Bobbi & Scott’s Buttercreamy Nuptials

wheee! buttercream wedding cakes!

Bobbi and Scott tied the knot! I was in attendance at the post-ceremony dance party, and oh how lovely and beautiful the newlyweds looked! The Rowing Club had been decked out in handmade banners, jars of beautiful flowers and a whole gorgeous table of pies, squares, bars… and Coco Cake buttercream cakes!

The cakes were a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and fresh blackberries, a matcha green tea buttercream frosted vanilla cake and Bobbi’s favourite, a delightful coconut cake with vanilla cream cheese frosting, all covered in coconut. The cutest part for me was seeing the cakes in action… sliced out and onto people’s plates, silver forks cutting into the pieces and being raised up to happy mouths… that, and partying to Gowan “Moonlight Desires” (a real barn-burner!!) and Fleetwood Mac “Everywhere.”

I think the last photo says it all – Bobbi and Scott surrounded by happy family and friends on the dance floor! Photo by the amazing Lori Kiessling. (See if you can spot Coco Cake sole proprietor L.K.Sung! heehee). A beautiful affair all around. Congratulations Bobbi and Scott! Here’s to all the happiness in the world!!

xo Lyndsay

5 Responses to “Bobbi & Scott’s Buttercreamy Nuptials”

  1. Snooky doodle

    Nice cakes!!


    I absolutely love what you do with cakes they are always so beautiful, I have shown all my friends in England her are interested in cakes your blog!

  3. Sally

    gosh those are some good looking cakes :)

  4. Save the Date for Cupcakes

    They all look gorgeous and yummy!

  5. lyndsay

    thank you natalie!

    thanks poppy, i dig your blog too!

    thanks sally…!

    thanks so much save the date for c-cakes! :)


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