Pink Reindeer Cake!

pink reindeer cake

chocolate cake pink buttercream

pink reindeer cake piping

And just like that, we are completely slammed with holiday vibes. This year I’m determined to keep it ZEN CHRISTMAS and chill out. Each night I’ve been sitting on the couch and just zoning out on the twinkly Christmas tree lights and warm glow of lamps and dreaming about trying to keep the holidays as simple and enjoyable as possible. I’ve got a loose cannon gingerbread house with Teddy on the horizon (ZEN CHRISTMAS), as well as buttercream piped sugar cookies in zany colours (I love doing this) which we give out to neighbours and friends, and we will host and attend a few beloved seasonal parties. (This pink reindeer cake might be a fun holiday project to make with a friend, loved one or kiddo!). Christmas around our house also means Rich’s birthday, which falls on December 21st – and every year we do an aroma-mania of a raclette party – stinky but oh so delicous cheese melted goo-ily over roasted potatoes, with crisp tart little mini gherkins and pickled onions on the side. Just writing that sentence has prompted me to get into my gym clothes, hehe.

pink reindeer cake

pink reindeer cake

My pink peppermint buttercream chocolate reindeer cake is over on my column for Genius Kitchen! Find the whole pink reindeer cake cuteness here! Wishing you all a warm, peaceful and enjoyable holiday season, however you celebrate – whether it’s takeout Chinese and holiday movies or a candlelit feast of days worth of cooking… happy holidays and may you get through December with your mind, body and spirit intact! xo Lyndsay

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  1. Shivangi

    the pink buttercream cake with a teddy face took hearts of many… amazing combination

  2. Dani

    OMG I love it! Also, birthday snap! Raclette party sounds delicious too :)


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