Baby Tanner’s 100 Day Dinner & Tiger Cupcakes!

Wowzers. My sweet and super cute new nephew Baby Tanner, also known as TanMan, or Tan Tan, or Tanner Banner, celebrated his very special 100 Day dinner here in Vancouver. Yes, he’s just a little 4 month old chubalub! He has the lightest ginger brown hair, pale alabaster skin and one double eyelid and one single eyelid… plus a little adorable Chinese face! And he actually has an all-natural mohawk…! Poh-poh and Gonge-gonge (Grandma and Gramps in Chinese — well actually, grandparents on your mother’s side — and the spelling of P&G varies from family to family) threw this 100 Day Chinese banquet at our fave family hot spot, Golden Ocean.

I love the names of Chinese restaurants. They can really do it up mythical styles! Golden Ocean, Pink Pearl, Flamingo, Shanghai Wonderful… like a magical, mystical world of bamboo forests, hazy sparkling skies and cool breezes. Imagine! Swimming through an ocean of GOLD? The MINDS of these people! ;)

Lobster, Peking duck, roast chicken, oodles of noodles… TanMan got a party worthy of a little Prince! If RT and I ever have kids, there will be definitely be a designated vegetarian’s table! Tanner was born in the Year Of The Tiger, so Auntie Lyndsay (also known as: ME, also known as Auntie Coco Cake) made special little tiger topped cupcakes for him and the kids, and classic swirl with rainbow sprinkles cupcakes for everyone else! The party was a total blast… and big brother Brody is a budding photographer. He’s 2.5 years old…! The photos he snapped were seriously cool!

The last two pics are of the family! Party Man Dan (that’s what I call my bro-in-law, or Party Man Dad) and my sis Leanne a.k.a Awesome Mommy of TanMan and Brody! :)

Welcome to the world, little TanMan! Can’t wait to see what kind of crazy little nutbar you will turn out to be…

Love, Auntie Lyndsay

8 Responses to “Baby Tanner’s 100 Day Dinner & Tiger Cupcakes!”

  1. jamie

    way too much cuteness here!!!

  2. lyndsay

    Ha, thanks jamie!!! :)

  3. gyoza*girl

    thanks auntie lynds!!!!! the tiger cupcakes were so cute and yummy. so many people raved about them! :) Tanner is a lucky lil guy! xoxoxoxox

  4. L.T.

    Your cupcakes look amazing!

  5. You Are My Fave

    How lucky are you to be the aunt to such a cutie?! I love the tiger cupcakes. If I lived near you, you would def be making all my desserts.

  6. NINA

    So cute!
    Stop by my blog and partipate in the giveaway of a Nina Designs print!

  7. lyndsay

    TANMAN!!! i love my little nephews and niece…!

    thanks LT!

    hiya YAMF! thanks so much! i love being an auntie…

    thanks nina! :)

  8. shapewear

    These cupcakes look adorable. Id rather put them on display rather than eating them. Too cute for eating.


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