Piped Rainbow Buttercream Flower Cake

Piped Buttercream Flower Cake - cococakeland.com

Piped Buttercream Flower Cake - cococakeland.com

I made this CAYOOT piped rainbow buttercream flower cake for another local school’s cake walk – one of the teachers follows me on Instagram and has asked me for a few years now to make a cake – so this year I rolled up ye old sleeves and power-piped out this cake. It was supposed to be a three layer affair but wuh happened was, I stayed out *late* the night before because my dear pal Amy was in town from NYC. Therefore, karaoke. Therefore, old man Winter L Sung went to bed later than her usual. Therefore, Teddy wakes up at his regular 630am “the sun is up!!” time and it doesn’t matter that L Sung went to bed at 2am. Therefore, bleary-eyed, and still humming “Live To Tell” – I dropped one of the cake layers onto its poor freshly baked face, just as they were coming out of the oven. Fart. Other bangers we belted out included “Wonderwall“, freaking Cranberries “ZOMBIE” … haha… I went for it with a little Boyz II Men “End Of The Road” (um, not in my range – those boyz can SING!) and so many more. Phil Collins “Easy Lover” also mighta snuck in there…

Piped Buttercream Flower Cake - cococakeland.com

I used a few of my favourite piping tips for this: good old classic open star tip Wilton 1M, plus it’s brother from the same mother 4B, and a sweet little leaf (sweetleaf??) tip, which I like to use to fill in any “bald” spots. I pretty much just piped where the wind took me – and tried to step back and make sure colours and patterns were a bit balanced. My only real thought was: cover this muthah in bright frosting to entice a CHILD to choose it. I hope it worked. xo Lyndsay 

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  1. Anne S.

    Gorgeous cake!

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      Thanks so much Anne!

  2. movita beaucoup

    Your eye for colour is spot on, lady. Love this cake!

  3. chiara

    oh this made me laugh. old man winter!


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