. Yes you can.

TOOTH sugar cookie! by Coco Cake Land

cutie collection of cookies - Coco Cake Land

I will compare last year to hiding in a box. It’s hard to want to get out and be social and meet people when you look and feel like a giant cancer turd. So many of my days were spent lying in bed feeling puffy and grey, hating my bald head so hard, bleary-headache-ill-depressed and just wanting the time to pass so I would feel better, so my hair might come back. Just praying for those hours to go by. 2015 (aka 2015: Shitstorm of Buttsanity) ended and 2016 is looking good. I just came back from a hilarious girls trip to Los Angeles, filled with everything fun – major laughs, Eggslut, cocktails, road trip to the desert, impromptu singing, power shopping, snacks galore, feeling the friendship love. Plus, I finally got to meet Kelly of Studio DIY in person! I wanted to make her something special but a cake was out of the question – too wild to try and bring that on the plane! But colourful crazy sugar cookies?? Yes.

sugar cookie cuteness - Coco Cake Land

Meeting blog pals in real life is kind of anxiety-inducing! You feel like you know a person because you get glimpses and snippets of their lives online, you might share a sense of humour or love for colour, you might exchange emoticons often on Instagram – but a face to face meeting? I always feel nervous. Blogger blind date! Also, I still feel out of my element with my short, borderline-Ellen DeGeneres hair – it’s not my hairstyle of choice so it’s not quite “me” as I would choose to represent myself. Plus, online, you can frame your life and personality, curate what people see – I mean I feel like I do a pretty honest job of being myself online, but still – you always worry if your in-person self might disappoint someone who is expecting an explicitly online self, you know? HOWEVER – no need to fret of course – the meet-up was FUN! We met up at Sqirl and Kelly was wearing probably the cutest outfit ever. The sorrel pesto rice bowl and ricotta jam on toast was SO GOOD. And we just sat and talked and laughed it up and it was lovely. I’ve decided it’s my goal to meet up now with all my online buddies who I’ve gotten to know. Real Life Friends! Because what is life without connection and friendship! (and tooth cookies).

sugar cookie cuteness - Coco Cake Land

fruity cutie banana and watermelon sugar cookies - Coco Cake Land

As you can probably tell I’m light to medium obsessed with sugar cookie decorating these days! Sugar cookies are too much fun. And I am also one of the weirdos who likes to eat them, rock-hard royal icing and all. Yum yum. I’m so happy I carried these cookies like a delicate flower cradled like a newborn baby bird through security from Canada on a plane to America. AMERICA! Hehe. Friendship commitment!

fruity cutie banana and watermelon sugar cookies - Coco Cake Land

Plus: Here are some excellent sugar cookies that are cruising around the inter web right now!

The great dog debate and the cutest dog cookies ever by Steph of I Am A Food Blog!

The MEANING OF KAWAII is in these cookies!

Holly’s jewels and gems are BONKBONKS good. “ROYAL ICING GAME ON POINT!”

Art deco sugar cookies by Diana of The Jewels Of New York

Cutest colour palette cookies from Acorn Milk Sweets! 

Looking forward to meeting plenty of new pals in 2016!! Thanks as always for reading! xo Lyndsay 

Unicorn Gingerbread House!

unicorn party house - gingerbread! - coco cake land

Party like a unicorn! What would a unicorn party look like? Rainbow milkshakes, piles of perfect pastel meringues, a BONKERS UNICORN CAKE in its unicorn likeness … because everyone likes to eat something that looks like themselves, it’s fun, it’s frolicky, it’s cannibal-y … Yep. Today we have a casual times gingerbread A-frame house. I’ve always loved an A-frame house. So snowy-Germanic-romantic, so ski-lodgey good. So here goes. Ginge house. Let’s do it. I used this Martha Stewart gingerbread house recipe, except I omitted the cloves (I loathe cloves! Doesn’t that sound like someone who has a lisp saying I love clothes?) and black pepper. The recipe will make enough for 3 of these A-framers, whose sides are 5 inches tall. You can find templates for the A-frame house here! Make your dough, chill it for at least an hour, roll it out and use a sharp knife to cut out your house. Don’t forget to bake your unicorn cookie, or any other cut-out cookie extras you want to help adorn your house! Bake and let cool completely. Make a batch of royal icing for your house “glue.”

gingerbread house tips - coco cake land

Hot Tip #1: Ice your designs on your house BEFORE you assemble. You’ll have more control working on your designs while they’re flat. Use a very small open circle tip to pipe dots and lines!

gingerbread house tips - coco cake land

Hot Tip #2: Frost some royal icing glue all up on a cake board and stick down your A frame sides. You MUST hold them in place for at least 5 minutes or so until the icing starts to set; wait at least 30 minutes until totally dry before adding the rectangular sides.

gingerbread house tips - coco cake land

Add the sides with a delightful amount of royal icing adhesive! The beautiful part about royal icing – it LOOKS LIKE SNOW which makes your house extra darling, extra Wintery and snowy cute.

gingerbread house tips - coco cake land

Hot Tip #3: If, like me, even though you made your house from a template, the roof isn’t exactly perfect, use some of those extra cookies you baked off to add a cool-guy special solar-paneled roof. Hehe.

gingerbread house tips - coco cake land

Hot Tip #4: Swap out your piping tip for a mini open star tip for that ruffly snowy look!

gingerbread house tips - coco cake land

Swag up the sides. Swag it. Practice this on a piece of parchment paper first if you want, or just go for it! Casual gingerbread house times!

icing a unicorn cookie - coco cake land

Hot Tip #5: Outline your unicorn with the royal icing fitted with the small open circle tip; make a small bowl of “flood” icing by adding a few drops of water to the icing until the icing is of flooding consistency. If you overdid it with the water, simply add more icing sugar to thicken it up a bit. I applied the flood icing with a spoon and then used a wooden skewer to gently coax the icing out to the edges.

unicorn gingerbread house - coco cake land

Candy decorating time!

unicorn gingerbread house - coco cake land

Let your iced white unicorn completely dry. Then, using edible markers, add a face, stripes for the horn and sweet flowing hair. Or, you can pipe all of that on. My unicorn sort of looks like a polar bear with a stick on its forehead and a purple wig. I am okay with this.

unicorn gingerbread house - coco cake land

Hot Tip #6: Add a GUMMY ICE CREAM CONE FENCE and your unicorn party house is complete!

unicorn gingerbread house - coco cake land

Happy unicorn gingerbread house making, my friends! PS SHOW ME YOUR GINGERBREAD~ ! Leave me a link in the comments! I am seriously excited about ginge houses this year.

unicorn party house - gingerbread! - coco cake land

I’m also DEEP into Buche de Noel! I soooo wanted to try and make one this year but time is dwindling and I don’t think I’ll be able to. (BUT LOOK AT KELLY’S AMAZING TIE DYE YULE LOG CAKE!) One day, Buche. One frigging day. xo Lyndsay

Ballad Of The Royal Icing Sugar Cookie

ice cream cone sugar cookie - coco cake land

You know when you glomp onto a new idea and you just want to learn everything about it and try to figure out what it’s all about, hokey pokey style? In October I got mildly obsessed with royal icing sugar cookies. I’ve made these horridly time consuming things before. But this time – I turned my frown upside down and tackled royal icing sugar cookies with a new attitude – that slow and repetitive doesn’t have to mean painful. It can in fact be relaxing, meditative. That is, when you’re not cursing royal icing’s name for stiffening up or being too loose-y goose-y.

modern sugar cookie - coco cake land

These cookies, they look pretty cool, right? Like I know what I’m doing? I like to think I know a little bit more of what I’m doing, now that I read Patti Paige of Baked Ideas‘ book You Can’t Judge A Cookie By Its Cutter from cover to cover and obsessed over Sweet Ambs’ YouTube videos for hours straight until I went bleary eyed. Then, cookies baked and cooled, royal icing whipped and coloured and portioned, I went to town on these ice cream cones. It was so fun, and low key, and dare I say peaceful making these cookies. Plus, they’re cheaper to mess around with than macaron-making – something else I want to practice at.

ice cream cone sugar cookie - coco cake land

Sweet resources for getting wacky wild sugar cookie zone inspired: 

Basic sugar cookie recipe from Martha Stewart – that lady knows a thing or two.

Royal icing recipe using meringue powder! Take it easy adding tiny bits of water a little at a time.

The Alison Show: Alison’s Cookie Party (this video brings the PARTY into sugar cookie party! Fun modern ideas galore!)

I find just watching Sweet Ambs’ YouTube video tutorials I learn so much. Her level of detail is pretty amazing!

I came across Patti Paige’s cookie business Baked Ideas on Instagram and fell in love with her clever use of cookie cutters.

Holly Fox’s instagram is so perfectly colourful and well designed. Her cookies are modern and perfect!

Another sugar cookie kawaii master: my pal Vickie!

Kaori of Acorn Milk Sweets will knock your socks off with insane cuteness and colour palette!

Got any favourite cookie makers or tips you’d like to share? Or hell hath no fury like royal icing sugar cookie making? Hoping you’re well, cake friends! xo Lyndsay 

National Cake Day Candy Cake!

national cake day rainbow candy cake

Every day is national cake day in Coco Cake Land!??? Could you imagine. I don’t think I could actually handle a world that looked and felt like rainbow unicorn candy cake land every single DAY. Some days you need to mope and cry and feel pain to evolve and grow. Then other days you need to log roll naked down sugar mountains and throw a rainbow candy cake party.

national cake day rainbow candy cake

rainbow candy cake by Coco Cake Land

I LOVE the look of this sweetly wild and artful cake. HELL NO those are not gum balls. No one wants to bite into a delicious forkful of cake then be chewing up some icky gum afterward, all minced together with cake crumbs. NO. These beautiful, crispy shelled colourful balls are Ice Cream Sundae Malt Balls from none other than the sweetly stylish luxury candy-heads at Sugarfina. They are my perfect cake topper, and cupcake topper, for their perfect rainbow ball cuteness.

rainbow candy cake by Coco Cake Land

rainbow candy cake by Coco Cake Land

For this cake, I also crushed up one of the pink malt balls into smaller pieces to create some texture/sprinkles. Three vanilla cake layers tinted with pretty gel food colour, frosted with a mixture of turquoise and sky blue tinted buttercream and a contrasting electric pink tinted buttercream.

rainbow candy cake by Coco Cake Land

Those speckled mint balls? Yep, those are mint chip malt balls and I think they’re my fave.

rainbow candy cake slice - Coco Cake Land

sugarfina candy cake - Coco Cake Land

Just kind of a happy inducing colour palette! Happiness is what the world needs these days. I need it too. This is nice though: I am Yahoo Food’s blogger of the week! I did an interview with Rachel talking about how I learned to bake and how baking and the online community helped me get through my many terrible months of breast cancer treatment.

sugarfina candy cake - Coco Cake Land

Geez, those pretend guests made such a mess! I had a lot of fun shooting this pretend party and making this rainbow candy cake. More and more, I’m feeling like I’m getting back in the game and it’s a nice feeling! ^__^

There is MORE CAKE MAGIC on the internet, and I’ve rounded up some beauties for National Cake Day:

Alana Jones Mann is so artful and creative and her painted agate CHEESECAKE is next level bonkbonks.

Courtney of Fork To Belly has such fun energy in her posts and ideas, and when I saw her Gudetama Cupcakes I got seriously pumped! A delightfully bizarro Japanese illustration of sad lazy eggs in cupcake form!

This gorgeous gothic pear cardamom cake with brown butter frosting. LINDA!!!

I just love the colour of Tessa’s spectacular mocha rum cake.

Still the prettiest (and most stylish) floral cake in all the land: Design Love Fest’s cake with edible flowers. 

PS thank you to Sugarfina for sending me hordes of amazing candy! I’m set for life! (I mean four months, hehe)