Coco Cake Land: Cute and Pretty Party Cakes to Bake and Decorate is HERE!

You can order online at the spots below or you can cruise on down to your local indie bookstore and order there!

Here’s where you can find my book, along with any place where good books are sold! (PS, any indie bookstores if you carry my book, let me know and I’ll add you to this list!) 

coco cake land book cover


I was on Radio Cherry Bombe! Put It In Your Bag and Pipe it, hehe.

Scout Magazine asked me about three albums which played a part in my life for their Definitive Records column. 

Coco Cake Land in The Vancouver Sun :P

CBC Arts made a short little documentary about my work! Thank you Josephine!

Coco Cake Land book – Food Network’s the best cookbooks to gift! 

My book is included in Teen Vogue Gift Ideas for Bakers! :P

Buzzfeed asked me my pro tips for baking cakes!

Watch me make a blue arctic fox cake on CBC Arts Exhibitionists! 

I showed Gloria Mackarenko how to pipe fur on CBC Our Vancouver 

My Cactus Guy Cake on Bustle!

A short little interview on some of my inspirations on Vita Daily! 

party cakes cococakeland


My food blogging bestie Steph from I Am A Food Blog made my kawaii cactus cake!

Courtney from Fork to Belly made the CUTEST blue shiba cake!

QUEEN OF CAKES Tessa of Style Sweet Ca made a stripey cake to celebrate! 

The delightful and hilarious Adrianna of A Cozy Kitchen made my burger cake!

One of my fave bloggers and internet friends Cynthia of Two Red Bowls made buttercream roses from my book! 

The prolifically talented baker Chelsweets made my fox cake into a VIDEO! 

One of my OG blog buddies Molly of My Name Is Yeh ROCKED this flower crown pink lamb cake!

So young she could be my own child, AMY of Constellation Inspiration made an ADORABLE pink bunny cake!

Azara of Milkmoon Kitchen RULES and she made my cactus cake!! 

I loooove how Michelle of Hummingbird High’s buttercream flower power cake turned out! 

My longtime internet pen-pal Sylvia made my kitty cake!!

My fellow black metal-loving cake bud Katherine Sabbath shared this vampire bunny cake!!

Awesome Kaitlin of Whisk Kid made my checkerboard cake, kawaii cactus AND a PUP cake!