10 Years! Pineapple Wedding Cake

pink pineapple topped wedding cake by Coco Cake Land

Happy 10th wedding anniversary to US! No, not me and Coco Cake Land. Me and my husband and main squeeze of 16 years… yup… license to drive (each other CRAZEE)! We got married on a sunny crisp cold day in January, snow on the ground and our wedding was vintage Hawaiian themed. I decided to create a cake inspired by our original wedding cake – this pink pineapple wedding cake! Vanilla bean cake layers and black currant jam filling.

letterpress wedding invitation

pink pineapple topped wedding cake - cococakeland.com

pineapple wedding cake by ganache patisserie

The OG pink pineapple wedding cake, made by Ganache Patisserie here in Vancouver. It was mango, with the cutest chocolate pineapple on top.

married couple

Basically such children back then! 10 years ago. Sheesh.

lyndsay wedding day

Not a bad looking lady, amirite?

wedding day cats

Our dearly missed kitties, Coco and Taco!!! Taco was a jumbotron, 20+ pounds of glory. Wedding day pics by our amazing friends Jonetsu! 

10 year wedding anniversary

pineapple wedding cake - coco cake land

RT, I love you so very much. Not even a pink cake topped with a pineapple can express how much. Happy 10th wedding anniversary – as your Grandma remarked on our wedding day: “may the winds be fair, may the sailing be smooth, with the only squalls coming from the next generation.” xo Lyndsay

9 Responses to “10 Years! Pineapple Wedding Cake”

  1. michelle @ hummingbird high

    yay!!! congrats! you guys are just as much cuties today as you were back then. cheers to love.

    ps — i cannot get over how HUGE those cats are. lol

  2. movita beaucoup

    That cake! Those photos! Your wedding outfits! THE CATS!

  3. Elizabeth @ SugarHero.com

    Happy anniversary! Who let those babies get married?! I love everything about this, from your adorable dress to the theme to your fur babies. Here’s to 50 more years of wedded bliss and pineapple desserts! xoxo

  4. cynthia

    I LOVE THIS. That photo of you with the fur shawl is just perfect — and you two have only gotten more beautiful together over the years. As has your pineapple wedding cake ;) Love all of this so so much, happiest anniversary!!!!

  5. heather (delicious not gorgeous)

    this cake looks amazing! i was a bit surprised that there was no actual pineapple in it, but then again bolo baos/pineapple buns usually don’t have pineapple sooooo guess i shouldn’t be that surprised.

  6. Justine | JustineCelina.com

    Aww — Happy Anniversary, Lyndsay (and hubs!). This was a very sweet posts and it was fun to look back at your wedding day. Thanks for sharing those memories with us! :)

  7. Courtney | fork to belly

    OMGOSH I just love this so so much! This cake and the OG version and all the old photos and holy crap 16 years ps vintage Hawaii themed – I can’t get enough of EVERYTHING about this.

  8. Deven

    Hi! Love this cake, will be attempting it this week! What size cake pans did you use? Also, what tip did you use for the trim on the pink tier? Thanks!!

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      Hi Deven! Hmm, I think the bottom is 7 inch round and the top is one half of the Wilton sports ball pan! :P The pineapple is piped with a French open star tip, such as Wilton 4B but any one will do, or any star tip! Have fun!

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