Put An Egg On It: Easy Easter Cake! (With A Miffy On Top)

Put An Egg On It - Easy Easter Cake

Put an egg on it! Not just any candy eggs – these dreamy milk chocolate marshmallow eggs from Sugarfina! Who can resist Easter candy? It’s so pastel-cute and crispy-chocolatey delicious it’s practically evil, and they make the perfect decoration for an insanely easy Easter cake. I piped this crazy buttercream cake with vanilla buttercream using a multi-opening tip (my favourite tip, don’tcha know!) and then tucked my eggies onto the top in a simple half-moon pattern.

miffy cookie by Coco Cake Land

Miffy = bunny, bunny = Easter! Any excuse to use my Miffy cookie cutters! (which I think were originally meant for bento boxes.)

Put An Egg On It - Easy Easter Cake by Coco Cake Land

Candy Egg Cake + Miffy Cake Topper

I just used scissors and craft paper and eyeballed the Miffy cake topper – her little face is so easy and cute, but you need to get the proportions right! I just attached the Miffy paper cut out onto a wooden skewer and voila – cake topper! ^__^

Sugarfina Candy Egg Cake + Miffy Cake Topper

What’s your favourite Easter candy? Mine is CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER EGGS because I’m a chocolate and peanut butter pig. 

Plus, the cutest Easter vibes around the internet: 

Kelly continues to be my DIY hero because LIL’ BURGER EASTER EGGS! 

Ping pong balls gone PASTEL FRIED EGGY by Kathleen over on Handmade Charlotte! I LOVE the clean minimal but COMEDY look of these.

Who can resist this adorable sleeping bunny face! CUTE.

The original, the cutest speckled egg cake! 

Heather is SO CREATIVE. Edible paper mâché polka dot EGG piñata! This feels straight out of Dr.Seuss.

This amazing looking cake book Layered by my sweet friend Tessa will be your Easter and everything go-to in the future! I can’t wait!

Happy Easter, sweet cake pals! Hope you get to cram mouthfuls of chocolate and candy! (or raw cacao nib balls, if you’re a health nut!)  xo Lyndsay 

17 Responses to “Put An Egg On It: Easy Easter Cake! (With A Miffy On Top)”

  1. Elizabeth - SugarHero

    Staaaahp! This is so cute! And those Miffy cookies get all the heart eyes!

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      Hehe! Thanks so much cake friend!! xo

  2. danielle @ this picture book life

    MIffy!! This is pastel-icious. :)

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      Hehe! Thanks Danielle!

  3. movita beaucoup

    That cake. THOSE COOKIE CUTTERS! Adorable. I, of course, will have no time to bake a cake this weekend, as I will be busy stuffing my face with creme eggs…

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      Creme egg face-stuffing is a very good past time, in my opinion … ^__^

  4. Courtney | Fork to Belly

    Oh I can’t even deeeeeal right now. THIS is Easter! I would most definitely put an egg on it :DDDD

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      Haha! Ohh a big old candy fried egg would be super cute on this cake!

  5. Sarah

    So sweet! This is my favorite Easter baking in the blog realm thus far. :)

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      Thanks so much Sarah!!

  6. Tessa Huff // Style Sweet CA

    There is something about this cake that I just absolutely LOVE!!!!!! The pastels, the texture – it is perfect! xoxox

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      Thank you, queen!!! CAKE QUEEN!!

  7. Cecilia

    So beautiful

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      Thank you Cecilia!

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  9. Kate

    How cute!! You are so darn creative I want to squeeze you!

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      Haha … !! Thanks always for your sweet support, Kate!

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