Animal Cakes Mania!

animal cakes by coco cake land

bunny cake by coco cake land

The faces of my animal cakes have evolved over the years and I feel like I have so many more animal cakes up my sleeve! That, and Instagram story GIF cakes, like the notorious KAWAII PEACH BUTT cake. The pink kitty cake I made as a donation to a nearby school’s spring fair cake walk, and the white bunny I made for my dear friend Miko of Coral and Cloud, AND Aster and Clove, her newest venture – an amazing online shop for now, with visions of a storefront space in the future. (I imagine I’ll be helping to bus tables/wash dishes/take orders there in the future, hehe)…



Miko is quite an amazing force, and in many ways our lives have traveled along similar trajectories, from riot grrl/ feminist bands to music journalism to small business, to motherhood! Miko has been such a good friend to me, I turn to her for advice often as she is not only super creative but has a managerial/business brain, too. With this bun bun cake, I wanted to make her a cute and delicious kawaii cake to put a smile on her “forever 25” youthful beautiful face!! You should really click on her over to Aster and Clove and just revel in the lovingly curated cuteness in which her and her biz partner Wendy have created. You’ll definitely find some good gifts on there.


I’m powering through these next few weeks getting ready for some fun and exciting giveaways and parties in celebration of my BOOK LAUNCH! So for now I’ll just leave you with the faces of these kawaii animal cakes! Happy Birthday Miko! xo Lyndsay 

4 Responses to “Animal Cakes Mania!”

  1. Josephine Mullane

    Do you have any suggestions for my grandson’s request of a Tiger Cake for his 4th Birthday in two weeks? Any information you could give me would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      Hi! I have a tiger cake design in my cake book! :) you can find the book at many local libraries!

  2. Micki Simken

    I’m looking for a cat cake for my granddaughter’s 5th birthday

    1. Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

      Hi Micki, apologies but I don’t do cake orders currently. Thank you!

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