BroBro turns 3! My nephew Brody’s birthday cake

Brody! You turned 3 years old! What the heck! And you love fishies, and underwater stuff, and anything to do with the ocean and the aquarium!! So Auntie Coco Cake made you a fish themed vanilla birthday cake and matching vanilla and chocolate cupcakes in a yellow and blue stripey motif! And you had a blast and a half at your birthday partying it up in the gymnasium, ripping around in mini cars and climbing over jungle gyms and crawling through makeshift tunnels made of puffy oversized coloured blocks, then eating up your cheese and crackers and pieces of apple and carrots and stuff. And then the whole room sang Happy Birthday to you and you smiled, blew out the candles (sort of) and licked the frosting off a vanilla buttercream topped cupcake and it made Auntie Coco Cake very happy!

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  1. apparentlyjessy

    Brody is pretty darn cute, as are the cupcakes! Love the fishy theme. And the family photo around the cake is so sweet!

  2. gyoza*girl

    oooooh, we loved the fishies cake and the super cute and yummy matching cupcakes! thanks again auntie lynds. you’re the best!!!! we appreciate all your hard work in baking awesome stuff for us. i told momma that my favourite part of my party was my fishies cake and singing happy birthday! xoxoxoxoxox love, brody :)

  3. Alanna S.

    So cute, simple and stylish, bravo!

  4. Kate

    These are so wonderful! How did you manage to get the perfect dollops of blue frosting, though? I’m astounded. ^_^

  5. Brandy L

    I love the cupcakes and that cake is amazing!

  6. jonahliza

    i LOVE this blog..thank you! i always get a lot of inspiration, here. gosh, i wish i lived closer to you! hehe. happy new year!

  7. Lauren Colatrella

    How do you make that round “dollop” so perfectly on top of your cupcakes??

  8. lyndsay

    hi kate! send me an email to!

    thanks so much brandy!

    awww thanks jonahliza!

    lauren, send me an email! ^__^


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